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Article: Fall Cleaning: How To Give Your Kitchen a Wellness Makeover

Fall Cleaning: How To Give Your Kitchen a Wellness Makeover

Fall Cleaning: How To Give Your Kitchen a Wellness Makeover

If you’re planning on taking your wellness lifestyle to the next level and want to improve your life - start with your kitchen. Forget spending thousands of dollars on pricey renos, instead work towards reimagining the space so it supports your health and wellness living.

It’s no secret, your wellness lifestyle starts with what you put in your body and homemade food is a better option than eating out for you and your wallet. This is where the wellness makeover comes in, essentially, if you’re staring at your unappealing kitchen and it doesn’t exactly make you want to cook up a storm.

You need to make a change! This type of makeover might not be as exciting or fun as putting in new flooring, appliances, or tile, it will substantially improve your life and maybe even your mental and physical health.

What Does a Kitchen Wellness Makeover Look Like?

Invest in a Herb Garden or Make One Yourself!

Do you always find you’re running out of fresh herbs? Or do you buy a package of it only to have it go bad in the bottom of your fridge? Why not keep it fresh instead?

The cool part about this is that you can buy mini-indoor herb gardens, with suitable lights and all (or create your own). Clear a counter space for this one!

You’ll always have fresh dill, basil, and more on hand. It could inspire a ton of healthy recipes and eats.

Splash That Fridge With Some Positive Energy.

Do you have a particular affirmation or quote you like? Is there a phrase or picture that always makes you think or brings a smile to your lips? Post it up on the fridge! Give yourself those positive reminders.

Or put up a recipe you found and want to try. Use that space as little positive tidbits or as a reminder to cook up that next new healthy recipe. It’ll get you more excited to make that meal.

Need help finding a positive affirmation that inspires you? Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation

Reassess Where You Keep the Treats.

Out of sight and out of mind! If you have trouble with overindulging, hide your food on yourself. I’m serious. It works. If it’s not in your eye’s sight, you won’t even think about it.

Or put these items somewhere where you’ll have to rethink if you actually want or need that treat right now. It keeps you in check and keeps you on track with healthy living.

Paint Your Kitchen a Bright, Happy Colour

Did you know that certain colours have serious mood-boosting effects? Transform your kitchen with a bit of paint. Make it a place that you associate with happy and bright thoughts. Go for yellow to lift up your mood or a blue hue to help you relax throughout the cooking process.

A paint job can make all the difference in any space. So, why not? Grab a few samples next time you’re out - then go for it!

Want to learn more about which colours will make your kitchen pop? Read Understanding the Rainbow: The Psychology of Colour

Do a Cupboard Haul & Decluttering

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of leaving food items in the back of your fridge or cupboard without checking the expiry date… My hand is raised. If yours is too, it’s time to clear out those cupboards and that fridge. What don’t you use? What’s expired? Get rid of it.

In the process, consider organizing your spices if they aren’t already. It’ll save you stress and frustration during that next meal prep.

Set a Time Each Week to Cut up Healthy Snacks & Make a Space to Keep Them Handy

If we’re being honest, healthy does take work. It’s not exactly convenient or fast food. But you can make it that way. Cut up a few snacks ahead of time. Have them ready to go. Get in the habit of doing this every week and you’ll never go hungry (or hangry) again.

If You’ve Got the Money to Spend, Grab a Few New Appliances

If they are causing you stress, and you can afford it, get rid of any old ones! Consider investing in an air fryer or a blender that makes it easy to create smoothies and homemade soups, colour-match your appliances so that it makes you feel like you’re living in a Pinterest dreamscape.

Look into Healthy Food Swaps!

Can you trade sour cream for yogurt? What about whole wheat bread as opposed to white? Vegetables and fruit as opposed to candy and crackers? Make those changes gradually. Or if you’re ready to go all in on that health and wellness lifestyle, go through your cupboards and get rid of that garbage food that you don’t want to put in your body.

Done and done!

Then organize those foods, nuts & seeds into clear jars with labels.

This looks cute and keeps your kitchen organized - all in one go. You could also easily buy these jars at your local dollar store, meaning it’s entirely affordable.

Plus, a wellness lifestyle is all about being organized. Get rid of that mental clutter and extra weight.

Put out a Fruit Bowl

Make those healthy foods more accessible for yourself and others who may be lingering for a midday snack. Additionally, a fruit bowl is where it’s at because it adds a natural flash of colour in your kitchen in the same way that a bouquet of flowers would.

Makeover Your Kitchen Today!

The key is to avoid over-complicating it. Set aside a few hours and make these small but impactful changes.

Trust us - you’ll notice a difference. Make healthy and wellness living convenient. That way, you’ll be more likely to stick with it. The best you will be able to shine through and ultimately, you can start living your best life.

Want to learn more? Read up on how to get healthy on a budget!

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