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Article: Get In Touch With Your Soul With This Daily Meditation Ritual

Get In Touch With Your Soul With This Daily Meditation Ritual

Get In Touch With Your Soul With This Daily Meditation Ritual

When we take time to foster the relationship with our soul, that bond will guide us to make the best decisions and help us heal from our past.

This daily meditation ritual could very well be the thing you’ve been looking for all along! Most people run into relationships and jobs seeking satisfaction, not knowing that true fulfillment is more independent in nature.

It’s the relationship you have with your true self that will guide you to happiness time and time again, not the validation we so often seek outside of ourselves.

Once we develop this independence, we can be more connected than ever before to the world around us; not in a way that seeks to get things from the world, but in a way that aims to give to it. This ritual will help you reverse those roles and give you a satisfaction that is the most empowered way of experiencing our existence as humans.

We have kept this ritual simple and brief so that it doesn’t need to take up a lot of time or effort. Commit to it for a week and it will become a habit. You’ll see how helpful the relationship you’re beginning to develop can be!

Step 1

Before you get into your day, while you’re still not quite awake, sit down with a journal. The time of day is important because your brain’s state is not yet fully awake, and it’s easier to think creatively and connect when you’re close to the dream state.

Resist the urge to start texting people or check social media because it will start many streams of consciousness that will take your focus away from communicating with your soul. Do it before you get ready for the day and even before you get dressed because all of those physical actions wake your mind up too much, making the meditation state more difficult to reach.

Try to do this in the same space every day, somewhere where you feel comfortable and inspired. Placing spiritual objects like incense, prayer flags, and crystals can help bring you into a meditative state.

Step 2

Relax as much as you can and try to clear your mind. This is a time to receive, to see what shows up. Begin with a gratitude list of the things you’re wanting the universe to help you manifest because it opens your creativity and vision center, as well as continues to imprint your vision into the energetic grid.

In your journal, write, “thank you for ______.” You’re writing these things as if what you want is already here. Be as specific as possible. This allows your soul and your spiritual guides to assist you in your life. This is a great reminder that you’re connected to everything and puts you in a positive, high-vibrational state. It’s also a powerful manifestation practice.

You can list a few things or many, and take some time to feel in your body what it feels like to already have this as a part of your reality. The emotions and vision you generate will shift your core beliefs to help you be open to receive. This is an important part of your daily ritual because it will help you experience the miracles that happen when you send your intention out and stay in a high vibration.

Step 3

Now that you’re in a high vibration, it’s easier to connect to the frequency of your soul. Write down and ask from your heart, what is important for me to know? This has to do with your spiritual growth and development. It may be something simple that comes to you or it may be something big.

Be patient as you wait, sometimes it will take time for the message to “download” because it is a new concept for your mind. Sometimes your ego will resist, so it takes time for it to come through with clarity. Sometimes one word or a brief message is all you need like, ‘wait,’ or ‘patience.’ Sometimes it will seem silly, but eventually, the meaning will unfold for you over time even if it doesn’t make sense right away. Just trust the process.

Write down what you receive without judgment.

Concluding Thoughts…

This is my personal morning ritual that I’m so excited to share with you. It sets the tone for the day by making the connection to your soul the most important thing since it’s done first. It helps direct how you use your time and energy towards the highest good, allowing you the ultimate fulfillment.

This ritual allows you to see if you’re holding a perspective or energy that doesn’t serve you and provides you with information that you may need to know. It will help you to strengthen your intuition.

Additionally and very seriously, this ritual can help you make the changes that you want to make, attract the resources that you need, and remove the psychic debris that clouds your vision. It will allow you to align your actions with your soul’s purpose, which is the ultimate satisfaction.

I know it sounds dramatic and almost too good to be true, but honestly, I gave up many lucrative positions in the business world because I experienced the magic of the soul connection so profoundly and unequivocally that I realized that others needed this life-altering experience as well. We truly want nothing more than for you to be empowered by experiencing this relationship, which provides the guidance you need to enjoy life and make a difference.

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