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Article: 10 High-Vibe Affirmations to Help You Enjoy the Holidays

10 High-Vibe Affirmations to Help You Enjoy the Holidays

10 High-Vibe Affirmations to Help You Enjoy the Holidays

Feeling a little ho-ho-humbug about the holidays? Maybe you’ve already gotten off track on your budget or diet or maybe you’re dreading some of the obligatory holiday gatherings? Whatever your current holiday status, we can upgrade it!

Affirmations are a powerful way to enhance your attitude and emotional state and they create lasting habits that allow you to fear hopeful and positive about life. It’s not just a thought that has no real effect on your future either.

Thoughts become things - quite literally. Energy flows where attention goes. So, let’s activate some holiday cheer with some ho-ho-hopeful thoughts and see what magic your own inner light can bring!

Using daily affirmations is a simple technique that packs a big punch. And don’t just take our word for it - science backs this up, too! I’ve personally used affirmations to manifest, change my attitude, and live the life of my dreams.

P.S. - There’s something really powerful about writing your affirmations every morning and every night! If you want to make your own affirmations, go for it! Here are 10 to inspire you.

10 Super High-Vibe Holiday Affirmations

1. There is something extra special about this holiday season and I’m growing spiritually each day.

Look at this time as one to go within and find more loving thoughts about yourself and others. Find a deeper soul connection by gathering in meditation groups, reading spiritual books and drinking herbal tea while writing in your journal. Maybe you want to look up your astrology birth chart or get a reading from a healer to make this holiday season magical and spiritual.

2. I feel great, I look great, and my thoughts are super loving!

Use this affirmation if you find yourself worrying about how you look or comparing yourself to others. Everyone has a natural beauty from the energy that flows from within. When you say this affirmation take three deep breaths and it will cue your brain to reset to a positive wavelength. This affirmation can help you love your body and help others feel better about themselves when they are around you which is quite a gift to give.

3. I am a soul spreading light, like the ones strung on a Christmas tree.

Each time you see Christmas lights, let them remind you of the light that is within you that can lift the spirits of those around you. Think of Jolly old Saint Nick. He is known for his cheer and he rewards those who are good. Have this state of mind and you’ll attract lots of positive experiences. You can always focus on this affirmation to raise your vibration because when you focus on an altruistic intention, your emotional frequency goes up. This will help you find new friends and connect with people in a loving way.

4. I breathe in love and I breathe out fear.

This simple affirmation can help reduce anxiety that can come up around travel, family, love, and gifting. Whatever your mind is racing about, just use this affirmation and you’ll feel better. If we are fearing what could go wrong in a situation such as someone not liking a gift, a dress not fitting well or meeting our new crush’s parents, use this affirmation and you’ll feel your power return to you.

5. Every moment is an opportunity to create a soul-to-soul connection..

When you meet someone, look past the surface, into their eyes and sense the energy around them. Smile thinking, ‘I love you,’ and they will sense it on a subtle level. When we recognize the soul of a person, it gives them the ability to start to sense it. Offering a compliment about their energy or something positive you notice about their soul can be a life-changing moment they never forget. When we are complimenting to others about their good qualities, it can brighten their holidays and will help you feel connected to the world around you without spending a dime.

6. What matters is the love I give.

If you start feeling upset about something not going your way such as working on Christmas Eve like I did two years ago, focus on how you can give love and you’ll forget about your petty grievances. Whatever you think is such a big deal, chances are you are making a mountain out of a molehill and since we are just a soul here to spread love, we automatically feel better when we focus on giving love. Bake, send a card, make a phone call, get someone flowers or help them clean their house. Who needs some TLC this season and how can you show them they matter to you?

7. If I feel lonely, I send someone my love and support and forget about it.

Loneliness is actually just a disconnection from your soul purpose. Pick up a tarot deck to consult it about your purpose if you’re unsure. Journal about it and then do something kind for someone and you’ll no longer feel lonely. We are much more connected to others than that false sense of separation makes you feel. We are all one and our soul is the gateway to see it.

8. My soul has a purpose and I connect to it through meditation daily.

Do you need some soul time? Sometimes we feel off because we forget who we really are. Spend time in quiet meditation with a journal each morning and night even if you’re travelling and staying in someone else’s house. I love to sit with a cup of coffee and set my intention for the day to be in alignment with the highest good and ask my intuition what I need to know. Often at night, the intuition was right about the day and it’s like a hug from the universe.

9. The more I give, the better I feel.

Instead of focusing on the things that make us upset or allowing ourselves to hang out with people who feed our ego but leave us feeling empty, why not focus on being humble and helpful. It may not feel as invigorating or cause as much adrenaline to flow right away as you shift your social habits to find more wholesome uses of your time or healthy ways to live but when you aim to take care of others, you’ll find it’s also a lot easier to take care of yourself.

10. Someone needs my love today.

This someone might even be you! Have you gone for a walk lately or gotten any exercise? Have you eaten anything healthy like a good salad or smoothie? Is it time to get a new multivitamin and do some gentle stretching? What is your body asking for? Maybe some simple relaxation in a bubble bath? If you’ve been taking care of yourself, maybe you have some extra energy to offer someone who can use a boost today. If they pop into your mind, that’s probably the person that needs it. Send them a nice message. Pop over and say hi with a special treat or Facetime them and tell them a joke to get them laughing.

Concluding Thoughts…

I know some of these sentiments can seem over the top or corny, but truly, the majority of people will overeat, overdrink, and overspend this holiday season leaving them feeling bad about themselves and repeating a cycle of self-hatred that ensues starting with a new year’s resolution to lose weight. How about you just deepen that soulfulness that’s yearning to be fed within you, stay healthy, stay positive, and use these affirmations to think independently of the holiday craziness that gets people to do things that aren’t good for them?

I struggled with alcoholism myself, so I have a lot of understanding and compassion for people that feel fatigue, depression, food cravings, and loneliness during the holidays. I promise you, these affirmations really work - I’ve used them for all these things. We can overcome negative thinking and start to show up with more self-respect. If you’re spending time with people who don’t make you feel good about yourself, guess what, you don’t have to! Even if they’re people who you’ve always spent the holidays with or someone you’ve dated for a long time, if they don’t respect you, they don’t deserve you. Be your own boss and love yourself this holiday season, spread some love, and watch how the world you live in starts to show love back to you.

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