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Article: 8 Simple But Meaningful Life Hacks You Need to Reset for Fall 2020

8 Simple But Meaningful Life Hacks You Need to Reset for Fall 2020

8 Simple But Meaningful Life Hacks You Need to Reset for Fall 2020

Can you feel it yet? The crisp evening breeze, leaves slowly turning color, pumpkins showing up at grocery stores….

The boots & beanies season is here everybody! It’s already fall 2020!

Just when you were getting the hang of masking up in the heat, summer is almost over, you blinked and this pandemic summer flew by.

Unbelievable right? We hear you, and this is exactly why we wanted to give you a head start and help you reset for fall.

So, what are you waiting for? Pour yourself the season’s first pumpkin spiced latte and scroll down to learn how to make the most of this fall 2020.

8 Meaningful Ways to Reset for Fall

The leaves are falling (or maybe not depending on where you live)! Let’s reset our mind, body, and soul for this cozy season.

1. Try an Energy Cleanse

The ending of a season is nature’s way of urging us to hit pause and check-in with ourselves. With the continued COVID-19 threat, we can all agree that 2020 has been pretty rough. Now, more than ever, is a time for a quick end-of-summer soul check-in.

Autumn signifies a time to slow down and let go of old energies.

Here are 5 journal prompts that’ll help you shed old ways and reset your spiritual energy.

  • What were your thoughts and emotions at this year’s spring equinox?
  • What are they now at the end of summer?
  • What intentions did you set at the beginning of the year (vs) onset of COVID-19?
  • What are some toxic memories, people, thought patterns that aren’t serving you any longer? And why?
  • Who and what do you want to take forth with you into the future?

Reset for fall by journaling, burning sage, and indulging in a cleansing salt bath. While you’re at it, harness the power of this October’s harvest full moon to help you tune into your inner energy shift.

A person sits on their phone taking photos of leaves on the ground during fall.

2. Re-evaluate Your Goals

Did you want to hustle your way through 2020? Whatever your New Years resolutions were, one thing’s for sure – 2020 has been a year of limitations for most of us.

Take time this fall to re-evaluate your goals and priorities. Know that it’s okay if you didn’t achieve all your productivity targets. Resetting expectations of an unrealistic hustle culture has probably been the best thing about this pandemic.

Maybe this lockdown gave you some ideas about your future. To help you with goal setting, Mars retrograde is here this year. It invites you to rethink what you want to hustle for.

3. Marie Kondo Your Closet

This stay-at-home lockdown has brought its own fashion. Comfy tie dye loungewear is still trending and, effortless clothing seems to be 2020’s fashion mantra so far.

Reset for fall by decluttering your closet. What fabrics don’t spark joy for you any longer? Which outfits haven’t been worn since the beginning of the year?

Oh, and packing on pandemic pounds is an actual thing, if you haven’t heard! So, if you don’t fit into old clothes, don’t sweat it!! Make a yes and no pile & get Marie Kondo-ing! We’d hate for you to miss out on the proven benefits of decluttering.

A white pumpkin sits on a white sweater with fairy lights all around it.

4. Get Cozy & Re-energize

It’s time to hygge-up your space folks!

Burn a fall-scented candle (or two!), pull out those gravity blankets & start a fire. Sip on some delish caramel apple latte and enjoy cozy magnolia fall vibes. Also, consider diffusing some fall-inspired earthy essential oils for both aesthetic and health benefits.

5. Try Some Fall Skin Care

Nobody wants to deal with dry flaky skin during cooler months.

Dropping temperatures call for switching up your skincare routine. According to dermatologists, low humidity, dry heat from room heaters is the perfect recipe for itchy dry skin & eczema.

Up your moisturizing game to counter the harsh effects of the season. Body butters and thicker moisturizers are great TLC for your skin this fall.

Also, consider adding in a collagen supplement to your diet if you already aren’t. Collagen nourishes your skin from the inside and provides the necessary building blocks for recovering from harsh fall & winter months.

Is your skin dry from the changing seasonal air? We care! Read about how to deal with dry skin here.

6. Immune System TLC with Seasonal Recipes

Let’s face it! The not-so-pretty part of fall is the menacing flu season.

Covid-19 has been its own season for the past 6 months. This whole time, immunity boosters have been all the rage. In the wake of this year’s pandemic, keeping our immune system in great shape should be our top priority.

In addition to immune supplements, can we use nature’s harvest in our food as immunity enhancers? We say yes!!

Citrus fruits like oranges, cranberries and pomegranates are packed with vitamin-C. Seasonal harvest like pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes are vitamin-A rich which is essential to keep the flu at bay. Including herbs like garlic, ginger, and rosemary are great ways to reset for fall. They support cleansing and are known immune boosters.

Here are some recipes to get you started:

  1. Butternut Squash & Cashew Soup
  2. Vegetarian Ramen Soup
  3. Hearty Fall Kale Salad
  4. Pumpkin Brownies
  5. Pumpkin Spice Latte

When meal planning, show your immune system some TLC by using seasonal produce in your recipes.

7. Try a Fall Fitness Routine

Now more than ever is a time to get fit. Because a fit body is a healthy body from the inside out. Find new workout routines this fall to avoid slacking off during sweater weather.

This fall, if you still feel unsafe to hit the gym, some ways to get moving are to go for a run amidst the fall foliage, yoga in the park, virtual HIIT classes and virtual group workouts with friends.

Three rows of white and orange pumpkins sit on shelves at a pumpkin farm.

8. Create an Outdoors’ Bucket List

Hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, Halloween are some of the season’s norm and charm every fall.

This year safety comes first for any fall gatherings. But who said you can’t have fun? Take in the beauty of nature with hiking & fall foliage drives. Make a list of fun (but safe) activities. Then go do it!

Embrace the Season

Let go of unrealistic expectations of how this fall isn’t like the “norm”. Because is there even a norm anymore?

Embrace the goodness in the slow down. We hope that you’ll take stock of your blessings and good health as you reset for fall 2020.

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