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Article: How to Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

How to Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

How to Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Everyone has their own preference for how much time you spend on personal growth, learning, or finding sources of inspiration. Some people go to a yoga studio, some people read books or listen to podcasts, some people love weekend retreats, while others who are tech-savvy prefer to use an app.

There’s no wrong way to find your motivation daily and no shortage of places we can find it. When making big life changes, it’s common to look at the biographies of successful people or follow them online. The education, advice, and motivation they provide is invaluable because it comes from the people we know who have done something similar and killed it!

Getting Started as an Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is a terrifying concept when you start at square one. Need help to shape your own entrepreneurial vision and energy? Whether you’re wanting to start your own business or just embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in your day-to-day life, these 6 tips for the aspiring entrepreneur will help lead you down the path to success.

1. Dream Big, Plan Bigger

Some people who like to live with an active imagination dream of bigger things, all the time! These people are meant to be entrepreneurs, but this doesn’t mean that those who don’t naturally do this can’t become successful.

Successful entrepreneurs are always thinking about how to improve things, admiring people who seem to do the impossible, dissecting more efficient methods, studying trends, and researching the people have changed history.

If you have always felt the urge to lead the story of your life and feel more called to be your own boss, our challenge to you is why aren’t you? All it takes is some creativity and industry knowledge to get the edge you need.

All business owners are creative in some sense, even if they are adhering to guidelines or doing technical work. The inspiration to branch out is all you need to become an entrepreneur. Once you feel that calling, try these simple steps to clarify your vision and make this dream feel more real.

2. Make a List of Personal and Business Inspirations

More than anything, you must come up with your ‘why.’ When you understand the need that your business meets in society, you can communicate it to all the people that will be a part of the journey with clarity and absurdness.

You need to feel connected to what you do and who you are serving in order to succeed and have your energy really shine. Start by listing the needs that you feel inspired to help people with. Perhaps you like to help people find jobs, find love, find healing, find stability, find joy, or knowledge. Start with the images that appeal to you in your mind and jot them down even if they aren’t yet specific.

A vague idea that brings you a burst of excitement can lead you to a great idea.

3. Recognize Your Positive Entrepreneurial Qualities

We recommend making a list of 5 positive aspects about you. These might be the things that people notice about you or that you know you are naturally good with. Whether it’s organization, empathy, humor, fixing things, creating stories, just write them down. These are your resources to draw upon as an entrepreneur.

Each person who starts their own business has discovered their strengths and built their ideas around them. Instead of feeling like you need to change to fit a job, you create a job that fits you.

4. Create a Plan of Attack

While you still don’t know exactly what moves to make, it’s a great time to set your big goals. Start with the big ones and then break them down into smaller actions.

What type of company do you feel inspired to start or have you always dreamed of having? What is the biggest step you need to take to get there? Do you need startup capital, education, a business plan, time to work on it, etc.?

Once you clearly state where you’re going, you’ll be able to see the steps you need to take to get there.

The more time you spend envisioning yourself as a successful business owner providing a meaningful service or product, the easier it will be to see the next steps. So try seeing yourself as a real entrepreneur and see what clarity arrives for how to get there.

5. Clearly State Your Purpose

When we function just to make money, we can quickly feel like there is no soul in our day. When we work to fulfill a need, we begin to connect to people and their specific needs. This is what will drive you in your business and personal endeavors.

A clear purpose also what will keep you on course for growing and using your time and money wisely. Can you state your purpose simply and does it inspire you? Spend some time getting clear on the purpose of your company, and the rest will fall into place.

This is still the groundwork that is building a foundation for something great. Giving yourself the motivation goals will help you when there are obstacles or fear of the unknown future.

6. Ask for Guidance or Find a Mentor

Educate yourself about your area of interest well before you begin. Instead of walking with a blindfold on, do your homework and be prepared. Learn best practices, study people doing similar things, ask for advice, and meet with people to share your ideas.

Finding a mentor can be a great experience for growing and gaining experience in a particular industry or part of your life, seek one out who will put the time and effort into you and you are golden. We recommend going to conferences and cold calling professionals through email, you’ll discover quickly whether they are interested.

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Further Entrepreneurial Spirit Inspiration

Personal development isn’t just about controlling your feelings, it can be about expanding into the version of you that lives inside and learning how to think differently in order to do so.

Gary Vaynerchuck who speaks and writes about entrepreneurs is someone who has studied the habits and processes of people who were discontent with their life and then made something amazing happen. Check out his book titled, ‘Crushing It,’ for many stories and real-life experiences that helped people awaken and thrive through their entrepreneurial spirit.

Listen to and watch podcasts and videos on your favorite things, and it may strike you with inspiration for a new business to capture that entrepreneurial spirit. One of the original YouTube stars, Casey Neistat, has a great video about his journey that you may find inspiring. If there’s something you are new to, start reading about it or take classes on it.

Ready to Get Started?

So now you have some structure to help you move from a pipe dream to something that can actually happen! It’s exciting to start to think of changing your life, isn’t it? The more you start to spend time dedicated to bringing what is in your heart to the world, the more will transpire.

Even if you don’t know how to do something, you can learn. Just because you’re no longer in school doesn’t mean the window of opportunity to make something special out of your life has passed. Many people rise out of unexpected negative circumstances to do something greater than they ever imagined.

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