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Article: 10 Affirmations for Career Success in 2021

10 Affirmations for Career Success in 2021

10 Affirmations for Career Success in 2021

Many of us are facing some uncertainty in our careers due to the pandemic.

Career success affirmations can help us focus on positive outcomes to continue growing and enjoying what we spend so many waking hours doing. Reciting affirmations regularly will create new ways of thinking that lead to a real actualized change in any area of life.

Career affirmations can help you land that job you’re interviewing for, have a good attitude in a job you already have, help you build confidence to change fields, and find what true success means to you.

We’ve created career affirmations that target specific outcomes so that you can choose which one really matches what you want.

How to Use Your Career Success Affirmation

The way you use affirmations will make a big difference in how effective they are for your success. Plan to make room in your mind for the affirmation you choose as if it’s going to get the lead role in the play of your life for a while.

Build some excitement around the outcome you will achieve when the affirmation works to be actively excited about and looking for the changes to manifest.

To use the below career affirmation you choose, you can:

  • Create a sticky note and hang it on your refrigerator.
  • You can write it on your bathroom mirror.
  • Make it your desktop screensaver.

Picture yourself mentally reciting the affirmations when you’re taking a walk, driving to work, doing the dishes, and tell yourself to do this each time you have some downtime.

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10 Career Success Affirmations

1. “I create momentum in my career by taking action each day.”

This affirmation will help you see that you are much more in control of how things go for you. When you see the results from the actions you take, you will feel your confidence soar.

When you become more confident, you will start to be able to manifest more success.

2. “I can start a new venture if I feel compelled by my heart.”

This affirmation can get you in touch with the right to live by your soul and help you see your personal true path to happiness. 

If you have had trouble making decisions independently, this is the affirmation for you.

We are much more successful when we love what we are doing.

3. “I can use positive energy to create new opportunities.”

If you feel stuck in the mud so-to-speak, this will help you start to see new options for yourself. It can also help people offer you new responsibilities because positive energy is valuable in all fields.

It can help your relationships at work and in your network as well.

4. “My success is about having a purpose, not about how much money I make.”

This can help you align with a sense of satisfaction much deeper than your paycheck. The true feeling of success is spiritual and not monetary. 

This will help you feel motivated to succeed through meaningful work or see your work in a new light.

5. “Every ‘no’ is one step closer to a ‘yes’ in my career.”

This will help you go with the flow and trust that there is a greater plan at work. Then, when you keep your energy up and continue to build momentum, you will learn a lot about how persistence pays off.

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6. “I don’t have to control every aspect of my career to find it fulfilling.”

Even when things don’t seem to be going your way, it doesn’t mean you’re not in the right place. This will help you keep a bird’s eye view and not attach to any one moment so you don’t get frustrated and can continue to focus on growth.

7. “Anyone would be lucky to have me as an employee.”

This can help remind you of your inherent worth as a human being and keep you from accepting the wrong opportunities. 

You will feel when you’re valued and know you can find the right thing.

8. “I can learn new skills. I am capable of growth.”

This can help you fuel your motivation to change. It can help you see new possibilities and let the winds blow you towards something you love.

9. “My career is about the journey, not the destination.”

This can help you enjoy the journey so that each day is filled with success instead of just the day of your retirement. 

This can help you see that each task is a success in and of itself.

10. “I am worthy of a career where I am valued and treated equally.”

This can help you step into positions where you have more responsibility or ask for what you deserve. 

In addition, this can help you overcome low self-esteem that may be subconsciously holding you back from success.

Are You Ready to Welcome Career Success?

When you really commit to using the affirmation you choose, you will see results. Just as you would clear out room in your closet if you wanted your partner to move in, it’s time to start planning for your success to manifest.

Start thinking about what your life is going to feel like with success. Think about how you feel when you wake up and feel a sense of ease throughout the day.

Dressing for success on the outside, preparing yourself with information, and preparing your mind for success are all pieces of the energetic puzzle.

You’re ready to manifest success now that you have this last piece!

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