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Article: The Science-Backed Benefits of Taking a Nature Walk

The Science-Backed Benefits of Taking a Nature Walk

The Science-Backed Benefits of Taking a Nature Walk

Ever wonder where all your energy is going? Let’s face it, a lot of us spend an inordinate amount of time in front of electronic screens.

We also sit more than ever and sometimes prioritizing daily exercise falls by the wayside when we get busy. These three things deplete our energy. We have to move, breathe deeply, and sweat to let energy spread where it needs to go in our body. Electronics generate positive ions that deplete our energy as well.

Science has shown that we need a balance of positive and negative ions to maintain our well being. Where do you think we can find these negative ions? Nature produces them and being around nature allows us to pick them up for free. Once you understand the benefits of simply walking through nature, you’ll understand why doing it daily does actually make you feel significantly better.

Nature Walks Can Revive You

Our bodies are constantly interacting with our environment through our aura. When we are around a lot of people, they can also greatly affect our energy levels. Our auras are constantly interacting and sharing imprints. Without tools to re-balance our energy, we could remain tired and start to accept low energy as the norm.

When we are really, chronically exhausted, sometimes the best thing to try is taking a brisk walk in nature. Honestly, at times in my life, that’s all I could find the energy to do. I experienced my energy slowly returning and I attribute it to those walks which I could tell gave me energy. It’s time you regain your own by understanding how the energy of your body can be replenished.

Science Daily also reports being in nature can offer other significant health benefits such as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, and high blood pressure among others. But just how does a simple stroll under the trees or through the flowers do this you may be wondering. Let’s go over the basics.

How Do Negative Ions Help You Feel Better?

Moving water generates negative ions and being near a stream, river or crashing ocean waves will help clear your energy field. We often have an overabundance of positive ions in our energy field because of sitting in front of computers. Those positive ions create stress on our nerves and immune system, resulting in lower energy and less health.

Other items found in nature also generate negative ions. Amethyst, selenite as well as Himalayan salt crystals are parts of nature you can bring into your house or office to help balance your energy field. People will often lay on a bed of amethyst to help reduce inflammation or alleviate the symptoms of depression or fatigue.

Negative ions lower anxiety and help reduce sickness by strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation that can cause arthritis. Science has also shown that plants produce negative ions which means that your walk in the park is helping neutralize the effects of stress and promoting health.

What Is Prana?

Next, we have to understand that we all have energy running through our body - but some of us have a lot and some of us have a little. We can increase the amount of energy in our bodies too! The energy, which in some cultures is called prana or chi is also present in nature. Nature is a sink full of prana, actually.

Prana is known as the life force which pervades all of nature. When someone is feeling off, it’s often a disturbance in their body’s prana that is making them feel that way.

Many forms of alternative medicine even look at these energetic leakage points as the root cause of most health ailments. Having more prana in your body allows you to think clearly, feel more optimistic and have creative ideas. It also gives you the ability to have a connection to your inner wisdom, which can lead you to make better decisions for yourself. You are less susceptible to fear-mongering and peer pressure when you have a lot of prana.

What is Your Energy Field?

Your energy field surrounds your body. It’s not perceivable by the naked eye for most people, although some can perceive auras. We know stress can affect our health, but we don’t always know that stress can so often come from environmental factors such as group consciousness and geomagnetic stress.

The earth’s magnetic field has what is called a magnetosphere that interacts with planets and is greatly affected by solar flares. Group consciousness is affected by the planetary movements and large waves of anxiety and even anger can affect your energy field like jumping into a river of thoughts. They run through areas with large populations and are perceivable to those who are sensitive.

Your body and your energy field interact through your hair, which acts as an antenna. Your physical body also joins to your energy field through your chakras which are where the nerves join in bundles in your body creating energy centers that then transport energy on the meridians like a two-way street. Our brain can also create energy that enters our energy field. Negative habitual thoughts create negative emotions that cause stress. Needless to say, we need nature to help us balance our energy.

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You can put your feet in the dirt to help balance your energy field or even touch a tree. This is a practice called grounding and creates a calmness by discharging your energy field. When you’re in a forest, on a dirt path, sitting in the sand or walking in a flower garden, your energy field is interacting with nature and taking a prana bath. You will feel better after just 10 to 20 minutes of being in this universal life force.

Harmony exists in nature and we are a part of it as long as we allow ourselves to be. Taking this concept one step further would be to look at each plant that is alive and realize it has prana which we can consume. Raw foods allow us to take in energy and is a great way to regain our vitality.


Ideally, you create a lifestyle where being in nature and consuming live plants are the norm instead of what we started out talking about which was energy depleting. Notice the energy of the people you meet. Who has energy and who is constantly drained? See if they are regularly in nature and what their diet is like.

If you work around or live with people who are negative, sad or complain a lot, this would be extremely helpful to help you clear your energy field and get your energy back. Even if someone you’re around a lot doesn’t say negative things but they are very unhappy, it can be affecting you.

Nature can help you heal. Our heart center, which contains the strongest energy in our body can also be strengthened by eating raw greens that resonate with that chakra. If your past emotional wounds are draining your energy, a healthy dose of prana through nature walks and raw greens can help you recuperate.

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