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Article: Radiate From These Simple Breathing Techniques

Radiate From These Simple Breathing Techniques

Radiate From These Simple Breathing Techniques

Radiance is the most universally attractive type of beauty and we want to share two fun breathing techniques that will make you feel and look great!

Breathing is free, easy, and lifts your spirits. Breathwork fills can fill us with energy and keeps our skin healthy because of the extra oxygen flowing in the blood. These breathwork techniques have been around for thousands of years, and thanks to the internet, we can share these secrets with you!

For a Detox: Curled Tongue Breathing

Sit in a cross-legged position with your spine straight. Adjust your neck so it’s in line with your spine and be sure you’re not hunched over. Curl your tongue and breathe in powerfully through your curled tongue and out of your nose. Do this for three minutes.

You may taste a metallic flavour in your mouth which indicates you are detoxing. The flavour will eventually turn sweet!

Make the breath powerful and you will cleanse on a deeper level. This breathwork technique works best if you do it for 40 days in a row. You’ll find your skin becomes clearer and softer, and you’ll watch your energy go up. When the body is starved for oxygen, the blood becomes viscous and we get tired. This technique is called Sitali Pranayam and it’s great to clear the toxins from holiday festivities if you need to!

To Clear the Aura: Fists of Anger Breathing

Have you ever seen those paintings of saints with the halo around their head? This is what yogis call the arcline of the aura. Images of saints are often depicted with a glowing arcline because they have a high frequency and thus more prana in their aura. This is how they heal others - their high vibration lifts the energy of those around them. Now, you’re wondering how this relates to you, right?

One of the common kundalini yoga daily practices is called Fists of Anger. It clears the negative energy from your aura through a powerful breathing technique combined with arm movement. Start by sitting on your heels and making fists with your fingers (covering your thumbs). Begin a backstroke movement so your forearm moves over the top of your head, one arm at a time. As you do this, make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth and make a powerful cannon fire breath, keeping your mouth open and breathing only through the mouth. Continue this movement and breathe for three minutes while you bring up and release all your anger.

Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire is a simple breathing technique is used in many lineages of yoga. Breathing is popular in martial arts and many eastern healing modalities like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and many forms of meditation. In order to radiate, we need to clear our chakras of negative energy as well as the aura which interacts with our environment. One way to blast the aura clean and push out negative energy so you can attract positive experiences using the Law of Attraction is a simple technique of daily Breath of Fire.

Within 50 seconds of doing this, your entire blood chemistry will change and you’ll feel more energy. After 11 minutes of diligent rhythmic breathing, you’ll probably feel high as a kite!

Sit in a cross-legged position, making sure your spine is straight and your chin is back so your neck lines up with your spine. Place your palms face up in your lap and begin to exhale forcefully through your nose, allowing your inhale to happen naturally. As you exhale, snap your belly in and your belly will naturally expand when the inhale happens. Just keep putting the emphasis on the exhale and get into a steady rhythm. It doesn’t have to be super intense, but just try to do one steady consistent breath, as if it never stops.

Concluding Thoughts…

If you have a lot of toxic energy buildup, breathwork can make you a bit nauseous at first. If you are in a detox process, sometimes people feel tired or flu-like as the toxins release for a week or so. You will get through that initial phase, and if you’re feeling it, it means it’s doing something! Be sure to drink lots of water to continue the cleansing process and ease any uncomfortable symptoms.

We tend to breathe shallowly throughout the day because we have not trained ourselves to breathe deeply. When we are nervous, we often hold our breath without noticing, which puts our nervous systems into ‘fight or flight’ mode and releases adrenaline in our body, causing us anxiety. As often as you can, take slow, deep breaths, and not only will you radiate from the prana you’re bringing in, but it will make breathwork easier because the muscles in your ribs and around the lungs will strengthen, allowing you to take deeper breaths and do longer breathwork exercises without cramping or getting out of rhythm.

When I began a regular breathwork practice, after a few months I found my sense of optimism and energy return in full force. Breathing is, in many ancient traditions, single connection to spirit. Our lifeforce is in our breath, and when we consciously breathe, we connect to a deeper sense of who we are. The next time you feel off, just remind yourself to breathe using one of these techniques.

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