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Article: 5 Mantras To Keep Your Holidays Calm & Bright

5 Mantras To Keep Your Holidays Calm & Bright

5 Mantras To Keep Your Holidays Calm & Bright

As you participate in holiday traditions, you can do so with a sense of magic that you create all on your own. The word mantra literally means a tool of thought and is the perfect way to send intentions into the universe. Make it your personal mission to use the power of affirmations to keep your energy twinkling while you navigate through holiday stressors.

Instead of worrying about stuff or letting things get under your skin, you can actually experience a magical holiday by building that holiday cheer from within. Try out these 5 affirmations to help bring out the holly jolly in your holiday season.

Stay Cheerful with These Holiday Affirmations

1. “All I need to do is be present and breathe.”

Here is a mantra to use when you feel overwhelmed, don’t know what to do first, or feel as if you just can’t complete everything you need to do. If you are feeling like you need to keep everyone happy, that’s just not the case because everyone is responsible for their own happiness and the stress you’re feeling is just because you think it’s your job. Use this affirmation to take the pressure off of yourself.

Woman wearing santa hat wrapping a present.

2. “I am a beacon of positive holiday cheer for someone near.”

Here is a mantra to use when you feel lonely, sad, or wish you could be someplace else for the holidays. If you’re finding yourself dreading being at work and wanting to be out on vacation, or wishing you had a knight in shining armor to whisk you away, this is the perfect mantra to help shift your energy and focus.

3. “When I’m true to myself, I help others be true to themselves too.”

Here is a mantra to help you keep healthy boundaries and feel your inner strength. This is great for people who have intimidating friends or family members who try to tell you how to feel or put you down because of their insecurities. This can help you feel confident to just be yourself and not have to be like everyone else.

4. “The love I give is more valuable than anything.”

This is a mantra to help you stop worrying about how you look or how many presents you give compared to others. If you’re finding yourself comparing your financial status, body, charm, or luck to others and just feeling competitive, this will help you shed those unhelpful thoughts.

Woman decorating tree.

5. “All that matters is that I send out love and kindness to others.”

This mantra is to help you feel positive regardless of what happens. That means if you find yourself stuck in because of snow, you can’t afford to fly to see your parents, or you don’t get the holiday bonus you hoped for, you can still enjoy the holidays. You have the power to shift your focus with this mantra.

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5 Fun Ways to Use Your Affirmations

Here are some fun ways you can incorporate these holiday affirmations into your day so that you get to experience the magic of mantras and really notice a difference.

1. Write one on a sticky note and put it on your desk

Place the mantras next to your computer screen so you can read them throughout the day when you’re sitting at your desk. Taking even thirty seconds to read all five will give you a boost of energy and shift your gloomy attitude into a state of wonder and joy.

Writing a sticky note to put on your desk. it is pink and the woman is wearing red nail polish and rings.

2. Remind yourself digitally

Create a phone alert that reminds you to focus on one of the mantras three times per day through the holidays. Just like we need consistent food, we also need consistent positive energy to stay on track.

3. On your bathroom mirror

Place your favorite holiday mantras on your mirror in the bathroom and say them each morning and night to bookend the day. Starting and ending the day with positive energy will build positive momentum and is a great habit to start this holiday season.

4. Morning repetition

Write the mantra that resonates the most with you twenty times each morning before getting out of bed. The repetition will help send your mind in a positive direction so that you begin on the right foot. You’ll see how it affects the entire day.

5. Share online

Share how your holiday affirmations are helping you on social media each day. When we share how our little techniques for positivity help us combat stress or negativity, we inspire others to find similar solutions. We also reinforce for ourselves how different our experience truly is.


In addition to these mantras, some simple ways to keep your holidays calm and bright are eating less sugar and processed food. When we focus on getting nutrient-dense food, our body has more energy which can reduce the fatigue that hits us if we aren’t getting good fuel.

With extra things crowding your mind and schedule, make your water intake a priority and you’ll find you wake up feeling much better each morning. Find some time to get in a brisk walk each day to help release endorphins and clear your mind.

Finally, go about your day in a relaxed way. Don’t rush but enjoy what you do when you’re doing it. This simple act of taking your time when wrapping gifts, baking, shopping, or driving, will significantly alter your experience and keep you merry!

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