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Article: Your 30-Day Inner Healing Journey: A Checklist

Your 30-Day Inner Healing Journey: A Checklist

Your 30-Day Inner Healing Journey: A Checklist

There are many ways to approach your inner healing but today we will help you find a simple step-by-step approach. What if we told you that you could make major changes and see results from your inner healing journey in just 30 days?

That’s right, just one month of your life to make the changes you need to start on a path to wellness. So, let’s start by first defining what inner healing is.

What is Inner Healing?

This type of healing helps us rid ourselves of negative energy that may come from experiences, environmental influences, or unknown sources of stress.

Often times we feel off for many years before we begin our inner healing and things come to a head where we realize, something has to change. This may be a breakup, a depression, or even struggling with substances. Inner healing is a way to address your own thought patterns to see where your energy is generated, the type of energy being generated, how it affects your life now, and how you can change it to improve your life. Sounds pretty simple right?

Starting is the Hardest Part

Just like any new habit or lifestyle, what can be complicated is starting and keeping to it.

You may browse books or websites and feel lost reading the information or not know which online class will actually help you. You may find yourself sitting in a meditation class, a support group, or browsing the health food store vitamin aisle for something to help you feel better.

It’s not uncommon to feel lost and if you’re feeling like something needs to change, and feeling an inner longing to find a more positive state of living, this is going to help you do just that. Inner healing is for everyone and helps you bring balance to your mind, body, and soul.

It takes an average of 28 days to form a habit, so this is why we are challenging you to do these following exercises for 30 days and keep track of your results. Let’s begin!

Steps To Inner Healing

We have this simple inner healing checklist to help you take actions that will continue to help you in your personal development and inner healing. You’ll see that most of these actions are quite simple and require doing less, slowing down, and paying attention to your own energy in a more mindful way.

Set Aside 15 Minutes for Mindfulness

Just as you make time to work and eat, your inner healing journey is just as important and so your first step in this journey is to set aside time to work on your own happiness. The more we seek to understand happiness, the more we will be led towards the type of healing we need.

Take some time to meditate or enter a mindful state to spend time with yourself and your subconscious thoughts.

This means that your subconscious mind will help you resonate with the type of information you need when you need it. This first step is often what people don’t do or know they can do. You may start with 30 seconds or five minutes and take up to five hours if you’d like, just make sure you take some time each day for this.

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Read Once a Day

A wonderful way to start your inner healing to start to understand the words we use to describe the inner life of humans. There are words like ‘energy’ and ‘processing’ that may sound foreign when you pick up your first inner healing book but as you start to feel the pressure of your mind and emotions lift, you will start to understand the more subtle nuances of yourself that make such a big difference on your happiness.

So your next step is to find a book that you feel drawn to and start reading a little bit each day. Some great inner healing authors to start with are Gabrielle Bernstein, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dan Millman, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle.

If this type of book isn’t your thing do not worry, it doesn’t have to always be a wellness book. Just find something that makes your soul feel excited to flip to the next page.

Seek Out Community

One thing about inner healing is that it’s helpful to have people that you can relate to with similar goals and experiences. You can join a meditation studio, an online platform or group, or find a spiritual healing center with classes.

Being a part of the community of healing will help you feel you’re not alone and make the process fun. It can be easier to meditate in a group than at home and it’s a great way to start learning meditation. There are live video classes you can join or meetups in most places that will help you find a social group that is kind and nurturing for you on your journey.

Act Towards Changing Negative Habits

Make a list of the habits you know are probably causing stress or negativity in your life. This will help you identify room and time where you can replace old habits with new healthier ones. This may simply be a person you have been spending time with, a job that you really can’t stand, or a party lifestyle that leaves you feeling drained and foggy.

One way to start creating more positive habits that give you good energy is simply using inner healing quotes to inspire you. You can get creative with how you want to use them by placing them around your home or office. The more you focus on positive words, the more quickly your thinking and energy will begin to shift.

Find a Mentor

Find a teacher or healer you like whether they are a writer, a local practitioner, someone recommended to you, or someone you resonate with that may no longer be alive. Many people find the words of spiritual teachers timeless because they supersede the trends and fads of modern society. If you can’t access them in person, pursue knowledge in their teachings you can find online.

If you hold the intention to find a mentor and start looking, you may find someone sooner than you think. There’s an old saying, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’

Journal About Your Process

As you start reading, taking classes, and learning a new way of living that brings you more energy and positive feelings, it will help to write down what you notice about yourself and how you think. Reflecting on how your fears may be keeping you from living more openly or doing the things you feel compelled to do will help you see your thoughts and which ones you may not need anymore.

Reflecting on the influences that shaped your perspectives and the behaviors that are hurting you instead of helping you in a journal can help you be a more mindful happy person who is empowered to keep their energy positive and make positive decisions. A good topic to journal about is; look at how you communicate and where you can use positive words more often.

Consider starting a creative Bullet Journal to make the process fun and productive.


There are no wrong steps to your inner healing journey because your desire to heal will lead you to continue to find what you need. You will continue on this spiritual healing journey your whole life and it takes many turns. You will be able to look back year after year and see how much better you feel with each cycle.

Your inner teacher is something that you will find in this process and you will find that the decisions you make in life become a process of asking your own inner knowing, your own higher self. But it’s great to allow people to help you create a new healthy lifestyle and guide you to develop new habits.

All it takes is 30 days. Be patient with this process and watch your mind, body, and soul grow.

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