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Article: Where’s the Best Place for Soul Meditation?

Where’s the Best Place for Soul Meditation?

Where’s the Best Place for Soul Meditation?

What is Soul Meditation?

The benefits of meditation are enormous, particularly in today’s world where stress and chaos are a significant factor in many people’s lives. Meditating even for five minutes during a demanding workday or a stressful domestic situation can make a wealth of difference when it comes to overall happiness and well-being.

The process of normal meditation is relatively simple. Close your eyes and focus your thoughts on a particular object or sound (breathing is a popular one). It is even better when accompanied with meditation music. Normal meditation is wonderful for disconnecting with the external world for a while, helping to bring inner peace to your internal world. It can be performed anywhere and at any time when someone needs a little pick-me-up for their mind!

Soul meditation – or deep meditation as it is also known – is somewhat different. It focuses on energy in a very specific way and promotes great stillness in the mind which can transcend physical consciousness itself. Soul meditation is remarkable in the sense that it strengthens our connection to every living creature and every living being, helping us to master ourselves and even find our soul’s purpose in this world. Once a person delves deep into soul meditation, they can literally meditate for hours at a time!

Soul Meditation & the 4 Temperaments

Unlike normal meditation which can be performed anywhere, soul meditation requires peace and quiet where there are no distractions such as traffic, background noises or other people. Also, your individual personality can have a lot to do with where the best soul meditation location is for you.

Souls choose which personalities they want to inhabit when they come to earth, so different personalities react to different environments. Below are four wonderful places that you can perform deep meditation based on the Four Temperament personality types.

This theory was first used in Ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia and popularized by the Greek Physician, Hippocrates. According to this theory, everyone fits into one of four basic fundamental personality types: Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine and Melancholic.

If you don’t know what your personality type is, you can find out here.

Best Places for Soul Meditation Based on Your Temperament:


If you are a Phlegmatic personality, then you are most likely a relaxed and peaceful sort of person who finds it relatively easy to switch off. Your ability to soul meditate is a bit easier than the other personalities as you are not so easily distracted by noise. Being near water is the best place for you. A hot springs cave, along a riverbank or on a quiet beach would be the perfect place for you to do some soul meditation.


If you are a Choleric personality, then you are most likely short-tempered, dynamic and fast-paced. Your emotions may flare up quickly and you are likely a passionate person who can find it hard to relax. Therefore, you require a place with absolute quiet and very minimal chances of distraction. A dimly-lit room with the curtains drawn and binaural beat music playing in the background is highly recommended, as the binaural beats will help you concentrate.


If you are a Sanguine personality, then you are likely a happy-go-lucky person who tends to be sociable and active. Your best place to perform soul meditation are places like the woods, or even a graveyard! (It may seem a little creepy, but the strong energy surrounding it can help you connect better to the earth, which in turn brings you closer to expanded consciousness).


If you are a Melancholic personality, then you are most likely introverted, introspective, wise and have a tendency towards melancholia (as the name suggests!) Soul meditation for you is best performed among nature in a field or open plain somewhere where the only sound you can hear are the birds. You benefit from binaural beats too as this can help you connect with expanded consciousness even deeper).

How to Perform Soul Meditation

Once you have found your ideal place for deep meditation, it is important to sit tall with an unsupported back as this helps your energy flow freer. If you are using binaural beats, then it is good to focus on the soundtrack. Most important is the ability to focus on the beats or your own breathing until all intrusive or wayward thoughts slowly disappear. In time, awareness of your physical body will disappear along with your thoughts and you will enter a state of transcending time itself.

Don’t be frustrated with yourself if it takes some time to enter a state of deep meditation. The point of soul meditation is to make time work for you, not the other way around. The process of entering soul meditation is all about exploration - there is no one way to do things and if you find plenty of jumbled thoughts flitting around your mind before you enter this state, it is absolutely fine. Be patient with yourself and have fun with it!

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Concluding Thoughts…

Entering into a state of soul meditation can be immensely rewarding. Through this, you will be able to connect to the universal consciousness that connects every living thing and the world around us. You may have fascinating experiences such as receiving messages and wisdom from your inner self; your vibration will rise and in doing so, you will feel an overwhelming sense of love and connection for other humans and the planet, where there is no longer “I” but simply “we.”

Soul meditation can be deeply healing and provide profound experiences which can leave you feeling regenerated, cleansed and with a renewed passion for life.

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