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A woman faces away from the camera while showering. Her hair is filled with soap.

A Shower Meditation to Cleanse Negativity

Can’t get a moment to yourself? If you’re feeling stressed and want to get some good vibes flowing, what better place to find solitude and set your intention than in the shower?

We have come up with a simple meditation that will help you clean the energetic gunk out of your emotional body while you remove the real dirt from the day. It’s a perfect time to use the elements of nature to amplify your intention as well since you can choose bath products with natural plant oils that have energetically cleansing properties as well.

Meditating… in the Shower?

You may be thinking that meditation requires sitting but it’s not the case.

There is a long-standing tradition of walking meditation, tai chi is a form of moving meditation, and the practice of yoga teaches one to reach a meditative state at all times as you transition from one thing to the next.

The word yoga actually means ‘union’ or ‘connected’ and the highest form of yoga is said to be not something done on a mat but living in a meditative state as we go through the day so we are always able to regulate our emotions. In that light, the daily practice of showering can become how we practice our yoga as well when we look at the concept in it’s most pure form.

A Cleansing Shower Meditation to Help You Feel Clean & Bright

1. Ground Yourself

First, focus at your feet and feel them connected to the bottom of the shower and then feel the water hitting your skin and fall to the ground.

Notice the temperature and how it helps relax your body. This will help bring you into the present moment. Once you feel grounded, turn so the water can run on your back and take five deep breaths in and out of your nose.

2. Visualize

Visualize the water cleansing all the negative thoughts and energy that you’re holding in your energetic field. On each exhale, release the negative energy and the water washes it down the drain. Then simply turn and let the water run on your heart to remind you to live with an open heart. Run the water over your head to remind you to live with an open mind.

3. Cleanse Negativity

As you wash your body with soap, imagine you’re also clearing the remaining negative energy from your body. As you lather each part of your body, visualize this area filling with positive energy. You will probably feel a little buzz in each area as you focus on it because your mind actually sends energy. This also keeps your mind from going outside to what you’re planning for the day or things that happened in the past. It will replace worry with something that feeds you in a positive way and creates a positive pattern of thinking.

4. Set Your Intention

Finally, to seal the meditation and set your intention for the day, use this affirmation and feel it set the energy in every molecule in your body. Say it mentally or out loud three times, “I am charged with positive energy.” Notice how you feel and make it feel as if you’re stepping into a positive day as you step out of the shower.

Make Your Shower a Healing Oasis

You can do little things to make your shower a relaxing oasis that will recharge your spirit as well. Get rid of old bottles or luffas, keep it nice and clean, and use natural products that make bathing a healing ritual of self-love. When we take time to care for ourselves and give ourselves natural bath products that have no toxins and are good for the environment, it reminds us to be conscious and mindful of how we treat ourselves and the planet.

You can also bring fresh flowers, extra soft towels, a special bathrobe, and inspirational art into your bathroom to make it feel like a truly relaxing space.

Making the lighting warm, having a nice shower speaker that plays meditation music, and an essential oil diffuser can turn what was an average bathroom into a place you find your soul. If feeling peaceful, positive, and bright sounds like something you want, let your daily rituals get you there.

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Closing Thoughts…

Just as showering is something we do daily because it’s just so obvious how much better life is when we are clean, cleansing our negativity has the same very noticeable benefits that are able to truly make life better.

If you live with other people, you can still find that quiet time to yourself in the shower and get rid of many of the thoughts that can cause disagreements and tension between you and the other people in your home. This can also help you step into your workday with a more heart-centred approach.

To take this a little deeper, when we take the time to create positive energy we are able to attract the same energy in our lives.

Instead of rushing out the door with a sense of anxiousness, give yourself the extra time to feel harmony in yourself first. The law of attraction is based on the premise that how we feel inside is how we perceive the world around us, so if you use this shower meditation to feel peaceful instead of potentially unhappy about having to go to work, you will find that wherever your responsibilities take you during the day, you’ll bring that sense of contentment with you.

Namaste! Enjoy your new meditative tool.

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Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the "norms" of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It's led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor.... Read More

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