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Article: Fill Your Soul With Family Time This Easter

Fill Your Soul With Family Time This Easter

Fill Your Soul With Family Time This Easter

Easter falls on April 21st this year and we know that big long-standing traditions like this can mean family stress. We have some simple holiday stress management tips for you so you can look forward to this Easter and similar gatherings. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective to help you enjoy something instead of letting it bug you.

We can look at each holiday as a time to fill our soul. When we approach an event with intention, we can have a completely different and more fulfilling experience than if we just simply show up with a meatloaf! There’s no question that for most of us, when we become adults, getting together with family can be a bit of a challenge when combining different diets, belief systems, political views and some of the longest relationships of our lives usually come back into view.

Oh, and if you’re having Easter dinner stress, we have some ideas on how you can spend Easter that are fun and memorable instead of trying to please everyone cooking! We have three fun Easter activities that are fun for everyone and can make everyone feel uplifted.

3 Ways to Enjoy Family Time this Easter

This Easter, start by setting your intention to bring good vibes into your family gathering. When we direct our minds in any situation, we are better able to steer our emotional ship., as it were. We can prepare ourselves to be loving and supportive instead of letting our emotions get the best of us, which can lead to eating too much candy and a gnarly headache. Try these 3 techniques to shift your focus and watch how warm and cozy you feel as you share your love with everyone this Easter.

1. Bring No Judgment

If your mind gets hyper-focused on what you don’t like about people or what others should change about themselves, you’re not the only one. Especially when it comes to family, most people are overly critical of others, but guess what, that only makes you feel miserable.

Instead, we can choose to just listen to hear what they are saying and try to intuitively feel for a way to communicate with love to the person you speak with no matter their age, lifestyle, triumphs, or failures. Just listen to be supportive. Try to be compassionate and understanding and seek to understand them on a deeper level. If your mind starts being negative about your own actions or life because you feel judged, have that same loving and supportive accepting intention towards yourself.

2. Check-In with Your Family Members

Another great way to fill your soul when you’re with your family is simply checking in to see how they’re feeling and what’s going on in their lives. It’s possible that some of them don’t have someone really caring about their feelings to say, “What’s really going on, do you love life, what are your dreams and how are you following them?” Helping someone gain clarity or to feel cared for is a great love-giving exercise that builds trust and raises the vibration of your interactions even if it’s only a minute conversation between egg hunts, grilling and clean up.

3. Point out Something Good in Each Person

If you’re feeling unsure about how to engage or are just having trouble connecting, a great way to create a bridge between you and people you may or may not have a lot in common with is to point out the qualities that you find endearing or inspiring in them. This can send conversations in a positive direction and for those who are just letting their thoughts have a free-for-all at the event, it will give them a safe harbor to anchor their boat for the day.

3 Easter Family Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

Here are some ideas that can help you overcome your differences and create memorable experiences. These simple activities are great for all ages and can become annual traditions for generations to come. While doing these activities, you can focus on keeping the vibes up and even help the adults find their inner child.

1. Indulge in Nostalgic Easter Crafts

If you’re over decorating eggs, cruise over to a local craft store and pick up wooden birdhouses and paint to decorate them. Get the little ones to smear peanut butter and birdseed on a pinecone, attach some twine, and hang it in a tree you can see from a window. Get as fancy or as simple as you want. Everyone can hang their feeders at their homes and share pictures of bird visitors in a group text throughout the year. This is a neutral activity that doesn’t hit any religious buttons.

2. Make Fruit Art

Because there are so many allergies and food preferences these days, fruit is a relatively safe bet. Pinterest has really fun fruit art ideas that can inspire healthy eating and fun party ideas for future events. It’s a great way to bring people together to share ideas and be creative without spending too much money. You can find simple ideas for kids and complex creations for the family perfectionist.

3. Attend a Local Play

If you find people in the family have trouble finding things to talk about or end up arguing, attending a play or matinee can be a great option. Choose something that is not politically charged or depressing and just go have some fun. You can usually find smaller theatres with low-cost tickets and you can find a fun dessert spot to hit up afterward. If you tend to have power struggles in a familiar home environment, people often behave more when they are out in public.

Concluding Thoughts…

Now you can really look forward to this day of happiness and laughter because in your mind you can see hugs, good conversations and peaceful memories being made. Look at each time you get together with family as a magical time where you can appreciate each person’s unique way of expressing their soul’s wisdom whether it’s in business, mothering, cooking or humor. Look at it as a time where you get to learn about how other people think and experience the world to build bridges of understanding instead of roadblocks of frustration.

When we decide to forgive ourselves for not always communicating perfectly and patiently, it becomes easier to see the person you’re talking to is also in an emotional soup trying to reach out and in one way say, “I love you,” whether it’s in hanging a decoration, inviting you to breakfast or making your eggs how you like them.

We do really want everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves and having the intention to keep the vibes up will make a HUGE difference. Instead of thinking about what you’ll get from this Easter, shift your intention to think about how much love you can give and see how your experience shifts. Instead of just going along for the thrill of games and cute comments about outfits, make it something intentional and special - at least in your heart - and it will no doubt make a difference to someone.

Our words create feelings and emotions, which is why we truly can be a magician wherever we go, creating uplifting feelings and emotions that send people to an inspiring and cozy state of mind. Slow down and take a few breaths if you get thrown off by a rogue, rude comment or triggered by an old memory. The more you practice connecting with people - especially family - on a soul level, the stronger your interpersonal skills become, improving each interaction in your life.

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