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Article: Earth Hour: How You Can Play Your Part

Earth Hour: How You Can Play Your Part

Earth Hour: How You Can Play Your Part

There is no denying that the earth is in a dire state. The most intelligent species, Man, has not used his responsibility well. Tasked with protecting and nurturing the animals and environment, over the years he has abused his position, using the earth’s resources for his own gain and mistreating the animals he was sworn to protect.

But times are changing. Humanity is learning some harsh lessons. We begin to realize that we can no longer ignore our dereliction of duty and it’s time to step up to the plate. For as much selfishness as there is in mankind, there is goodness and compassion there too.

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a wonderful way for everyone to get involved in helping the planet and playing their part, however large or small, in contributing to the well-being of the environment and the animals within it. It is a movement that helps to spread awareness about our planet and highlights the necessity of playing our individual role in looking after the environment, animals and ourselves.

Earth Hour was first organized by WWF and began in 2007 in Australia as a one-hour lights-off event. Since then, it has spread across the globe with millions of supporters, a symbolic reminder of our responsibility towards taking care of our planet. It takes place at the end of March every year. This year, it is Saturday, March 28, 2020, at 8:30 pm.

So how can you get involved? Remember, Earth Hour is not just for one hour of the year in essence. It is a reminder of our mindfulness towards the planet each and every day.

Turn Your Lights Off for 1 Hour

Turn your lights off for one hour, wherever you are, in solidarity with the rest of the world. I also like to think of Earth Hour as a mark of respect to the world, no different from how ancient pagans would pay tribute to various god/goddesses by offering food and drink during their rituals.

If you are working, encourage your business to get involved. If you are at home, set up a special day for the family. Make it a special time, with food, laughter and spreading key information about helping the planet through your discussions and the written word.

Live Sustainably

Our diets are important, not just for the planet, but for us too. There are so many things we put into our bodies that are harmful to the environment, animals and to ourselves. A diet made up of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains gives you a good balance. Buy local. Sustainably-produced meat and fish is far better for you than mass-produced. Enquire where your food came from and where it was produced.

Get Involved in an Earth Hour Event

*Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, it is advised for all participants this year to attend Earth Hour events digitally.*

There are many ways to take part in an Earth Hour event online or at home. WWF has some wonderful options here that you can explore so you can play your part in spreading awareness.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is not just for one hour, but for every hour of our lives. From when we wake up in the morning till the time we go to sleep, practicing mindfulness is the best way we can help the planet. You can repeat affirmations to yourself such as, “I will be mindful of my actions today.”

When leaving the house, you can ask yourself, “Do I need to take transport today or can I walk?” When shopping for food, you can ask yourself, “Where does this produce come from?” When visiting the stores, remind yourself to take a bag with you rather than pay for one. Purchase your own reusable water bottle so you don’t have to buy new ones.

These small actions can make a massive difference, especially when everyone works together.


It is important for us to remember that we have a responsibility to take care of our planet. This is a gift we were given – charged as guardians and protectors of the earth. Every little action we take all adds up. The more we are mindful of our actions, the more we can help heal the planet and take better care of the animals that depend on us.

We must also think of ourselves, but not in the selfish sense; in the sense where we treat one another and our bodies with the respect and dignity we deserve. Earth Hour is a wonderful way to remind us of our key role in this world.

How can you take part in Earth Hour and help the world as it undergoes a vital healing process?

Here are some ways: 9 Easy Ways to Produce Less Waste & How Can We Help Reduce Our Environmental Impact?

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