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Article: How to Bring Your Yoga Studio Practice Into Your Home

How to Bring Your Yoga Studio Practice Into Your Home

How to Bring Your Yoga Studio Practice Into Your Home

Have you been missing going to the yoga studio? Let us help!

Whether you are still on stay-at-home orders or just not feeling up to being at the yoga studio quite yet, we have some simple tips to help you maintain your practice - by bringing your yoga practice into your home!

What is it that we love about being in a studio to practice? Well first, we have an expert guiding us, so we just have to pay attention and get in the flow. Then there is that amazing relaxing feeling at the very end and the ‘yoga high’ where you feel all blissed out after class.

Of course, there’s also the sense of community and for some of us, being in an extra hot room helps us detox!

It might feel easier to get a full hour flow in when you’re with other people. But for beginner yoga students, when you don’t know the moves, and there aren’t other people around, it’s just not the same. Today, we’re going to help you bring all the goodness of the yoga studio into your home - so you can still enjoy your practice.

Let’s Bring Your Yoga Studio Into Your Home!

Here are some creative DIY yoga studio ideas to get the feel-good vibes and health benefits of yoga back into your life starting today from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re feeling like pulling your hair out because you’re bored or having trouble with stillness, simply adding a yoga practice to your day is going to help you lock into that zen-like quality that brushes away the tense feelings and helps you feel happy again.

Set Up a Room Like A Studio

Just like a set on a stage, the more it looks like the real thing, the more it feels like the real thing. Clear a space and add some yoga vibe decorations like candles, your mat, props, and calming music. An uncluttered space will make a big difference in your ability to relax and go within just like you do in class. Taking this time to make your own special yoga space can make a big difference in your motivation to actually do yoga as well.

Bring in a plant, crystals, and art that makes you feel inspired or anything that makes it feel like a place where you can unwind. You could even set up space outside on the porch or in the backyard.

Turn Up Your Heat For A Heated Flow

For that hot yoga effect, you can temporarily heat up your room to 85 or 90 to get your sweat flowing and help loosen up those muscles. If you want to do your own thing, find some groovy music that inspires you and don your favorite stretchy pants to get into your at-home yoga groove.

You may even find it nice to practice during the hottest time of day outside to get some vitamin D as well. Once you’re ready to cool off, turn the heat off ten minutes before you’re done with your class online or when you want to finish and the room will start to cool down. It can help to turn on a fan and open the windows as well.

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Find An Online Instructor

If you had a favorite instructor that you would go to every Tuesday night, see if they are offering Facebook live, Zoom, or other streaming classes online. You may be able to still practice with the same teacher who you are already used to! The nice thing about online classes is that you don’t have to stress about being late and you can do it on your own time.

If you’re having trouble creating a sequence that lasts a full hour or are not sure which moves to do first, no worries! Just let the experts guide you safely through a class.

You can also choose the type of class you want whether it’s a slower moving restorative, a faster-paced Vinyasa, a spiritually inspiring kundalini, or even a hip opening focused Hatha class. Online classes are usually cheaper, they fit in your schedule because you can do them on your own time, and you have more options to choose from.

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Plan a Yoga Happy Hour or Yoga-Date

Can’t get motivated to do your yoga studio practice at home? Why not plan a yoga-happy hour with your friends to do it together or invite a friend to take an online class with you? Doing activities with other people helps hold us accountable for finishing a full hour. It’s also more fun!

There are so many instructors who are conducting online classes right now!

If you want to plan the yoga happy hour, have one person play a yoga video so everyone can follow along or have one person lead. You can also find a streaming class and follow along with a friend who is in your house or you can both promise each other you will do it at the same time and then check in with each other.

Use Essential Oils To Help You Focus and Relax

Yoga studios have a way of making us feel ultra-calm and focused. Often times we don’t realize that a part of the amazing ambiance is the scent in the room. If you diffuse essential oils, it can help you get into your flow and let your mind slow down.

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful memory-recall triggers, so if you find a scent that reminds you of your studio, even better. You’ll feel like you’re there.

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Plan it Into Your Day

Having so much time at home is not something we are used to, so structuring our day with a schedule can help us make sure we are able to get the little things that make us feel good done while also helping us limit the things that might not make us feel so good like binge-watching television or overeating.

Make a time to do yoga each day or perhaps split it up into a morning and an evening session to really amp up those positive vibes.


We know that stress is a part of this global pandemic and yoga is one of the most effective methods to quickly help us release and handle stress. The release of endorphins can help us stabilize our mood, boost our immune system, and allow us to feel optimistic.

When life makes us feel like we are under pressure, yoga, and the breathing that is such a big part of it, will help us relieve that pressure without requiring us to spend money.

Keeping our practice going while we are at home can help us keep the habit going in our life so that when the studios are open again, we are able to jump right back in.

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