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Article: Rise with the Sun: A Pre-Sunrise Meditation

Rise with the Sun: A Pre-Sunrise Meditation

Rise with the Sun: A Pre-Sunrise Meditation

There’s a common thread among spiritual traditions which is the practice of meditation at dawn or a pre-sunrise meditation. Many spiritual traditions around the world have long-standing traditions that involve a morning meditation practice. This early morning twilight zone, the ambrosial hours, has been found to have very powerful effects on the mind when utilized.

The reason that many cultures have adopted this time for their meditation is because if we are asleep, we are usually having nightmares at this time. Instead, we are awake and scrubbing the subconscious mind so it sparkles.

Most people don’t realize the effect that bad dreams have on their waking life. First of all, it affects their health negatively and secondly, they wake up in an emotionally bad state which can affect their day. Before you begin your day, you can do a morning yoga routine and sunrise meditation as this is the best time for yoga and meditation.

Some Quiet Time to Start Your Day

These quiet hours are calm and peaceful so we can focus on improving our health and a positive mindset. There are no distractions because other people are still snoozing.

If you’re raising your eyebrows and groaning at the thought of it, hear me out on this. It may be the missing link to your prosperity, your love life, and your happiness. By meditation, I don’t mean just sit there and direct the mind to harness its power in order to direct your energy for the day.

You can begin with simple sun salutations that are designed to help you greet the sun inside of you, the energy that is dormant in your spine. Then your body will be ready for a deep meditation. Some devout yogis choose to rise around 4 am, take a cold shower, do breath of fire, and yoga before their meditation, but what is most important is that you find something that you feel excited and inspired to do

A Meditation to Get You Started

Begin by sitting up and making sure you’re comfortable by adding a pillow under you or behind you. For meditation, it’s best to sit with a straight spine.

Breathe & Affirm

Start to take slow and deep breaths without rushing. As you do this, mentally affirm this affirmation three times, “I will be calm and not rush today.” Do this slow breathing for about a minute and just remain present to your body noticing how it is feeling and where it moves when you breathe.


The next part of the meditation is a guided visualization that will help you set an intention to have a purposeful and positive day. Continue breathing slowly and deeply through your nose as you visualize in your mind’s eye. First, see a stream of golden and white light coming down through the top of your head.

Set Intentions

It is full of optimistic energy and loving intentions. As it fills your mind, body, and spirit, you sense that today is going to be great. You sense that you will have loving and peaceful connections with those you see. Notice the light fills the space around you and charges your aura with a happy glow.

Envision something that would potentially throw you into a negative mood in the day to come being met by this vibrant uplifting energy instead of a negative mind.

Love & Positive Energy

Visualize yourself responding in a loving way and still maintaining a sense of peace and connection to this positive energy that is still streaming from the Universe into your energy field.

This energy is always here for you and with you when you set your intention to tune into it.

Connect, Breathe, & Conclude

Now to seal the positive momentum for your day, give a tremendous thank you to the Universe for a day filled with blessings and deep soulful connections.

Take three deep breaths to bring yourself back into your room and notice how you feel after this brief intention setting meditation.

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Two people cuddling on a bed. She has her head on his chest.

How Meditation Can Affect Your Love Life

Our subconscious mind has a powerful effect on how we choose partners and on how we communicate with them in relationships. If our subconscious mind is free to roam around in our lives unchecked, we will choose people out of insecurities that are whispering to us beneath the surface. If we haven’t cleared the subconscious mind, our residual negativity will lash out at our partner, overreact or clam up instead of being clear and loving.

I’ve personally witnessed many couples who have long-term successful and happy marriages who get up early and meditate. They are taking responsibility for their own mind and making sure they don’t bring baggage to the other person.

Love Yourself First

This means you deal with yourself before you meet others and interact with them and you’re already vibrating at a high frequency by stimulating your energy in your upper chakras with visualization and breath-work.

To be totally real, we often obsess over people when we are discontent with our souls. Meditation can help you see through the illusions and help you get clear with your purpose which is the proper outlet for most of your love and energy. Obsessing over the wrong people can be overcome by training the mind in a morning meditation.

Blame, taking things personally, and being hurtful to others will also lessen as you scrub the subconscious mind free of negative thought-forms.

A woman meditates at work on her desk.

How Meditation Can Affect Your Work Life

You will be sharp, be able to order tasks, and have the energy to take action. You will be well-liked because your aura will be pristine instead of all murky and funky. That means people will feel your brightness and see your enthusiasm for life. You will feel confident and ready to take on more.

Your mind will come up with creative solutions and find ways to reach a middle ground in disagreements because meditation helps you overcome duality by raising your consciousness to see beyond black and white thinking.

You can also use this time to recite mantras and do meditations that are specific for manifesting what you want to shift in your life which are extremely potent and powerful! I’ve used them with great success and had students and friends also have very positive experiences with manifestation mantras used during morning meditation.

Get Focused

When you are focused first thing in the morning on your goal, you will have a relentless dedication to your passion and your goals throughout the day. Your life will move instead of stagnating. You will get clear with yourself about your natural gifts and be able to see where you’re blocking yourself in your own success.

There are meditations that can help you overcome insecurities as well as develop your own inner guidance on which path is best.

The morning meditation will help you find the most fulfilling path in your career as well. Your inner guidance will come to you in the quietness, as you open your heart in a relaxed state of mind. You will drop the layers of false identities that have been placed on you about what will actually make you happy in your life.

What value can we place on that? It’s the most empowering truth you can find that will open you to days of happiness instead of days of dread.

A woman laughs and smiles. She is happy.

How Meditation Affects Happiness & Health

When you don’t have nightmares, you don’t have the stress hormones secreted into your system that cause painful inflammation and puts strain on your filter organs, cause fatigue and emotional disturbances when you’re awake.

Chronic inflammation can lead to depression, less activity, and opens us up to long-term health complications. Then there are the physical benefits of doing some yoga to prep for meditation. Our digestion will improve, our nervous system will strengthen, our immune system, our muscles, and our circulation will all function better.

If you’re still not convinced that it’s important to do this BEFORE the sun comes up, go ahead and try it and see how you feel. Your happiness, the thing that makes you fly across the country to see someone, the thing that makes you spend money on clothes you like, the thing that we are always seeking, it’s all inside of you, waiting to be found.

It’s not outside of you, it never was and only temporary satisfaction which is insatiable and corrosive to our bank account and self-esteem is outside of us. The love we have within us to give will provide us unending happiness. The soul that exists in a higher plane of consciousness, that is connected to our body, will give us true fulfilling wisdom.


If you think intuition is cool, you should definitely give this morning meditation practice a go. You will develop your sixth sense which allows you to read people, to have dreams about the future, to know things that other people can’t know and to experience other realms of consciousness that will allow you to see why so many people act the way they do.

There’s more going on than meets the eye in this world and meditation allows us to surpass the pain and suffering that we attach to when we are not connected to the truth of our soul.

Don’t knock it until you try it right? Try it for 30 days. See what happens for you. See what new perspectives arise. See how your happiness shifts and see how your health improves.

That type of sustained happiness, where the environment doesn’t dictate your feelings is what this morning meditation can offer you.

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