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Article: The Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2019

The Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2019

The Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2019

Get ready! The top 10 wellness trends of 2019 are coming your way.

In the past year, intermediate fasting took off. Breathing and meditation became a part of a lot of regular routines. We also took a hard look at how social media is stressing us out (digital detox, anyone?).

So, what do the 2019 wellness trends hold in store for us? What can we expect to make headway in the wellness market?

Here are Your Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2019:

1. CBD is about to explode.

Canada legalized cannabis this past year, so what’s next? Expect an array of wellness products associated with these herbs. There’s already a ton, but a lot of them may hit the mainstream soon as cannabis becomes less taboo.

CBD, on the other hand, is legal in 50 states. Yet, the law remains slightly unclear in the USA. However, with the general population becoming more accepting and open to cannabis, it’s likely this industry is only going to grow. More research will contribute to what we can do with it. And most of the market will likely target wellness means. Get ready for hemp to take over wellness shops - it’s only a matter of time (if it’s not happening already).

2. Wellness trends will emphasize self-care.

We are starting to realize that too much of anything is bad. Individuals are on the lookout for balance and products or remedies to guide their self-care time. No longer is it “cool” to work 80 hour weeks. We know it’s bad for our health.

So, what does this mean exactly? They’ll be more self-care products (again) and apps. And a lot of people might start to step back from social media as it becomes more diluted and hazardous to our health (and we know half of those pictures aren’t exactly accurate anyway - who needs more fake news in their life?).

3. Watch out for oat milk.

We’re serious. We’ve already got almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and more. But there’s still more coming. Whispers of oat milk will fill the air - and chances are, you’ll be full ready to try it. It’s the new dairy alternative, and it lacks that nutty taste that throws a lot of people off from other dairy alternative options. Start adding it to your coffee!

4. Prepare for cutting-edge recovery gadgets and more.

The fitness industry has narrowed in on effective recovery methods. New products come out every day. If you haven’t heard of it already, the TheraGun is one to watch out for. In addition, you’ll see these gadgets and technology hitting the gyms as fitness facilities amp up their game.

Other things like float tanks may start to hit the mainstream - there’s a few around but no major franchises. These help rejuvenate and reset - especially in terms of mental health. They offer an escape and time to meditate without distraction.

5. Home gadgets will gain speed.

Think sleep aids or trackable technology. Personal use of these products and measurements is becoming huge (the Fitbit is a major example of one of these products hitting it big in the last few years). It’s easier to understand how we feel when we can look at our sleep tracking or activity measurements.

In other words, we want measurable aids that can help us further our health and wellness. And companies are responding. Again, new apps and gadgets are in development and you’ll definitely see some big ones hit the shelves in 2019.

6. Ayurvedic Medicine is becoming more and more integrated with conventional medicine.

Medicine and health continue to see a more holistic approach develop. The ancient healing medicinal system of Ayurvedic is filling the gaps where conventional medicine is lacking. Originally from ancient India, the Ayurvedic approach emphasizes the mind-body connection. We used to look at physical symptoms and attempt to fix only those. Yet, we now know that the mind plays just as big of a role as the physical body does in health and wellness.

In addition, aspects of this ancient medicinal system including herbs and cleanses are on the rise. Studies continue to show their benefits. Thus, we’ve started to turn toward it as a viable wellness option.

7. Money talk won’t be so hush-hush.

Financial stress is a major trigger for stress, anxiety, and depression. The more we’ve started to talk about mental struggles, the more we’ve started talking about their causes or triggers. The dialogue is now more open than ever before. We can’t deny that money plays a role in our health and wellbeing. So, start talking money. It’s okay. This wellness trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

8. Brands will lean toward all body sizes and types.

This has been a slow change. The ‘ideal’ body is slowly becoming non-existent. And even Victoria Secret has faced criticism for it. People just don’t seem as into it. And for a good reason. We understand more than ever before how this leads individuals - especially those who are young and impressionable - to think that’s how they should be. The result? Eating disorders, mental health issues, a life of struggling, and more.

And with Rihanna leading the way with her lingerie line, we can expect more of this sort of thing from the apparel industry. In fact, the market demands it. No more shame shopping. It’s all about body pride and acceptance - and that’s how it should be.

9. IV drips are happening.

For a long time, IV drips have been used to cure the dreaded hangover. But it’s now on it’s way to being used for much more in the wellness space. An IV bypasses your digestive system and inserts substances right into your bloodstream. In other words, your body gets to use it right away. Nutrients can easily be delivered in this form. And now it is.

It’s beginning to be used for glowing skin, muscle recovery, jet lag, and immunity boosts. Although still a luxury, expect people to start talking about it.

10. Brain health will take center stage.

With the brain, we’re on the edge of discovery. We know what isn’t good for it - think sleep deprivation, a bad diet, and a lack of movement. We’ve learned so much about the brain in the past year alone. More and more research is being put forth on it - especially in the Alzheimer’s Disease realm.

The biggest connection we’ve realized is how brain health is impacted by our diet. Is there a brain diet we can go on? Is there a way to optimize it through what we eat? Only 2019 will tell.

Are You Ready for the 2019 Wellness Trends?

Every year things change. And we are constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize and maximize our health and wellness. 2019 will be no different. Get excited for what’s to come! 2019 is guaranteed to be another big year for wellness trends.

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