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Article: Guided Meditation to Lower Anxiety & Raise Happiness

Guided Meditation to Lower Anxiety & Raise Happiness

Guided Meditation to Lower Anxiety & Raise Happiness

Did you know that anxious feelings can be greatly reduced by meditating?

With all that is going on in the world, it’s easy to slip into worry mode - but a simple guided meditation can help you shift gears and start enjoying your day in just a few minutes.

Our guided meditation for anxiety will show you how to meditate to promote happiness in your own life and for others, helping you rejuvenate your spirit and leave you feeling uplifted and hopeful. After all, the mind is the most powerful tool in our own lives.

When we are anxious, we are focused on that feeling, and the guided meditation to overcome anxiety helps shift our focus to positive inspiring thoughts that help move our emotional energy.

Pretty cool right? Let’s get started so you can start feeling great right now!

How To Prepare For This Meditation

Here are some ways to make your meditation more effective. You may want to play mental healing meditation music such as calming wood flute music or Tibetan singing bowls.

It’s incredible how meditation music quickly helps calm your nervous system and allows you to get into deep relaxation!

Prepare The Space

Create a special meditation nook that feels inspiring. You can bring in some items that help you relax - like a plant, a piece of inspiring art, and pillows.

Meditating in a space that makes you feel excited to be in can help inspire you to really go deeper. Make it special by doing a few little things that signify that this is a sacred healing space just for you and your soul.

Candles/Incense/Essential Oils

If you have candles, great! Dimming the lights and burning purple or white candles during this meditation will help create a calm and soothing ambiance.

Burning incense and using calming essential oils like lavender and vanilla will also send a signal of calm to your mind, body, and soul.

These three meditation tools have been used worldwide for thousands of years and they really do make it a lot easier to meditate. Our sense of smell is one of the biggest tools for memory recall. Each time you smell something that reminds you of meditation, it helps cue your body to return to that state.

Want more scents, smells, and good vibes? Your Guide to Aromatherapy for Meditation will guide you through.

Crystals To Include

You do not need to go and buy crystals in order for this meditation to be effective but if you have them, feel free to use them. There’s no wrong crystal to use for this meditation but there are some that are known to be helpful for anxiety.

Our recommendation is to try Amethyst, which is one of the easiest to find crystals and is a great option for helping with worry.

Other crystals that are used to relieve stress are…

This meditation is very personal and meant to get in touch with your inner joy so feel free to use a crystal that calls to you in your collection and it’s best to follow your intuition on what crystal to hold in meditation.

Body Position

Sit on a cushion to elevate your hips and reduce pressure on your lower back. Keep your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed.

During the meditation, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed if you are comfortable, so do what you need to make sure you feel you can relax even if that means sitting with your back against the wall or in a chair.

Place your palms face up in a receiving position on your thighs and bring a slight tuck to the chin to bring the neck back in line with the spine.

Now you are all set to do this simple guided meditation and start feeling more at ease in just a few moments!

A person sits in a meditative position with their hands in resting position.

Guided Meditation To Lower Anxiety & Raise Happiness

Welcome to this fun and easy meditation that is going to help you lower your anxiety and raise your happiness.

It’s time to let go and check in with your internal self, the foundation for your happiness.

Listen to the below meditation, narrated by Shannon Yrizarry:

Step 1: Breathe and Release

Start by taking a deep breath in your nose and relaxing your stomach as you breathe out of your nose. Now take another deep breath in your nose and relax your shoulders as you breathe out of your nose.

Take one more deep breath in your nose and relax your entire body as you breathe out of your nose.

Great job, you’re already one big step forward to increasing your happiness!

Step 2: Visualize The Future

Now we are going to shift the inertia of your mental focus by creating a supercharged, positive vision of the future you want to live in. See yourself feeling positive, happy, and at ease. Notice how a gentle smile comes over your face when you see yourself this way.

Continue to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and see yourself moving through your day feeling connected to your ability to choose happy thoughts in each and every moment.

See yourself smiling, feeling a sense of inspiration, and truly connecting in a loving way with the people in your life.

Notice how this sense of ease is all accessed by your own intention and not from any external circumstances.

Step 3: Set Your Intention

Now we will turn the direction of your thought patterns to create lasting change.

Repeat this affirmation mentally three times to set the intention into the Universe.

“I choose to focus on happiness and I feel happy.”

Notice how you feel after setting this powerful intention.

Step 4: Breathe and Release

This affirmation can be used throughout the day to set your intention and come back to your power to create your own happiness. We want to congratulate you for taking this big step today to find that you are able to generate happiness all the time!

Take three deep breaths to bring yourself back to waking consciousness and remind yourself of the affirmation you have just learned that you can use throughout the day.

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You’re Doing Great!

This meditation is a great tool for working through your own journey through discovering your purpose and overcoming anxiety. While you go through this journey, please revisit this meditation at any time. While we have many resources to help you stay in a calm and happy state during the day, we encourage you to seek out the help you need and take care of yourself. When you show up for yourself, you can actively raise your happiness.

When you’ve finished your guided meditation, try to incorporate some gentle stretching and breathing exercises as well to keep your good vibes going. We know that it’s the little habits that we repeat over time that create huge positive momentum and we are here to continue to support you with these simple, time tested habits!

Be patient with yourself as you adopt new habits and if you miss a day, no worries! Just do your best and know that you deserve to be happy.


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