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Article: What is Your Guilty Pleasure, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

What is Your Guilty Pleasure, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

What is Your Guilty Pleasure, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Whether it’s watching the latest reality TV show or ordering takeout every Friday night, we’ve all got guilty pleasures. In fact, according to your personality, you might be more susceptible to a certain Myers-Briggs guilty pleasure.

If you haven’t already, take the 16 Personalities Test to determine what Myers-Briggs personality you fall under.

So, let’s really dive into this a little further. What is your guilty pleasure? What even does “guilty pleasure” mean? (Should you feel guilty?) Let’s take a look.

What is a Guilty Pleasure?

A guilty pleasure is something you enjoy. Inevitably, you wouldn’t partake in an activity if you didn’t like it to some extent. Yet, the “guilty” part refers to the fact that this activity might leave you feeling embarrassed, or others might find it taboo.

Sure, a guilty pleasure might not seem productive. But maybe it helps you reset and relax.

However, some guilty pleasures really don’t serve you. Thus, we encourage you to examine your set guilty pleasure and determine the “why” behind it. This can help you develop healthy habits.

So, the big question: what is your Myers-Briggs guilty pleasure? Does your personality test guess it right? Let’s find out!

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So, What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

The Architect - INTJ-A/INTJ-T

The Architect is one of the many reserved, introverted, and keep to themselves personality types. You seriously enjoy alone time. It offers you substantial time to think and ponder the world and why it is the way it is.

And you’re also an incredibly strategic thinker!

You would think a personality like this wouldn’t have time for any guilty pleasures, let alone allow them into their life. But you might love indulging in reality TV shows, trying to figure out the psychology behind why people act the way they do.

Sound familiar?

And hey, this isn’t necessarily bad unless you’re spending an excessive amount of hours watching shows. A few hours here and there is totally allowed, especially if it helps you relax from the regular grind.

The Logician - INTP-A/INTP-T

The Logician is a logical personality. You don’t dive too much into your emotions. Instead, you can quickly pick up on patterns and have an innate ability to read others based on logic and reasoning.

This makes you a great problem-solver. And at times, you can also be ultra-creative.

So, what’s your guilty pleasure? You just might love spending time exploring weird and quirky documentaries, trying to find patterns, and grabbing at new facts. Maybe it’s joining in on a trivia night or becoming obsessed with a puzzle.

Your logic side wins here!

The Commander - ENTJ-A/ENTJ-T

For the Commander personality, you might imagine someone who is also highly rational and logical. A natural-born leader, it takes a lot to trip you up. The idea of a challenge excites you.

You love the opportunity it brings.

But if you’re not in a leadership role somewhere in your life, you might resort to the online realm. You’ll look for recognition and importance by scrolling the Reddit threads that others might deem pretentious.

The Debater - ENTP-A/ENTP-T

As the Debater, you’re a big ideas type person. You thrive with newness, rationality, logic, and objectivity. You’re also very entrepreneurial with a zest for problem-solving.

But… you’ve got a bit of a soft spot and guilty pleasure when it comes to small dogs and cats. They tug at your heartstrings and pull at your emotional side.

The Advocate - INFJ-A/INFJ-T

The Advocate is imaginative and thoughtful. Accounting for less than 1% of the world’s population, you truly are a needle in a haystack!

And the truth is you love a good bubble bath (if you haven’t tried this, we dare you!). This time allows you peace and quiet. You get to relax with your own thoughts and imagination, letting your brain run wild!

The Mediator - INFP-A/INFP-T

The Mediator dreams big. Learning new things is fun for you. You also hold morality, beauty, virtue, and honor highly.

Yet, sometimes you need some help drawing on your imagination and dreaming those big dreams. Plus, you like the familiar. So, your guilty pleasure? We’ll find you catching up on some old childhood cartoons, such as Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and more!

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The Protagonist - ENFJ-A/ENFJ-T

For the Protagonist, one of your strongest personality traits is your selflessness. You love helping others and uplifting communities. And we have to say, you’re pretty good at it! You connect well with others, and you value ethics above a lot of other morals or principles.

Your guilty pleasure? You love astrology.

When you have a free moment, you’re diving into those signs and trying to decipher what they mean. You’ll be the first to ask someone else what their sign is and then try to help them based on that.

The Campaigner - ENFP-A/ENFP-T

While the Campaigner hates being put in any sort of box, we’re going to kind of put you in one when it comes to your guilty pleasure. Yes, you’re a totally free spirit, and you’ve got a love for more casual environments.


You could also go a whole afternoon watching a good ol’ cartoon or family movie or TV show. Think Shrek, Spongebob Square Pants, or The Incredibles. You love the feel these types of movies or shows give off, as well as the lessons that you can learn along the way.

The Logistician - ISTJ-A/ISTJ-T

The Logistician thrives with organization, rules, predictability, and rationality. You are very calm, paying close attention to detail and getting things done!

So, when it comes to a guilty pleasure, you might be a collector of sorts. Maybe you love collecting old coins, mugs, or shot glasses. Whatever the case may be, you love collecting these trinkets and watching your selection grow.

The Defender - ISFJ-A/ISFJ-T

The Defender is such a warm personality, with so many traits that balance each other out. You’re empathetic, listening, and paying close attention to others’ feelings. You are slightly conservative but, at the same time, open. Your kindness is one of the most prominent personality traits, attracting other great souls to you.

With your love for order, your guilty pleasure is baking. You love a good homemade pie, cake, cookie, square, bread, or anything else for that matter.

The Executive - ESTJ-A/ESTJ-T

As the Executive, you do what’s right and stick to socially acceptable activities. You’re also very reliable, loyal, and patient. Sticking to guidelines and procedures is your forte!

Thus, your guilty pleasure is couponing! You might have the money, but a discount is something you just can’t miss. Your organization skills also make this easy to implement, saving you a ton of money.

So, while others might see this as problematic, sometimes, it can be a really good thing!

The Consul - ESFJ-A/ESFJ-T

The Consul works wonderfully with others and doesn’t mind the spotlight. At the same time, you don’t necessarily crave it. You like to make people happy, keep the peace, and work as a team.

You hate seeing someone sad or noticeably upset. It doesn’t sit well with you.

With all that said, your guilty pleasure is takeout! Whether that’s McDonald’s or Thai from the little restaurant down the road, you love the treat and love treating others to it, too.

The Virtuoso - ISTP-A/ISTP-T

The Virtuoso personality has an interesting divide. You’re rational and logical. But also a bit spontaneous and unpredictable at times. But you are also a problem-solver who thrives off teamwork.

Thus, your Myers-Briggs guilty pleasure is going for long drives for no good reason. Just because. It might offer you the opportunity to explore, de-stress, or add that bit of spontaneity you feel is missing in your life.

The Adventurer - ISFP-A/ISFP-T

You value new things and new people.

When all is said and done, the Adventurer truly loves living life to the fullest. But this also doesn’t mean you don’t know how to get to work. You just tend to prefer it all on your own schedule. You also tend to enjoy the finer things in life.

So, your Myers-Briggs guilty pleasure involves pulling out the fine china and glassware – just because you can and no matter what day it is. In your mind, there’s always a reason to celebrate.

The Entrepreneur - ESTP-A/ESTP-T

The Entrepreneur loves data and logic but doesn’t fear feelings or emotions either. You’re also considered quite funny by others and full of energy!

As such, your guilty pleasure might involve practical jokes or pranks, all while ensuring you don’t step on anyone’s feelings. If anyone knows you, they know you mean it all out of love!

The Entertainer - ESFP-A/ESFP-T

The Entertainer is exactly what you think. This personality takes center stage, entertaining others. But you don’t go overboard, which is a good thing. You take in the crowd and understand the emotions of others, making you also come across as warm and generous.

With socialization and putting on a show being 100% your thing, your guilty pleasure might be pretty obvious.

The one time you’re often alone is in the shower… but you’re still putting on a show with a good tune! While your singing in the shower might eventually annoy others but it falls right in line with your Myers-Briggs personality type.

Got a Guilty Pleasure? It’s 110% Okay

Whether we nailed it on the head or not, everyone has guilty pleasures! Yet, there is a fine line. Riding that line or staying on one side of it is important.

It’s good to find ways to relax, but you also want to make sure you’re moving forward and going after what you want without being overly distracted while also taking time for self-care.

And a quick last word here: your Myers-Briggs guilty pleasure doesn’t define you! Nor should it. This is just one small piece of your world, so don’t get too hung up on it. You’re so much more than that!

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