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Article: Back to Mindfulness: A Time-Travel Meditation To Shape Your Future

Back to Mindfulness: A Time-Travel Meditation To Shape Your Future

Back to Mindfulness: A Time-Travel Meditation To Shape Your Future

December 8, 2019 is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day! In honor of this day, we have created a meditation to help you get in touch with the past, present, and future.

If you have been feeling like you’re on autopilot or wanting to change your current life circumstances, this meditation will help you squeeze some more magic out of your energetic bank account. Infuse your life with change energy by doing this visualization to create your future.

If you’re familiar with the mindfulness culture buzz around ‘following your bliss’ it’s actually a condensed way to say, you succeed when you do what you enjoy. That covers all areas of our life including our love life, our work, and our health and friendships. Today the meditation covers those areas so you can do some real gardening to grow the life you actually want.

Meditation Preparation

Grab a pen and a journal. Find a space where you won’t be disturbed and silence your phone alerts. If possible, play some calming meditation music and dim the lights. This helps create an atmosphere that signals your brain to enter its creative state. Find a position where your body is the most comfortable, this could be sitting, standing, or laying down.

Start by taking a minute to breathe slowly in your nose and out of your mouth. This will relax your body and mind and put you into a more meditative state so all of your energy can focus on the guided meditation.

Relax your body on each exhale and just trust the process. Don’t worry about doing this meditation perfectly, keep a relaxed and light-hearted approach to your meditation.

Time-Travel through Meditation to Create Your Future


Now count from five to one slowly taking a deep in and out on each number. As you do this, see yourself transporting to a field.


This field will hold all the dreams of your future self and exists beyond time and space in the creative dimension of Universal soul consciousness. Everything you do here helps create your future. At one you find yourself standing in soil that is ready for planting, it’s full of nutrients and there’s plenty of space to plant.

As you look around, you see some dwindling crops that represent the ideas you used to have for your future or who you wanted to be. You can see those plants recycled to enrich the soil and give you more space to start fresh in this fertile soil where we are now going to create your future.

A beautiful idea is floating down from your soul now. This is the biggest goal you want the most in your life. This may surprise you and even if you don’t believe you can achieve it at this moment, plant it in the soil. It will grow here and you will start to see how to make it happen as you trust the process and infuse it with positive energy.


You now see an area for love, one for work, one for health and one for friendships. One at a time, a goal for the future in each of these areas of your life float down. You can plant them with love and visualize each of them starting to grow roots that connect throughout all of nature. Stand back and look at the five aspects of your future you have just set in motion. You have done great work for your soul here.

Nurturing this garden will be fun and a journey that will bring much inspiration. You can visit this field each day and nurture your dreams with sun and water. You can feel the essence of the dreams and hear what guidance lies between you and them.

Meditation Wrap-Up

Before you leave, sit in front of each dream you’ve planted and visualize yourself in this future. Notice how it makes you feel. Notice the physical sensation. Tuning into this, what does it feel like would be a way to bring this energy more into your waking life.

The feeling and the frequency will help you align with this. For example, to bring more stable love perhaps you feel like you should bring the energy of love and romance into your home decor. Whatever you sense, trust it. Write each feeling down for each dream in your journal.

Count yourself back from one to five slowly taking a deep breath on each number. This will bring you back into the room you’re in. This may have been very vivid for you or you may have struggled to see things in your mind’s eye. Keep practicing and you’ll find yourself able to relax more. Write down anything else that seemed significant in this meditation or that stood out to you.

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Does time really exist? Can we prove that the past exists? Can we prove that the future exists or is time a construct of the mind we all agree to? It’s hard for the mind to ask these questions but we’d like to propose that there are layers of truth within these questions and that you don’t have to know the answer to benefit from the technique of visualization.

We drive cars and fly in airplanes without understanding many complex physics calculations that go into their function. We also stay alive in bodies that have infinitely complex processes on a cellular and subatomic level that we don’t know consciously either.

You don’t have to be an expert on meditation to get a really significant result from this meditation either. The power of the mind is highly documented and when you focus all of that energy towards the future you truly desire, you’re calling things into your reality and helping to guide how you use your time and energy. Someone who takes the time to find their vision usually attains it. Those who have it clearly defined will get a more specific outcome, and those who focus on it consistently will see it manifest much more quickly.

Here’s one final note on finding the goals. If you struggle to find something you want for your future, align yourself with the intention to help, to be of service, to use your unique personality to make the world a better place. This allows your soul to stream its wisdom to you.

It also means that the goals have a higher vibration in Universal consciousness which means it will manifest easier! The more we align our lives with a loving intention, the more powerful our visualizations are.

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