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Article: Embrace the Power of Nature During the Cold Season

Embrace the Power of Nature During the Cold Season

Embrace the Power of Nature During the Cold Season

Brrrrrrr! From the first day of winter to the last, this season brings a variety of things on both the positive and negative spectrum.

One thing it undoubtedly brings for many of us is cold weather. Out come the heaters, blankets, mittens, woolly hats and other assorted insulators designed to keep us warm while we shiver our way through the frosty months.

Mother Nature tends to be at her most beautiful in the winter; whether you experience ice, frost, and snow or just a drop in temperature, wintry weeks can be spectacular to behold. For many, the trees form the appearance of ice sculptures and ponds freeze over into glacial tranquillity.

Despite its beauty, the winds of winter are not for everyone. It’s a sad fact that mental setbacks - like seasonal affect disorder - and physical issues - like flared up chronic pain - can leave us isolated and unable to connect.

Connecting to Nature When It’s Cold Out

Nature in winter can bring greater self-awareness and moments of clarity. Part of the reason for this is because of the solitary aspect; the summer brings floods of people who want to enjoy the sunshine, but winter usually keeps everybody indoors. Embracing nature during the cold season often means having a lot of space and time to yourself with little to no distractions.

So how to embrace nature during the cold season? Winter is full of solitude but it doesn’t have to be a time of hibernation! With a little creativity and practicality, it can be just as enjoyable outdoors as it is indoors. Below are some tips to make the winter season work for you while you enjoy and learn from the power of nature.

Dress appropriately

It is undoubtedly the most obvious and important one, but if you are going out in the cold, you need to ensure you are wrapped up warm! This especially rings true if you are particularly sensitive to the cold or you have arthritis. It’s important to dress for the weather; don’t worry about how you look.

Nature doesn’t care about that. So you shouldn’t either, care only that you are safe, well and ready to explore the wonders of the outdoors!

Plan a trip to a winter destination

Planning a winter holiday is such a fantastic way to enjoy nature in the winter as it gives you something to look forward to and can provide some unforgettable experiences. If you are in the northern USA or Canada, you could try the Rocky Mountains with their spectacular scenery and array of activities! For others, getting to somewhere with beautiful scenery is a must: like Iceland with its stunning hot springs and spectacular view of the northern lights.

Winter does not mean having to take a trip to a sunny country to escape it; in nature, each season has its own special perks.

Winter meditation

Meditating out in the cold may not seem much fun, but when done properly, it can be a wonderful experience. Wrapping up warm and a simple trip to the park is enough. The sight of a frozen pond with the sunlight glistening down on it creates a beautiful scenery of tranquillity, almost magical in its vision.

The absence of others also means there is less sound to distract you. Alternatively, if you live in a place without snow, you can simply sit in the garden, close your eyes and let nature wash over you. Let the cool air ground you with nature!

Bring nature to you

If you really feel you cannot go outside during the cold months, you could always bring nature to you instead! Fill your home with flowers, find some paintings with naturistic landscapes and hang them up, and place crystals on the mantlepieces.

Nature is all around and there is more than one way to spend time with it.


Winter doesn’t have to be a time of thinking, “Oh no, it’s time for the cold season!” We can still enjoy nature in all its beauty and benefits if we adjust ourselves a little to our surroundings. So, how can you connect during the winter? Try the tips above and view winter as an opportunity for tranquillity, reflection, and adventure.

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