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Article: 5 Examples of Intuitive Thinking in Everyday Life

5 Examples of Intuitive Thinking in Everyday Life

5 Examples of Intuitive Thinking in Everyday Life

Intuition is not just something used by psychics. You use your own intuition in your everyday life and probably don’t even realize it!

Think you’re not intuitive? Think again. We use our intuition all the time to filter information and make decisions.

The thing is, we are just so used to it that we become oblivious over time to our own extrasensory perceptions. Intuition is something everyone can strengthen, just the same as exercising the body to strengthen the muscles.

You can exercise and improve your intuitive powers.

Why develop your intuition?

Your intuition is tied to your fight-or-flight response and will often be your first line of defense and protection. Intuition also helps you get a read on yourself and other people so you can choose the right jobs, date the right people, attend the right events, and even wear the right outfit!

You’ll know when to approach a difficult conversation with someone and when to wait to discuss it at a better time.

Intuition is your most valuable asset in the workplace and your personal life. Here are the ways you’re already using your intuition if you doubt you are already using your sixth sense.

5 Times You’ve Used Your Intuition Without Knowing

1. Making Everyday Decisions

When you’re deciding if you want to attend an event, join your friends for dinner, or say yes to that second date, you’re using your intuition to sense into the future and see if it feels right.

When planning a trip or deciding to visit a new country, your intuition guides you toward the experiences that will be best for your growth and make you feel alive. Your intuition is your soul nudging you to follow that curiosity or hang back until another time.

2. Showing Up in the Same Outfit as a Friend or Colleague

Do you know when you change a million times only to show up wearing the same color as everyone else?

This is a fun way your intuition shows you that yes, you have it! How you feel in those clothes indicates how fun it will be when you show up as a twin with your friend. Seriously, watch for the next time this happens.

3. First Impressions

When you first meet someone, their energy field begins to interact with your own, a process that occurs subconsciously. You can typically sense if a stranger is a cheerful person, a wounded spirit, an angry person, or a hopeful heart.

In turn, the other person gets a reading of you, too.

This speaks to that gut feeling that you sometimes get about strangers. Your intuition is always working for you. Have you ever just had a good feeling instinctually about someone, and they turned out to become an essential part of your life?

You can thank your intuition for that.

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4. Changing Your Mind Last Minute

Sometimes your intuition helps you by giving you a forewarning.

Maybe you feel tired and decide to change your plans last minute, only to find out you needed to be home that night, or you avoided a dangerous or uncomfortable encounter. Often, your intuition can sense what your body can’t; perhaps you’re low on high-vibe energy, you’re hungry, or you haven’t had enough sleep.

The next time you change your mind if you can’t pinpoint a reason why, tap into your intuition and see what your inner self has to say.

5. Calling or Texting Someone at the Same Time

It’s always fun when you send a friend a text right at the same time you receive a text from them, or you’re thinking about a friend right at the moment they happen to call you.

This is a phenomenon most people brush off as coincidence, but it happens far too often with close friends to write it off as anything less than intuition. You’ve probably called to say hi on a day when someone really needed a friend on multiple occasions.

Are You Using Your Intuition?

Intuition has four main ways of showing up in your life.

  • You’ll know something, and you can’t explain how you do.
  • You’ll feel what someone else is feeling (you may even confuse it with your own feelings or pain). This type of intuition can be draining, and you may have to retreat from being around others frequently if this is the case.
  • Another way you can sense information is by getting an image, a word, a saying, or a song stuck in your head for no discernable reason.
  • Dreams can also clue us into things as well. Often people dream of storms before a major weather event or even dream of someone before running into them after not seeing them for years.

Keep in mind that intuition helps you with what you need to understand, not with what you want to see happen in your life. The future is written in stone for no one!

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