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Article: A Meditation to Stop Self-Sabotage Cycles

A Meditation to Stop Self-Sabotage Cycles

A Meditation to Stop Self-Sabotage Cycles

With this meditation, you’ll be able to move forward with self-knowledge about how you may have blocked success and happiness out of fear in the past. This meditation will help us see behaviors that we fall into without realizing it that either bring unnecessary negativity into our life or limit our view of what we are capable of.

It will help you to use the rest of the cold weather time to heal some of your own patterns of self-sabotage so you can spring towards your dreams with a sense of deeply realized confidence. There are infinite possibilities when we remove the patterns that make us feel stuck.

Meditation Preparation

The depth you’re able to meditate depends greatly on how you prepare for the meditation. Don’t rush into your meditation or you will more than likely also rush through the whole thing and miss the juicy goodness that it can really offer your soul.

To get yourself prepared to meditate, it’s a great idea to take a hot bath and put on clean clothes. This helps you feel fresh and so that you’re not bringing the thoughts of the day, or worries, with you into your meditation. You will also want to grab a journal and a pen to take some notes after the meditation.

If you have some incense, light it up to help set a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, playing some relaxing meditation music and dimming the lights can also help. Maybe light some candles as well. Silence your cell phone and put it somewhere you won’t be tempted to pick it up or look at it during the meditation.

Finally, either sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor or sit on a cushion in a cross-legged position. Sit tall and begin to slow and deepen your breath to relax. Breathe deeply through your nose for a few minutes before you begin the meditation.

Meditation to Heal Self-Sabotage


You will now begin the meditation. Breathing slowly still and count backward from five to one. This will put you into a deeply relaxed and meditative state. With your eyes closed, visualize an empty castle. You walk into this castle and notice there is one thing still in this large building.

A table with a book on it. It’s curious that this huge place would have just one item in it. It is as if this book contains such value that the castle was constructed for it. This castle has been protecting the book of your self sabotaging patterns. We will first go and look in this book. Each page contains a picture of one self-sabotaging behavior you have. Today you will only look at three pages. The most important ones will be shown to you.


It is now time to see the first self-sabotaging behavior you have which relates to your relationships. How do your words, attitudes, or thoughts cause negative energy between you and other people? Remove the page from the book, look at it. See how this image you see has been blocking you from greater levels of happiness. How could you replace this behavior with a more positive behavior?

Do not allow yourself to feel guilty, this is a healthy, self-empowering action.


It’s now time to see the second self-sabotaging behavior you have which relates to your energy and health. How do your food choices, your choice of physical movement, or your sleep habits affect your personal health? Remove the page from the book, take in the image you see that represents the self-sabotaging pattern.

Now allow yourself to think about a more positive behavior that can replace this one and give you more energy in the future.


We have just one more page to look at today. This one represents a self-sabotaging behavior that blocks you from pursuing your dreams. How does fear, your upbringing, your environment, or your view of yourself block you from really stepping into the version of yourself you know lives underneath the fear? Remove this page and observe it.

Now having this wisdom, allow yourself to see what positive view you can implement into your core beliefs that will allow you to feel positive, empowered, and excited about following your dreams.

Purge & Breathe

You will now turn and walk outside of the castle where there is a large bonfire, place each of the pages into the bonfire to signify the end of each self-sabotaging behavior. The very root of the behavior and where it began also is burned by this magical fire. Feel the energy of that pattern being purged. You are always able to return to this castle which holds your limiting beliefs and behaviors and purges them. You have done something very great for your soul’s progress today.

Give yourself credit for facing this part of yourself. To bring yourself back to your room, count up from one to five then take a deep breath and open your eyes.

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To capture the benefits you’ve just found in a meditative state, write down the patterns you’ve released and the more positive behaviors you saw related to relationships, health, and your dreams. Write down anything else that came to mind, whether it’s something you found difficult, an experience that surprised you, or something you want to remember. Keeping this journal will help you see how much you grow and help you keep track of what you want to continue to work on.

If you think of more patterns during the day you want to use the meditation for, jot them down throughout the day. Also if you feel blocked in any area of your life, you can write that down in your journal and use the meditation to help you find the pattern that is blocking you. This empowering meditation can be done daily or when you feel you need to recenter and want to get back in touch with your sense of optimism.

Each time you do the meditation, it will help you feel that feeling of coming to life again. It will help you shift from a state of decay or inner-winter, and into a state of growth or inner-spring.

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