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Article: Moving Emotions: What is Kama Muta?

Moving Emotions: What is Kama Muta?

Moving Emotions: What is Kama Muta?

Do you remember the last time that you felt so connected to someone or something, a pet, the Universe, a loved one, that you felt moved by that love? Perhaps moved to tears, so beautiful is the sensation of feeling at one with someone or maybe even everyone.

There are some feelings in life that we have all experienced, but that aren’t well-captured through the use of language.

What is Kama Muta?

Kama muta is Sanskrit for a feeling that can best be described as “being moved by love.” This term represents that sudden feeling that you are at one with something, perhaps a lover or the stars. It’s a feeling of connection that runs as deep as the oceans.

Think about the cutest, smallest, fuzziest kitten you’ve ever seen. Now imagine that it runs over to you, crawls into your lap, and begins to purr. Your whole body is filled with a sensation that you’ve never loved any creature so much, and it takes all of your power to stop yourself from squeezing that kitty because all that love might make you squeeze too hard. That’s the feeling of kama muta.

Imagine your partner knows that you’ve had a rough week and surprises you with breakfast in bed, aware that you have a big meeting in the morning and need all the energy you can get. You are so touched by their love for you and their willingness to try to help you through this rough patch that it feels like your heart grows at least five sizes bigger. That’s the feeling of kama muta.

Kama muta can come in many surprising shapes and forms. For instance, you may even feel kama muta when exposed to a piece of music or art that you find particularly moving.

Signs of Kama Muta

There are six tell-tale signs that kama muta has occurred:

  1. It is evoked by the feeling of sharing and connection between two people.
  2. The feeling is brief.
  3. The feeling is pleasant and intense.
  4. It is often accompanied by physical sensations, such as butterflies in the stomach.
  5. The feeling promotes more acts of kindness, love, and sharing.
  6. It is often described using phrases such as, “being moved,” or “being touched by the spirit,” and terms such as, “heart-warming,” “touching,” and “tender.”

Kama Muta & Love

While kama muta is closely related to love, they are not one and the same. Love is an emotion or feeling that builds slowly and endures, while kama muta can happen in an instant. However, kama muta is often present during the process of falling in love.

When you kiss someone for the first time and feel a surge of butterflies in your stomach, weakening the knees, that feeling is kama muta.

Some people even feel second-hand kama muta, experiencing intense feelings of nostalgia and tenderness towards the love expressed by someone else to someone else. This most often occurs when watching television or movies, as the audience may easily empathize with the characters of their favorite show.

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How to Foster Kama Muta

If you want to experience being moved by love more often, there are many things you can do.

Chakra Balancing

Balancing your chakras can clear blockages and negative energy, freeing your body and your mind to experience the emotions that rest within you. It is especially important to focus on the Heart chakra, which regulates our sense of love and connection. Working with green stones can help open this chakra, like malachite, peridot, and fluorite.

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone that is known for its ability to promote unconditional love and empathy. Working with rose quartz will help open your heart to new possibilities, allowing you to sense and experience all of the love swirling around you at any given moment. Carry rose quartz in your left pocket throughout the day to increase your heart’s ability to swell and be moved.


Meditation can help you set your intentions and bring harmony to the body. Meditation is also a great way to balance the chakras and work with positive affirmations. You may meditate on thoughts like, “I see and feel the love around me, and it moves me.”


Writing about your experiences with love and connection in the world is a great way to foster even more love and connection. Write about the people that you’re grateful for or the experiences in life wherein you have felt moved by love. Journaling is also another great way to focus on positive affirmations, writing out the ways in which you give and receive love.

Opening Yourself to Kama Muta

One of the easiest ways to allow kama muta into your life is to open your heart to the idea and invite it. Ask the Universe to send you feelings of connection that run so deep that you feel physically and emotionally moved; the Universe will deliver faster than you think.

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