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Article: Endorphins Combat Stress: Daily Movement Improves Mood & Attracts Positive Vibes

Endorphins Combat Stress: Daily Movement Improves Mood & Attracts Positive Vibes

Endorphins Combat Stress: Daily Movement Improves Mood & Attracts Positive Vibes

You won’t usually see someone in a bad mood after yoga and here’s why. When we move, our body starts to circulate energy and our brain releases endorphins that make us feel elevated. We get the runner’s high from many forms of movement and breathwork and feeling good can be as simple as doing twenty minutes of fast walking.

Sedentary people struggle to feel good because they aren’t getting the endorphin release we need to feel good.

This simple secret is sometimes forgotten in our busy lifestyles when we start focusing so much on work or on socializing. Sometimes we end up seeking that elated feeling through shopping, changing our look, or finding a lover but we can generate positive emotions just by moving our booty!

Happiness really does come from inside and if you aren’t doing some form of movement daily, it’s a great day to start!

It doesn’t have to be an extreme movement to give us the endorphin release, it can be something that we like. Some people like dance, some like rock climbing and others like aerial silks. Yoga, power walking, running, surfing, and many other forms of movement get us out of our funk and into our groove!

Here is how your energy and experiences improve from daily movement.

Breathing Deeply Clears Negative Energy

The West is coming to understand some of the ancient practices that involve the breath and how it is used to combat stress. When we exercise we automatically begin breathing deeper and this not only brings more oxygen into our body but chi comes in as well.

This lifeforce energy clears negativity from our cells and our aura so we can rid ourselves of the negativity we collect and generate. If you breathe shallow or unconsciously hold your breath all day, your body will not get enough chi and your energy won’t clear.

Just one to three minutes of movement and breathing can change your entire blood chemistry allowing you to feel uplifted and optimistic. In our desk jockey lifestyles, we can’t lose sight of this truth. We are not meant to be sedentary for long periods of time or we lose our energy.

So many functional movement ideas are doing well because people notice the difference in their mood and consequently in their life. All the apps and gadgets that remind us to stay active and move about are helping us release the endorphins we require to combat the hormones of stress which deplete our nervous system and adrenal glands which control our emotions.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Experiences

The law of attraction in its most basic form means that like attracts like. If we don’t feel good, we attract similar scenarios because of our vibration. We perceive based on our vibration and when we are in a positive mind frame, we start to notice different things.

For example, we can have a conversation with someone in a positive state and the words will shift to more loving and supportive ideas instead of complaining or victim verbiage. Or another example is if you’re posting angry things online, you’ll attract more angry people but if you post loving and uplifting things, those people will literally be drawn to your energy.

We are in a grid that is constantly fluctuating on a daily basis and we just need to keep up our own daily movement to keep our vibes flowing. Your body will quickly start to feel depressed if you go 24 hours without getting that chemical release.

Imagine if doctors were first looking to see what someone’s daily movement was instead of prescribing antidepressant drugs. We could be a much more mentally healthy society if we just made the habit of moving an absolute must. Even when we travel, we can’t skip this crucial element in our day.

If you’re sitting in an airport, do some sun salutations or some stretching and breathing, take a walk around the airport or do some squats. Do something!

We can quickly spiral into negativity if we skip clearing our energy field so make your top priority your movement and the rest of your life will feel positive because our minds won’t be doing a google search for things that frustrate or irritate us.

The Consistency Is Everything

A friend said something I’ll never forget. It’s better to do a little bit a lot than a lot a little bit. That means instead of doing three hours of exercise once per week, it’s much better to do 20 minutes a day. Get up and move around every thirty minutes at a minimum because otherwise, your energy will start to coagulate instead of flow. Even if you’re working with an injury, find part of your body that can move and do deep breathing. Your mind will look for excuses to stay sedentary sometimes and you can notice that and say not today! I’m going to smile and breathe!

Our society is FULL of brands that promise a feeling of elatedness and yet what releases the feelings is actually within us. We don’t have to have an expensive gym membership, a fancy house or a high paying job to have high vibes, we just have to shed all those ideas that are placed on us about what will make us happy and realize we can truly generate happiness from inside. Don’t let anyone dictate your movement or make you a victim of your own mind by telling you you can’t move on a regular basis. You decide to do this, no one else can control what you do with your body and it needs to be the top priority in your lifestyle so you can feel good and attract good things.

Remind yourself with notes, phone alerts, plans to take classes and activities that involve movement like hiking, dancing, rock climbing, yoga, tai chi, basketball etc. Take inventory of where you seek happiness in your life. Is it in affection from another person? Is it in your job title or status?

It is through social media or physical appearance? Those are all illusions that will not make you happy. There are culturally accepted thoughts called societal consensus that a good job, relationship, and pretty face will make you happy but truly, it’s up to you to activate your own happiness within yourself and not from any external experience or accomplishment.


You have this superpower to control your own emotions and not let someone dictate how you do or do not move your own body.

Your body is a sophisticated computer that generates good feelings if you press the right buttons. Upload the software that says, we move frequently and exercise every day. Your hardware is just sitting there waiting for you to use it and now that you’ve read this, you can let your brain create this daily practice as a top priority.

Put it on the wall, shout it from the mountain top, let the world know, you’re moving! Get people moving and watch as their problems melt away.

Once they start feeling that regular momentum of endorphin release, meditation is the next part which is to get the mind under control. Train yourself to move your mind where you need it to go and you can always decide what you want to think about.

Then if a rotten thing is sitting on the table you can find something less stinky to focus on. They say the only way something has power over you is by stealing your attention.

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