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Article: Blue Christmas: How to Overcome Holiday Loneliness

Blue Christmas: How to Overcome Holiday Loneliness

Blue Christmas: How to Overcome Holiday Loneliness

For many, Christmas is a special time of year, one where we can celebrate with friends and family and enjoy all the wonderful and exciting things that come with the festive season, whether it is exchanging gifts, enjoying a scrumptious meal or just generally basking in the warm spirit this season ultimately brings.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, not everyone is able to celebrate with those that they love. Christmas loneliness is very real and can be due to a number of reasons beyond social distancing, whether it be estrangement, bereavement, struggling with social anxieties, or anything else that separates us from our nearest and dearest. It can be hard watching the festivities going on around you and feeling unable to take part in the same kind of joy.

Christmas is a time for celebration and honoring this season of giving and kindness is one that we can all do, no matter our circumstances.

How to Deal with Being Alone for the Holidays

The weather may be cold, but we can keep our hearts warm. Keeping your heart warm is a classic “easier said than done” moment and this is where the power of the mind comes in. We first need to rewire our minds into a state of positivity, dispelling negativity, and focusing on the light that we can give and receive in equal measure.

Below are some ways we can deal with loneliness during Christmas time. Learn how to work to mitigate depression and loneliness during the holidays with the following methods. Have a read through them and see if they can help.

1. Decode the Loneliness

Coping with loneliness during the holidays can be a difficult feeling to uncover when it hits you. Take a moment to listen to our inner monologue and ask ourselves what elements are contributing to the loneliness we feel.

For example, is it possible that you are alone at Christmas because you struggle with social anxiety? It is common for those with social angst to turn down invitations at Christmas, but this can lead to regret and loneliness on the day itself. It is important to face your fears this holiday and take a chance on yourself.

Is it because you are far away from your family? Consider a video call while opening gifts or having dinner on Christmas.

2. Find Exciting Activities

Don’t let loneliness keep you from having some fun! Find safe things to do at Christmas that make you feel less lonely.

If you are someone who has been offered work from home at Christmas, take the opportunity and say yes. This will help keep you feeling occupied and productive. If you don’t have the option to work, then find work around the house. You can prepare for the forthcoming New Year and clean out the junk in the process.

If you’re not in the mood for busywork, perhaps treat yourself to a wintery walk with hot chocolate and holiday tunes or bake yourself some holiday treats. Loneliness is very often born out of having too much time to think. Keeping yourself constantly occupied is a good way of keeping negative thoughts at bay and feeling productive at the same time.

3. Volunteer During the Holidays

One of the most wonderful ways of dealing with Christmas loneliness and spreading goodwill at the same time. Volunteering looks a little different this year, but three are still lots of ways to volunteer your time or money to local organizations that need it.

This season is a great way of bringing joy to others who are less fortunate and you will feel wonderful knowing that you are giving your time and energy to those who need it most.

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4. Be the Greatest Company for Yourself

This may be the perfect time to decompress and find some happy solitude that allows you to enjoy the spirit of Christmas without needing others around us.

Buy yourself gifts, pamper yourself, dress up; take up a new hobby, watch your favorite films, cook a slap-up meal, work on an artistic project that you have always had on your mind but never got started on. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Tell yourself that you are your own best friend and no one is more worthy of love, kindness and Christmas joy than yourself.

If loneliness is something you are having difficulty coping with, then reach out to a loved one or take time to journal out your feelings. You are not alone, even if it may feel that way at times. You can also take this time to plan for future holiday’s so that next year you can ease the loneliness and have a better handle on the hectic nature of this time of year.

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5. Have a Video Chat Christmas Party

It’s time to fire up Zoom! If you are far away from your family or just can’t get together with loved ones during the holidays, set up a time where you can hang out and have some fun together.

You can even set up a gift exchange and watch each other open gifts or have Christmas dinner together.

In Conclusion…

Remember, being alone does not always have to result in loneliness. Embrace the Christmas spirit, no matter the circumstances.

By using one or more of the methods above, you can dissolve your loneliness and experience Christmas cheer in your life - and don’t be afraid to reach out to others if you need it.

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