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Article: The Secret To Giving Your Manifestation Powers a TurboBoost

The Secret To Giving Your Manifestation Powers a TurboBoost

The Secret To Giving Your Manifestation Powers a TurboBoost

At the root of living a life of happiness, wellness, and fulfillment comes the practice of gratitude. When we are able to keep our focus more on the things that we do have and the gifts that surround us more than the things that may be lacking – we help to create positive thought patterns which result in more positive energy moving through our system.

The more positive energy and emotions moving through our system, the higher our frequency is. And then things get really fun, because the higher our frequency, the faster we are able to manifest more of the things we do want. At all times we are manifesting, because we are magic, you know? What we are thinking about is what we are getting mirrored back.

There is no denying having a gratitude practice is a core pillar living an abundant life; a few practices that you can use to step up or begin your gratitude practice include:

  1. Create a list of things you are grateful for every morning.
  2. Create a list of all the good things that happened or you received before you go to bed.
  3. When you experience something during your day that you enjoy, take a moment to pause as say “Yes. Thank you. More please”.

When we express our gratitude to the Universe and clarify what are the things that we enjoy, we help the Universe know what to send more our way. Remember, where focus goes energy flows, so we want to be mindful to keep our focus on things we enjoy and want to have more of in our lives.

Want to learn a way to turbo boost your gratitude practice and vibration?

Today, I let you in on a little secret.

An energy we can create that is even more powerful than gratitude is appreciation. Although they are very similar in their intention, they are different in the vibration they carry and here is why.

When we are appreciating something, it is active - it is alive in the now. Gratitude is amazing and I am not knocking gratitude. We tend to express gratitude for things once they have occurred and we are reflecting or is has already been processed. By stepping into an experience of appreciation- we are turning that gratitude switch on in the present moment and keeping that energy flowing through us.

I am going to invite you to do an experiment with yourself. Throughout your day, continuously point out to yourself (or to others) things are that you appreciate in the moment. This can include something in the environment, or maybe appreciation for something someone just said. Shoot, perhaps you share your appreciation for a person as a whole. You will most likely find you attract more things and scenarios to be able to appreciate. This practice is also amazing for deepening relationships with others because you open a door to be more vulnerable and sharing how much love there is between you.

I appreciate how powerful we all are and how we can cultivate more amazing things into our lives by choosing a lens of love, appreciation, and beauty. I’d love to hear how your Appreciation Challenge goes. Please do share via comment or contact me directly.

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