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Article: The Wellness Trend You Should Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Wellness Trend You Should Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Wellness Trend You Should Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

With so many exciting new wellness trends appearing seemingly out of nowhere, it can be tough to find the ones that will best fit your life. Here at Daily Life, we’re big fans of using astrology to guide us in the right direction.

That’s why today, we rounded up some fun new wellness trends you may not have heard of, and we’ve paired them up with the zodiac sign that best matches each one so you can get started on your wellness journey.

Wellness trends are not just trends, they are solutions to real issues and new discoveries that can help our minds, bodies, and souls. Some of these trends have been around for years but are just now hitting mainstream society. Keep an open mind as you read t and you just might find the wellness trend that transforms your life!

Aries - B12 Injections

Intravenous B12 injections are something that an on-the-go Aries may actually need - they do so much and can easily get run down. There are plenty of places popping up that offer IV drips of vitamins for people to use to boost their vitality. For the typical Aries work hard, play hard mentality, kicking back in a comfy chair for an hour and letting the body absorb nutrients could be a great addition to their lifestyle.

Taurus - Sound Baths

Sound Baths appeal to the indulgent Taurus who are easily overwhelmed by the fast-pace of today’s world. Taureans live through their senses and sound baths usually include aromatherapy of some sort, which makes it a double win. Many meditation and yoga studios offer sound baths, and often they are reasonably priced.

Gemini - SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga is something that will appeal to the childlike nature of a Gemini. The sign of the twins loves to play and to be in a constant state of motion - mental or physical! Getting to do yoga on the water on a flotation device is a fun challenge that most Geminis will enjoy. This sign is known for their strong sense of curiosity, and their playful side means they won’t hesitate to try to do new moves, take their flutter board out into uncharted waters, or check out what’s below the surface!

Cancer - Jade Rollers

Face rollers are a great new trend for our empathic friends. Cancers often have unexplained muscle pain because they are so sensitive and store tension in their body, whether it’s their own or someone else’s. Jade rollers help relax the fascia that surround the muscles to allow the body to relax on a deeper level. It’s great for reducing inflammation and is an act of self-care that Cancers often need to take time for in order to stay balanced.

Leo - Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is an energy-packed wellness trend that combines MCT oil, grass-fed butter and coffee which can help you feel like you have super powers. Leadership appeals to a Leo, and Bulletproof Coffee is a high octane morning ritual that can help you feel alive and powerful.

Virgo - Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is one of the most detail-oriented types of yoga you can take. Its focus on anatomy and body function will appeal to the curious nature of a Virgo. As an earth element, meticulous Virgos want to understand how and why things work, which is a big focus in Iyengar yoga classes. sometimes, you’ll spend ten to twenty minutes perfecting just one pose in Iyengar yoga, which is like music to the ears of any Virgo.

Libra - Float Tanks

Float tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, are a growing wellness trend. The feeling of weightlessness can help calm the active mind of any Libra, who are known to be active thinkers because they are an Air sign, the element that represents intellect. Float tanks are full of salt water, which provides negative ions to your aura and can help you feel revived on an energetic level.

Scorpio - Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has all the intensity of a Scorpio because they love to experiment with extremes. The extremely cold tank helps with muscle recovery, improves organ health, and pushes the limits of comfort. Oh, and we can’t neglect to mention this treatment gives you beautiful skin, which appeals to the infamous Scorpio sex drive. Cold water therapy is based on ancient yogic techniques of Ishnaan therapy. Pro athletes swear by it!

Sagittarius - Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga might appeal to the adventurous Sagittarius who always wants to add an element of risk to everything they do. Aerial yoga is basically a normal yoga class - except your body is suspended in the air by silk hammocks. While this won’t appeal to every sign, we guarantee Sagittarians will love it!

Capricorn - Paleo Caveman Trends

The Paleo Caveman lifestyle involves adopting a diet and fitness regime inspired by our prehistoric ancestors. It’s also referred to sometimes as the Primal Lifestyle, and it includes eating lots of organic meat, unprocessed foods, nuts, fruits, and root vegetables. Exercise is based on survival fitness tactics that would have been used hundreds of years ago; check out Onnit’s caveman workouts. Headstrong Capricorns, an earth sign, are the natural born leaders of the zodiac, so this sign could find inspiration by going back to their roots.

Aquarius - Online Yoga

Without a doubt, online yoga is something we can see any Aquarius getting into. Aquarians often have trouble committing to one yoga studio or fitness class, but yoga they can access through the Internet allows the indecisive, eclectic water bearer total freedom of choice. This sign, in particular, is known to be into electronics and gadgets because of their love for innovation. Check out Glo, Gaia and Rama-TV for some great online yoga classes.

Pisces - Festival Season

Festivals are an ever-growing trend with many offshoots for spiritual and artistic junkies. The loving and free-spirited nature of the Pisces will love festival events like Lucidity, Bali Spirit Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision Festival, Burning Man and many more. These soul-stirring gatherings are sure to appeal to the intense spiritual side of intuitive Pisces The sign of the Fish love to lose themselves in artistic, creative environments to find inspiration to take with them when they must return to the ‘real world.’

Concluding Thoughts…

Is your curiosity piqued yet? Astrology is a great tool to use along your wellness journey as you work towards a deeper understanding of yourself. There are far more wellness trends than just what we have listed here too, which means that wellness culture is on the rise all over the world, no matter what your zodiac sign is!

Tell us your zodiac sign and three new things you’d like to try in 2019!

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