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Article: A Meditation to Find Your Inner Happiness

A Meditation to Find Your Inner Happiness

A Meditation to Find Your Inner Happiness

Have you been feeling happy lately? Whatever you answered, there’s always more space for joy. Today, we’ve got an easy, simple meditation for happiness that will help lift your mood and re-fill your energetic reserves.

Meditation allows us to create positive energy. When we focus on positive images, our body starts to generate positive emotions which regulate how we feel. Do you remember that physics law from school that states ‘objects that are in motion stay in motion?’ This applies to energy too; energy keeps moving at a consistent frequency until it’s interrupted by friction or an obstacle.

Our brains are constantly generating energy and meditation allows us to set the direction that energy will go. Today we are keeping it simple because happiness, at its core, is actually the simplest, purest experience. Think about how happy you are when someone spends $10 to buy you flowers. Think about how happy you are when you bite into a delicious cupcake. Those simple moments - like getting a kiss from a puppy or having a baby fall asleep in your arms are admittedly very simple.

On that note, let’s get to it. Happiness awaits!

Part 1: Prepare for Meditation

If you’re in the middle of a busy day and want to do this happiness meditation, it’s going to be much more effective if you spend a short amount of time preparing for your meditation. This will allow you to get into a deeper meditative state and reach the subconscious mind.

To prepare for meditation, make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Sit on the floor, in a cross-legged position with your back against a wall if you need some back support. You can also sit on a chair with your feet on the floor. It can help to do your meditation with bare feet wearing loose comfortable clothing if possible.

If you can, play some relaxing meditation music that is calming and instrumental. Before you sit to start your meditation, turn your phone to silent so you won’t be interrupted and let anyone that might disturb you know you need a few minutes of quiet time. Of course, it’s always helpful to light some incense or candles and dim the lights to help induce a relaxed state through your senses.

If you really have some time, take a shower before meditation so you feel fresh and clear before you begin. Grab your journal, a pen, and a blanket to drape around your shoulders to keep yourself warm.

Let’s get started!

Part 2: Breathe to Relax

Now it’s time to calm the loud brain so we can find stillness. To relax our nervous system, start to breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose for five seconds, hold the breath in for five seconds and then slowly let the air out of your nose for a count of five. This slow breathing technique enhances relaxation, so any muscle tension can start to release. Continue breathing in this way for one minute, focusing entirely on the sound of the breath. The breath sound is soothing to the ear and allows us to focus on the present moment instead of feeling anxious or planning out our day.

Now take a powerful breath in your nose filling your lungs completely and letting your chest raise a few inches. Notice your belly expands as the lower lungs fill out. Then do a cannon fire exhale through pursed lips. Imagine you’re clearing negative thoughts as the air leaves you. Repeat this strong breathing four more times, feeling all your negativity being blasted away from you. Now take a moment and notice how much more calm you already feel and we haven’t even done the meditation. Do you see how important the preparation is?

Part 3: Launch Into Happiness

Now that the body is ready, it’s time to do the guided meditation for the mind. During this part, you will continue to breathe slowly and deeply to keep yourself relaxed. Close your eyes. Bring your focus to the brow point between your eyebrows. Envision yourself sitting in a one-person rocket ship. The outside is painted colorfully and you are about to launch into happiness.

When you leave the negativity, you will feel a sense of being elated, you’ll feel lighter and even start to smile uncontrollably. When you’re ready to launch into happiness you will press a large green button on the dashboard of your ship. The count down has begun. You will be leaving negativity and entering a positive atmosphere in five, four, three, two and one. You press the button and feel the power of the rocket behind you.

You are being lifted from all your negative thoughts, all your worries are left behind as you enter a new world. You have prepared to enter into happiness and now you are here. Feel the excitement as you sense the positive energy in the atmosphere. Feel how your stomach has a sense of the good things to come. Start to look around and see all the happy images in your new world.

There are people laughing, money is flowing and friends are hugging. There are flowers, puppies, soft pillows and delicious foods. What else do you see? Notice how everyone in this world is loving and you feel welcomed. You are inspired to be kind and share the gifts you have brought in your rocket ship. As you step out of your ship, you are entering into this world where happiness is everywhere and it’s felt in every molecule.

Wrapping Up

Now take a moment to write down all the things you see in this world as you look around in your mind’s eye. This happy joyful place has so much to see! Now observe that list for a moment. Aren’t these things in your world? Notice how when you shift your focus to the happy things, the simple things, it’s easy to feel happy? You had it in you all along. All it took was a slight shift in focus, a little relaxing and some trust that we could help you find what is within you. Take three deep breaths so slowly bring yourself back into the room.

This at-home meditation will be even more effective and long-lasting if you do it for the next month. Get in that rocket ship every day and you’ll keep remembering to focus on happiness to feel it. You can also feel that you’re in your rocket ship when you’re sitting in your car, sitting at the kitchen table, at your desk or watching your favorite show. It’s always possible to launch into happiness!

We bet you’re feeling pretty good after that fun meditation - so why not share the vibes by sharing this article with a friend? Keep coming back to our online community for inspiration and when you’re feeling down, come to us to find your way back to simple happiness and we will help remind you that you have it in you.

You can search our website by topic and find helpful lifestyle tips for all the different things you might be going through. Thank you for being a part of our online community!

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