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Article: Your Body Has Tons of Creativity: Here's How to Unlock It

Your Body Has Tons of Creativity: Here's How to Unlock It

Your Body Has Tons of Creativity: Here's How to Unlock It

Ever feel like you’re doing the same thing every day and you’re just not that excited about life? Are you struggling to make things happen? You might be in need of a creative energy boost!

Your sacral chakra is the area in your body that has been linked to create energy for centuries. It’s the energy center (Really, it’s a nerve bundle) that helps you manifest and believe in possibilities. How can you tap into this energy and make the most of it?

There are very straightforward exercises, healing sessions and simple things to do to increase creative energy so you can start to think in different ways to bring an influx of fun, flavor, and vitality into your life.

This article may take just a few minutes to read and it may take a few weeks to try each of these creative energy hacks, but it could very well assist in some of the most empowering and life-changing perspectives and shifts of your life!

Here are three accessible and inexpensive ways to unlock your creative energy.

Women recieving reiki energy. Her eyes are closed and a person is holding a hand hovering above her chest.

Reiki Healing can Unblock Your Creative Energy

Reiki is a great way to activate and clear energy blocks. Our sacral chakra is where our ‘shakti’ power lives. It is a yin chakra, meaning it brings stuff to us instead of giving energy out to the world. It’s also important to have your other chakras clear and active in order to be creative.

Sometimes a break in our circuitry is happening in another chakra and once that one is flowing from reiki healing, we can get the energy to the creativity center. As a reiki practitioner, I find this very often to be the case.

Reiki is when an attuned person can send energy to you through their hands. They are not giving you their energy, but allowing energy to flow into their crown chakra at the top of their head and out of their hands.

To the naked eye, it looks like they are just holding their hands over you or gently placing them on you but the person offering it will feel a strong tingling in their hands and the person receiving will usually feel a subtle pressure, heat or muscle twitch.

There is actually energy transferred and someone who can sense the subtle flow of it will be able to help you get your creative energy unblocked and flowing. You can look up Reiki practitioners in your area, they are very common.

Always ask around to see who people recommend because some people are really good at this!

Woman doing her yoga practice. She is doing a cat-cow pose in all white.

Yoga Poses That Open Creative Energy

Your creativity is mostly centered around your navel area and reproductive organs. Your ability to manifest actually comes from the same energy we usually refer to as sexual energy. When your hormones become active as a teenager, your ability to manifest switches on.

Often experiences we’ve had in relationships regarding intimacy can block our creative energy. When we do yoga poses, it helps to release stored emotional energy in that area so we can have a healthy flow once again to and from the other chakras.

Really, we need all the chakras flowing, so a balanced yoga set that works all areas of the body is great to do daily. To target the sacral chakra, you can do twists, hip stretches, and core strengthening.

One other thing to mention is that you’ll also want to do the yogic breathing like ujjayi and breath of fire which helps clear the emotionally stored charges with the prana that comes into the body with the breath.

Additionally, getting blood flow to the upper chakras will help you ‘catch’ ideas and have strong visions of what you want and what would be best for you to create. The higher vibrational energy of spiritual music can help stimulate the upper chakras while doing yoga.

Focus on inversions like standing forward bends and headstands to stimulate those chakras.

Chili flakes in a wooden bowl with a drier pepper next to it.

Foods to Stimulate Creative Energy

To get your energy flowing, we need to get the digestive system moving full steam ahead. That means lots of water, fruits and veggies that have a high water content and spicy foods like ginger and cayenne that stimulate the creative center. The sacral chakra will help get you get the new possibilities flowing.

Next are the foods that stimulate the upper chakras where artists tap in to catch ideas. Raw foods, superfoods and herbs can help stimulate the upper chakras.

You could make a creativity cocktail such as spinach, avocado, frozen blackberries, banana, maca root powder, spirulina, hemp seeds, almond butter and coconut milk. Make your lifestyle creativity-inducing by eating well, doing daily stretching and breathing exercises as well as taking advantage of the healing services like reiki that really do help.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. Maybe a simple Facebook status update of, ‘Who knows someone who gives reiki?’ or ‘Does anyone have a local yoga studio they like?’ could open a whole new exciting path for you! Even getting in the car and buying fruits and veggies at the local market for your smoothies aka ‘creativity cocktail’ can start you out!

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There are people who will charge thousands of dollars for programs that fire up your creativity from a theoretical and mental perspective but working with the energy of your own body is direct and powerful.

Many public speakers who talk about creativity fail to realize that we can understand that our mind can expand, but if we don’t activate and balance the energy in our body, we won’t be able to implement the ideas we want or be able to think of alternative solutions to our lives that are truly coming from a higher vibration instead of fear.

Personally, I’ve found the practice of kundalini yoga to increase the natural production of DMT in the body which allows me to write books, think of business ideas, approach formerly painful perspectives with love, find new ideas for income, etc.

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