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Article: Your 5-Step Guide to Thriving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World

Your 5-Step Guide to Thriving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World

Your 5-Step Guide to Thriving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World

Are you always the “quiet one” in a social setting? Do you often get asked, “Hey, why, so quiet?” Or, “Is everything alright? You seem terribly quiet.” Or maybe even, “Are you always this shy? You are so quiet.”

On a scale of 1-10, how annoying is it to be asked these questions? If you are an introvert, a resting bi*ch face at this point would be a completely normal thing to do – just saying!

The unfortunate truth is that our society has been designed for extroverts. So, what’s an introvert to do in a social setting that understands very little about introversion?

Here’s some introvert advice that’ll help you feel like you belong in an extrovert dominant world. Let’s get started.

Your 5-Step Guide to Thrive as an Introvert in an Extroverted World

1. Connect With Yourself

Being an introvert in an extrovert world can feel like swimming against the tide. Very soon, you might find yourself feeling drained out and detesting the socializing process.

Connecting with yourself more deeply is a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed and drown in a feeling like you don’t belong. Learning about yourself allows you to get in touch with your strengths. 

Once you start playing to your strengths, you begin to glow differently. Self-acceptance in this way is how you will be able to show up with better confidence in a world that rewards extroverts.

Looking to better understand how to deepen your connection with yourself? Read this: How to Love Yourself First

2. Know Your Limits

As an introvert in a busy social setting, it can feel like to fit in; you have to wear the façade of an extrovert. 

Most introverts, in fact, will admit to putting up a pretense of an extrovert so that they can navigate a social gathering without the awkwardness. While this may work initially, when done as a coping mechanism can place immense stress on the cognitive capabilities of an introvert.

Most introverts also identify as highly sensitive people and empaths. Sensory overload can be a cause for burnout in this category of people.

Next time you feel depleted, perhaps it’s time to check in with your emotional or mental reserves. Knowing your limits, in the long run, helps with protecting your energy.

3. Set Boundaries

Boundaries, boundaries, and more boundaries. We cannot emphasize how important it is for an introvert to communicate a hard stop for socializing effectively.

Extroverts do not understand that introversion is not the same as shyness. Introvert burnout is a lot more common than you might think. Setting boundaries at first might feel difficult, especially if you are not used to enforcing them regularly.

Be gentle with yourself; practice a few times if it makes you nervous. Have a few go-to sentences as a go-to arsenal for establishing boundaries at short notice. This can help with the awkwardness of coming up with a strong sentence as a boundary.

4. Shine Your Own Way

The narrative can often be that the talkative folks are the life of the party. And they seem to grab all the limelight. An introverted person needs to remind themselves of their contribution in such a scenario. They don’t have to feel the pressure to compete with extroverts.

Also, why steal the limelight when you can shine in your own unique way right?

In such a conversation, an introvert can be an all-star listener, ask insightful questions, and add to what’s already being spoken, should they want to. Even amongst the chaos, as an introvert, you can make a person in a social setting feel understood.

Remember, “People will never forget how you made them feel”Maya Angelou.

5. Challenge Yourself Occasionally

An introverted world is quite amazing in itself. 

Introverts with vivid imaginations can want to retreat into their own rich inner landscape and make it their comfort zone. If you are an introvert, you’ll agree that this inner world is a place you might never want to exit.

But hey, introvert! Sorry to burst your happy bubble, but our everyday life with its shortcomings is still the most real reality we have access to. No matter your cognitive function – ambivert, introvert or extrovert, we all have to participate in this external reality.

We are not discrediting the challenges faced by the quiet ones. But it’s imperative to understand the value of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Go slow, take baby steps, seek help. 

One great way, especially initially, is to go to social gatherings as a group of introverts versus you all by yourself. This way, you will learn to thrive at your own pace in an extroverted world and still make a mark for yourself.

Remember, You Matter Too!

Introverts, even with being the quiet folks, are of considerable value to society. Know that you matter.

We hope the introvert advice in this article was the much-needed information to help you be happy as an introvert in a world that primarily rewards extroverts.

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