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Article: How to Accept & Surrender to Unexpected Change

How to Accept & Surrender to Unexpected Change

How to Accept & Surrender to Unexpected Change

If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are you’re going through some big changes and struggling to feel hopeful.

Whether that’s because you’ve received unexpected news or have had a setback (or maybe quite a few setbacks), we’re here today to help you zoom out on your life so you can get some new perspective. There is actually more to be excited about than you think during times of change.

If you were raised in an environment where people complained about unexpected things as negative, you may be completely thrown off by one instance of ‘spilled milk,’ putting every day at risk of being poured down the drain. However, when you start to direct your mind to focus on the interconnectedness of all things and move into the trust that you are right where you need to be, you can start to harness your power to create your own happiness, regardless of external circumstances.

Let’s break this down from a soul perspective.

Things Aren’t Inherently Negative

When your ego governs your perception of the world, you are not able to perceive the spiritual guidance that is available inside your soul. The ego tends to be most preoccupied with meeting certain material goals, such as building a business, getting that new car or having that dream destination wedding. However, the soul guides us to evolve our consciousness through experiences where we are able to learn about how to be loving towards all beings. While the ego is focused on short-term gratification, the soul elevates us to look on our lives from a bird’s-eye view.

Often, it’s better that things go unplanned because it wakes us up out of the mind’s story to the greater energy that we exist within where we can tap into true deep fulfillment on a soul level. We often think we must struggle to make ourselves happy through hard work and meeting the societal ideals or the images our parents painted of what success looks like. Our perception that a failed project, relationship or even a difficult conversation is negative is merely a narrow perspective that can be widened to see it’s actual place in the path of our soul.

Surrender & Know There is a Reason

Remember that often, it’s your own resistance to change that causes you the most pain.

When we start to celebrate everything as it comes without judging if it’s ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ we keep our vibe up which, if you study the law of attraction, you know that this is what allows you to manifest good things. There is an effort in manifesting that is required but then there is the surrender that we also practice. The acceptance of everything that comes whether it’s a pain in your body, a temporary illness, a high electricity bill, a canceled date, or an unwanted zit, they will all strengthen your ability to keep your vibe up if you let them. That means they are a gift!

You will be stronger and a more powerful manifestor when you welcome trials and challenges with an attitude of curiosity, if not excitement. Approach those parking tickets with a ‘can’t kill my vibe’ attitude. The more you welcome everything, the less you will hurt. The more positive your vibe, the more opportunities come your way. Trust in divine timing and that your soul knows what you need to learn and what’s truly best for you. The universe and your intuition have a funny way of working together to guide you towards the experiences and knowledge you need to get closer to your goals. They know when to steer you away from something you think you want because something better is coming.

If you can learn to love the adrenaline and the challenge that comes with unexpected change, you will be happier than almost everyone you know. It comes with practice, but over time, you’ll start to find the cosmic humor in a series of seemingly unfortunate events.

Build Positive Energy in the Present Moment

When you’ve planned the perfect vacation and it rains, when your electricity goes out, or when you’re turned down for a job you really wanted, try to find something else about the situation to celebrate. It may sound silly but I assure you that many of today’s most successful people find slip-ups, mishaps, and even total failures to be rewarding experiences.

Choose, intentionally, to take on the perspective that everything you experience helps you learn how to be more loving, how to trust the flow of the divine plan, and how to keep those vibes high. Your intention is always strong enough to override a negative thought so the next time you’re around a bunch of negative Nancies, give a little wink to the cosmos and thank them for reminding you to direct your thoughts to positive things and positive outcomes.

Be Patient With Yourself

In conclusion, the next time something doesn’t go your way, slow down and raise those vibes, the universe is trying to wake you up to a better plan. Pause before you allow yourself to spiral into negativity. Go for a walk, stretch, and take deep breaths. Take time to do a meditation that helps you accept the change with peace and the enthusiasm that it’s what you need to experience right now.

You can use this affirmation at any time to help you handle change: ‘I surrender to the divine plan and know that I am supported and blessed right now.’

No matter how big or how small, unexpected blessings are hidden in each moment when we allow the universe to help us see them. Whether we lose a loved one or our dog chews up our favorite pair of shoes, we can find something to learn and a way to allow the experience to direct our thoughts towards positivity and love.

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