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Article: 10 Mantras to Help You Forgive & Let Go

10 Mantras to Help You Forgive & Let Go

10 Mantras to Help You Forgive & Let Go

During at least one stage in our lives, all of us have felt the sting of hurt and betrayal. When someone hurts us, especially someone close to us, the wound can last for a long time. The process is a painful one and not one we can let go of easily.

Everyone deals with betrayal in different ways. Some choose to bury it; others lash out; some carry on as if nothing has happened.

Facing our emotional wounds is important for our overall well-being. If we allow our wounds to fester without addressing them, they will only grow and could possibly have detrimental effects on us further down the line.

Forgiveness is key to our happiness.

We cannot always anticipate when another will hurt us, but we can choose what to do with the pain we accumulate. Forgiveness is one of the highest forms of love, and when we are able to forgive and let go, we set not just our pain free, but we set ourselves free too. A build-up of resentment and bitterness can be destructive on many levels, especially for ourselves.

So how can you use mantras to heal your emotional wounds and foster a sense of forgiveness daily? Keep reading to find out.

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Why Look to Mantras For Healing?

A mantra is a form of magic. Ancient cultures often used mantras in such a way that they were like music, having a powerful effect on the ones chanting them.

Words are thoughts, and thoughts lead to creation. You can write down a mantra, speak it aloud, or say it in your head – the point of the mantra is to affirm something to yourself so that your mind eventually starts to believe it.

You know that saying – when you say something enough times, then you start to believe it. This is the power of a mantra.

Mantras are very similar to affirmations, but the mantra tends to have a more rhythmic effect and powerful energetic frequency. In short, they are a wonderful form of healing, and everybody can benefit from them to some degree or another.

How to Use a Mantra

The best way to harness the power of the mantra is to write it down both morning and night twenty times. As time goes on, your deeper, subconscious mind will get the message and realize it is time to forgive and let go.

You can also utilize a healing crystal or even mala beads to amplify the intentions of your mantras. The positive energy infused into these healing tools will only continue to amplify the more you use them.

Further, pairing your mantras with the New Moon is a wonderful way to harness the universal energies in order to maximize your efforts. The New Moon is a time for letting go and embracing what is new, and this includes a new way of thinking and starting afresh.

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10 Mantras for Forgiveness & Letting Go

Below are ten mantras you can use for forgiveness and letting go.

1. β€œI release the pain of betrayal and move forward free from resentment or bitterness.”

2. β€œI forgive those who have hurt me, and I wish them well.”

3. β€œI forgive those who have hurt me and allow myself to move on.”

4. β€œI accept that my experiences are part of life’s great journey, and everything I go through is to help me become the best version of myself.”

5.β€œI release the pain from my heart and embrace a new beginning.”

6. β€œI am a forgiving person, and I do not hold onto resentment.”

7. β€œI do not allow grudges to become a part of me.”

8. β€œI am a strong person who is able to forgive and move on.”

9. β€œI know that forgiveness is key to happiness.”

10. β€œI let go of those who have hurt me, and I embrace a new future.”

Forgive, Let Go, & Move On

These mantras are suggestions for forgiveness and letting go, but of course, you can also chop and change them to find a mantra that suits you. You can repeat one or more of these mantras in your head throughout the day or write them down just to keep reminding yourself of who it is you want to become.

The path to forgiveness is not always easy, but you should be proud of yourself for taking steps to do so.

A heart can grow cold if it allows resentment or bitterness to get the better of it. It is important we protect our hearts, and one way of doing this is to release negative emotions and resentments that are created because of the hurts we have suffered. It is rarely an easy journey, but it is entirely worth it in the end!

Which of these mantras speaks to you?

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mantras. Go with what feels right and with what your soul tells you. This will help you on your journey of healing.

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