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Article: 7 Mantras for Letting Go of Someone

7 Mantras for Letting Go of Someone

7 Mantras for Letting Go of Someone

It’s almost summertime in the northern hemisphere – a season traditionally associated with fun in the sun, good times, and summer love.

But with so much focus on attracting love or romance into your life, you might be forgetting about one crucial element in life that can bring you more peace and joy this summer – the art of letting go.

If you’re trying to bring more love into your life, the thought of letting go or releasing yourself from existing relationships might seem overwhelming.

You could be thinking that letting these relationships fade away feels counterintuitive to bring more connection into your life; after all, we’re supposed to love people for who they are, right?

But the fact remains that some of the connections you’ve been clinging to are no longer serving your spirit, your body, or your mind – and letting go of these relationships will bring you that much closer to a state of peace and harmony.

That’s why we’re here to talk about seven special mantras that will help you during the difficult time of releasing yourself from connections that are bringing you down rather than lifting you up.

It’s hard to feel like you’re doing everything on your own, especially if you’re not well-practiced in the art of sharing your feelings.

But the truth is that there may be some relationships that are causing you more harm than good, and when you gather the courage and strength to release them from your life, you’ll be amazed at how free and aligned you feel.

Mantras are both magical and practical, and they can set the stage for a life of happiness and balance.

So, if you’ve felt like there are a few friendships or even a romantic relationship in your life that brings more rain than sunshine, these mantras are for you! Now is the time to free yourself of any toxic situations or relationships, and this is the guide that will help you move towards that goal.

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7 Mantras for Letting Go of Someone

1.“I honor what I truly need.”

Sometimes letting go is less about what you’re letting go of and more about what it is you need to grow. Honoring your needs is the first step to recognizing when a certain situation is positive or negative for your spiritual growth.

By reminding yourself that your intentions are to honor what you need – no matter what that need is – you’re giving yourself a certain sense of permission, which can make letting go of toxic situations or relationships easier.

2. “I treasure the memory, not the current state.”

It can feel nearly impossible to let go of a relationship that currently feels unhealthy when your mind is focused on the happy past. Whether or not you had a million wonderful experiences within a certain connection, that doesn’t change how that connection is affecting you now.

Recognizing that what you truly value are the memories rather than the current state of your relationship will help you let go with poise and grace.

3. ” I am worthy of the love I seek.”

Reminding yourself that you are worthy of the exact kind of love that you desire is crucial for letting yourself seek that kind of love out. There are times when every human feels down and tries to convince themselves that the love they crave is somehow out of reach.

The truth is that you are absolutely, wholly worthy of the kind of love you desire, whether it’s something out of a romantic story or something a bit more lowkey. Whatever you desire is exactly what you deserve.

4. “A calm existence is what I desire.”

Listen, love isn’t always calm – sometimes it’s like something straight out of a movie, filled with drama and turmoil. But if what you want is the kind of love that helps you sleep peacefully at night, it’s time to let go of those dramatic connections and learn to seek out something that brings you balance and harmony.

This mantra will remind you that it’s not only perfectly acceptable to seek a calming kind of love, but it may also even be preferred. If you need a kickstart when attempting to let go of toxic or unhealthy relationships, this mantra will remind you that peaceful love is not only acceptable – it’s attainable.

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5. “I forgive those who have caused me harm.”

One of the most important parts of learning to let go is learning to forgive.

After all, it’s pretty difficult to move on from a certain connection when your subconscious is preoccupied with that individual and the harm that they caused you. Forgiving someone who’s hurt you is one of the easiest ways to learn to let that relationship go.

Repeating this mantra will ensure that there are no leftover feelings of upset or regret holding you back from healing.

6. “I’m choosing connections that honor my spirit.”

There are times when letting go is more about deciding what you want than it is about releasing things from your life. In fact, making that decision is often enough to remind you that your priorities and connections might not be aligned.

This mantra will help you remember what’s actually important – that your relationships honor your spirit and help it evolve rather than holding it back.

7. “While I admire the person, I love myself enough to let them go.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a platonic or romantic relationship. You must maintain a higher degree of love and respect for yourself than for anyone else.

This doesn’t mean you need to show disrespect to someone who’s hurt you; it simply means that your sense of self-love and self-respect needs to be greater than your desire to maintain a connection with that person.

Practicing this mantra will remind you that your relationship with yourself is so much more important than your relationship with anyone else. Honor your spirit, and learn to connect with it!

Try These Mantras for Letting Go

Every relationship and connection we experience in this life teaches us something – they help us grow into the person we’re meant to be – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with honoring and admiring those connections.

But that doesn’t mean that every connection is meant to last forever.

The most important connection to maintain is the one you share with yourself, which is why it’s so important to let go of the relationships that are no longer encouraging you to grow.

Imagine the kind of mind-blowing connections you can create and maintain when your spirit is wild and free.

Which connections are most important to you?

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