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Article: An Open Letter to Reiki

An Open Letter to Reiki

An Open Letter to Reiki

To my dearest Reiki,

It is almost embarrassing that we have been together for so long, yet I have not taken time before to share my sentiments on our relationship and how much you mean to me. This letter is not even going to come close to expressing all that there is to say…but this is a great start.

You came into my life six years ago, and I never saw it coming. Just like that, you were dropped into my world like an unexpected message in a bottle one may discover walking along a sandy path in meditation. Although I knew that you were going to be something special to me by the way you rippled through my body as we connected, I had no idea that we would develop such a deep and passionate relationship.

Has our relationship been easy? No. There are times you have made me want to shake and scream at the way you bring out all of me. You have caused me to look at parts of myself that I didn’t want to see because they were what I use to consider dark, scary, ugly, and bad. With you holding me through these parts though, helping me learn to love them and understand them – I am now in harmony with them much more and with your ongoing support that continues to grow more and more. Thank you.

I can still remember so vividly so many times you have come to me and spoken with me in my dreams.

“The key to love is self-love. The answer to how to help all, is to heal yourself.”

Thank you for helping me learn what this truly means. For when you came into my life, you saw it all. You saw the beautiful, the magical, the possibility… you came into my life with a deep desire to help bring that out. You also saw the distractions, the lack of self-love, the stories, and past traumas that were in my bag. You saw right through the masks and stories and called me out on the areas that I had space to grow. Never once did you make me feel less than for that.

You frustrate me sometimes with the level of commitment and what I used to view as a sacrifice you required from me. Thanks to you, my desire for externals things and experiences that lower my vibration and fill my body with toxins is gone. Our relationship depends on both of us showing up and contributing – a balance of give and take.

Reiki, the way you are able to share your love and magic with us all is something that I remain in awe of every single day. Effortlessly knowing what it is that we need in each moment, restoring balance to the physical, mental, emotional… creating a bridge of ascension to the spiritual body. How do you do it? You are so remarkable. Your ability to do so much for so many every single day is done with such ease and grace. I learn from you daily, and with all that you give, never once have you asked for anything in return other than showing up for our relationship. It is with ease and honor that I continue to show up for love and support you bring to me and all of those I am blessed to share you with.

Thank you for allowing me to open my spiritual channel and share your essence with those who feel called to join us on this journey. Those who come to receive or open up to your love and begin their own journey as a healer understand more and more every time they sit with you. This goes to show you how amazing you are. Your essence and power is undeniable

There are many who do not understand you still. And that’s okay, they will open up in their own time. In moments of uncertainty; in moments of devotion, every emotion, every twist and turn – you are always right here with me. Helping me see the bigger picture and trusting the process. The path is not linear… but it is always present.

Thank you for the love, healing, lessons, and truth that you have brought into my life and continue to bring. You are the brightest light in this world that I have ever met, and I am truly blessed to be in this divine dance with you.

In Love,


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