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Article: Raise The Vibes in Your Home With These Items

Raise The Vibes in Your Home With These Items

Raise The Vibes in Your Home With These Items

Sitting in my house today I can hear the wind chimes soothing my mind-blowing softly in the wind. The air is flowing as the doors are open and I am nestled into a cozy spot to write. As I sit next to my crystals, I sense their loving vibrations uplifting my energy. I smell the residual scent of sage that I burned a day or so ago. To keep my mind from getting sleepy, I start playing one of my favorite mantras, Laksham.

These habits were not formed on a whim. It took years of listening to people who have studied energy in the home to finally take it to heart and try it out. I’ve worked in metaphysical stores that sell all of these items and the reason they are now a part of my home decor is solely because I do notice a difference in my own energy when I incorporate these elements. They are sound currents, frequencies and nature’s elements that work to raise our energy.

If you’re new to this concept, I’m going to explain how it can help you, in what areas of your life you can expect to see improvement and how to get started.

A woman meditating on a yoga mat in a white outfit.

Our Subconscious Needs All The Help It Can Get

Psychologists know that our subconscious is in charge of our behaviors as adults. Often people are medicated to alleviate the subconscious from bombarding them. Alternative methods of clearing our energy can prove to be very helpful in staying positive, calm and in a loving state.

The subconscious can be overridden by mantras which in my lineage of kundalini yoga are played in the home night and day whether or not a person is there to keep the vibrations high. The subconscious does not bombard you at night with the sound current keeping it at bay.

For most, the subconscious will create thought patterns that produce negative expectations which then sit in our energy field. Mantras help to retrain the subconscious over time because they play the instrument of our body and harmonize it.

Psychologists and philosophers like Freud and Jung looked deep into the subconscious to understand why certain people acted out emotionally as adults. The subconscious is essentially the garbage can of the mind and playing mantras in your home will raise the energy of anyone who is there.

Rose incense is being burned on a traditional wood incense burner.

Your Energy Field Needs To Be Cleared Daily

The aura can pick up negative energy when we are out and about in our day from anyone we meet. We brush our teeth daily to keep bacteria from building up and we need to clear our energy field daily to keep negativity from building up with can drain our energy and cause us to be reactive and depressive.

Incense, sage, and palo santo are incredible tools to help clear the air and balance the ions in your own energy field. They have been used in many regions in the world historically to help keep the air and our own energy free of negativity.

Something so inexpensive can have such a great effect on both your health and your experience of life. Years ago I viewed a house to rent when I was in college before I had metaphysical knowledge. The house had a lot of incense in it and I was so at ease with the temperament of the people I met at this house.

I realize now they were using the incense as a tool to stay calm. When it comes to our friendships, this could be the difference between loving each other or fighting with each other. The energy field is also in charge of how people read you. If you’ve cleared your energy field, you will come off as light and chipper instead of heavy and intense.

7 different healing crystals are on a table.

A Good Beginner’s Kit

Crystals have a high frequency that interacts with our energy field and helps activate higher states of consciousness by absorbing negativity, activating our upper chakras and helping connect us to our spiritual guidance.

Good crystals to start with that aren’t too pricey include Selenite, Amethyst and Black Obsidian. They help clear the energy while raising your vibration. You can place them around the house and near where you spend the most time like by your bed.

I prefer to use real incense instead of synthetic and you can easily order that online. Frankincense is very uplifting and vanilla can be extremely calming. There are plenty of mantras out there and I can let you know that I feel very uplifted with White Sun, Nirinjan Kaur and Gurunam Singh. They are easy to find on Spotify or iTunes.

Mantras for prosperity include Mul Mantra, Lakshman, and Sa Re Sa Sa. A mantra to attract love is So Purkh and a mantra to help reduce nightmares is Chattra Chakkra Vartee.

Customize Your Vibes

It’s up to you which crystals, scents, and mantras you play. You can use your intuition to find a combination you like. Each scent, mantra, and crystal has a purpose so think of it as a recipe to create what you want. Rose incense, for example, is known to attract love as well as the rose quartz crystal. The citrine is known to attract money and is often placed in the house.

I’ve seen the insides of successful people’s homes and these three components are often a part of how they create their good juju. There’s nothing dangerous about it except for the potential fire hazard of burning things. You don’t create any negative energy by incorporating these into your life.

Some crystals can have a lot of energy and increase your intuition so much that you may want to balance them with more grounding crystals. If you have a sensitive nose you may want a more subtle incense to keep the vibes up.

Embrace the Positivity

Our attitude attracts things to us. When we are positive, we see endless possibilities and we jump on offers in gratitude. We come up with new ideas and are open to new relationships.

Our success at work, the health of our relationships with others and ourselves, and even our health can greatly benefit by using these three things that come directly from mother earth. When people ask me how I remain so positive, it’s not just one thing.

It’s all the little things that add up to create a holistic lifestyle. I use healthy plant-based foods, my daily kundalini yoga practice and meditation time as well as the tools of crystals, incense, and mantras playing all the time.


As you start to shift the energy in your home, your energy will shift and you’ll want to share these tricks with your loved ones! That’s why people who are into crystals are always giving them to people!

My gifts used to be things like clothes or electronics but now I KNOW the value of positive emotions and all my gifts are aimed at helping people get and keep the positive vibrations flowing that are always available when we just focus on them. After all, energy flows where attention goes.

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