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Article: How to Turn Your Living Space into a Meditation Den

How to Turn Your Living Space into a Meditation Den

How to Turn Your Living Space into a Meditation Den

When you come home after a hard day’s work or a stressful encounter outside, the last thing you want is to experience more stress when you finally get back to your living space. Anything from a messy room to disagreeable companions can be enough for you to tear your hair out.

The key is in creating a living space that emanates peace, prosperity and harmony. The effects of stress can be overwhelming, leading to mental problems such as anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, as well as physical ailments such as high cortisol levels, extra weight gain and fatigue. By creating a living space that can be your own special safe haven, your brain will naturally associate it with the de-stress’ area of your life and it can be the place where you relax and unwind, removing stressful energy from your system.

Combining it with meditation is what makes the personal stress-free living space even more special. But how to do it? It could be that your peaceful living space may not be a permanent thing; you may need to place objects there whenever you want to unwind. And that is totally fine. Your meditation den may also not be an entire household - it may just be a room or even outdoors. Let your intuition guide you to where your den should be.

Now, how about the things you need to turn your living space into a meditation den?


The power of plants and flowers cannot be underestimated. Flowers and plants trigger our happiness chemicals so just being around them can instantly de-stress us – the almighty power of nature! Bring a few plant pots and flowers into your meditation space and let them work their magic.


Music is very important for the meditation den. Finding meditation music that is right for you is essential prior to forming the meditation den. Some prefer ethereal, angelic music; others like shamanic music with beating drums; some like music with binaural beats and others even prefer guided meditation. Find the one that clicks with you and then prepare to play this music or guided meditation whenever you ready yourself to relax in your den. You may even like simple nature sounds, such as running water or rain.


Lighting is a quintessential part of the meditation den. Ambient lighting can have a powerful effect on the senses and automatically promote greater relaxation. Salt lamps are one particularly powerful form of lighting that can create an ethereal atmosphere and encourage regeneration. (Though keep salt lamps away from pets, as they might like to have a lick when you’re not looking! The salt from the lamp is toxic to animals). Other relaxing types of lighting are silk-flame lamps and traditional candles. (Always take precautions with real candles and never leave them unattended).


Crystals have many beneficial and healing properties; the more crystals in your meditation den, the merrier! Place them around your lamps, near your plants and flowers, around you, in grids near the door – anywhere you can think of. Crystal energy works best when it is in an atmosphere that is not charged with heavy feelings or negative vibes. Some great crystals to add to your meditation den are amethyst, celestite, angelite, lepidolite, fluorite and blue lace agate; all of these have healing properties and are particularly good for warding off or absorbing stressful energies.

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Tea is an incredibly healing beverage and also fantastic for winding down and calming the mind. Herbal teas such as chamomile, rose, mugwort, peppermint and fennel have a potent effect on the mind and can help ease away any stress that stubbornly remains. Likewise, green tea, white tea and oolong tea all have positive effects. Bring a brew with you to your meditation den and take a sip every now and then as you quietly meditate.

Comfy Cushions

Or anything comfy to sit on, really! When in a meditation den, it’s important to sit or lie on something that makes you feel comfortable, especially if you have been standing all day or sitting in a hard chair. Comfy cushions are a wonderful addition to your den; you may also like a soft mat to lie on.


This is entirely personal and up to you. Some people appreciate small statues of deities or angels in the den; others prefer not to have them. Deity and angel statues can help some people calm the mind even more and also help them tap into their intuitive side. White deity and angel statues can also bring a peaceful atmosphere to the den.


Creating your own meditation den is not difficult or time-consuming, but it can be incredibly helpful in helping you to combat stress or providing you with a place to escape to for a little while. Using the methods above can help you form your own den, but as with all things of this nature, much of it is entirely personal and the above are suggestions only. Go with what works for you and create your place of calm, peace and tranquillity!

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