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Article: How to Manifest Healthy Friendships & Let Go of Negative People

How to Manifest Healthy Friendships & Let Go of Negative People

How to Manifest Healthy Friendships & Let Go of Negative People

It’s always a good time to reflect and evaluate the friendships and relationships we allow in our lives.

It’s important for us to take time to really look at our relationships and see if they are bringing out the best parts of us and encouraging us to grow and become better versions of ourselves. To be perfectly honest, most people make friends based on people they find attractive or who fulfill a particular personal want or perceived need. A lot of times, we make friends with people who can benefit our position in society in some way. Of course, if our intention in befriending someone is based only on what they can offer us, those relationships can only take us so far (read: not very far at all).

If you find yourself feeling negatively about yourself often, look to the relationships you have in your life, how you nurture them, and if they are really bringing you towards the version of yourself you want to be. Take it one step farther and be real with the type of energy you bring to other people’s lives; relationships are after all a two-way street, and if we only think of what we can get from others, we will inevitably attract selfish people who mirror our own intentions back to us.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty so we can help you manifest positive soul healing relationships that you feel safe and loved by being a part of. This is possible at any time in life, no matter when and where you start.

Think of Qualities that are Worth Having

Sometimes people feel they need people around but haven’t stopped to really in their heart be true with the type of people that soothe their soul, inspire them to care about being a good person and help them really find peace through their exchanges. Often we just befriend people we work with or live with without actually thinking about these deeper questions. This encourages us to remember who we really are and why we are really here. Are we here to live for ourselves and amass a ton of wealth or prestige? Or are we here to help make the whole of humanity a little happier and do what we can to make life better for someone somewhere? It’s certainly the latter, no matter if you’re atheist, religious or confused about the higher power thing.

Who inspires you to be a good person? Who accepts you but challenges you to improve? Who shows they care about your well being and your happiness? If they are hitting these points, let’s find some people that do. We’ll get to how to do that shortly, stick with me on this. And if you’re feeling like no good people exist, that feeling is also temporary. We have a solution for that next.

Meditate & Visualize

Unless we are clear about what we want, we will fall into the norms of society, which can be lacking in terms of depth. When we use the power of our intention to really put our heart into asking for the universe to send us good people on a consistent basis, this will let the universal energy work for us. If we visualize ourselves in deep, healthy, loving relationships, we are imprinting into the consciousness we share and allowing it to manifest. This is a huge part of retraining your core beliefs that you can actually have wholesome, exciting, rewarding and worthwhile people in your life. The more consistent you are with painting your universal canvas in your mind’s eye, the more you’ll feel it in your heart. Praying with your heart (which means feeling the emotions of that reality you’re trying to manifest) is much more energetically charged and effective than praying with your head. This is a truth studied by the yogis.

Make yourself available to good people by showing up places where good people tend to flock. I met some of my closest friends in healthy environments doing healthy activities like meditation, volunteering, and yoga. If you’re only hanging out in bars, chances are you won’t meet healthy people or people that give a darn about your life. How’s that for some truth? This seems like common sense, but sometimes we just need a reminder that life is better with good people, not just good-looking people.

Most Importantly: Be the Person You Want to Have as a Friend

Now let’s talk about the law of attraction for a moment, if you truly are being a kind and considerate person, you will attract these people. if you’re expecting nice people to show up and you’re not actually being considerate and loving yourself, you will never meet these types of people. Your own intention will always be reflected back to you in your environment because of the mirror effect. If your mind is projecting out that everyone is selfish, that’s what you’ll meet. But if your mind is focused on being kind, you’ll meet kind people. Look to the mind, your own personal focus, and get real with what’s really best for you.

Make sure your heart is pure and purity and love will come to your life in many forms. All it takes is having an intention and they will show up. Trust this process and create some daily rituals and affirmations to train yourself to be the deep loving friend you want to attract. If you’re living for yourself, the universe will not allow you to meet people who care for you. This truth is one of the higher laws of the universe that is understood through our spiritual connection and observance of how good people are blessed and supported.

How to Release Low-Vibe, Negative Relationships

In meditation, visualize the energetic cords being cut between you and negative people in your life. Create new ways to use your time that don’t involve spending time with them. You don’t have to have them in your life even if they’ve been in your life for a long time. If you feel they are draining your energy or verbally abusive, stop spending time with them and stop communicating with them. You are free to use your time for your highest good, and it’s important to ask your heart how to use your time. It’s valuable.

Decide to let the negative people go and watch the energy of your relationship dissolve in your mind. If someone continues to bombard you with unwanted communication, be honest and say that you are spending your time on your physical and emotional well-being. You don’t owe toxic people an explanation. You don’t need to let low-vibe people in your life even if no one understands why you’re making the decision. Even if you don’t have one positive friend, we’ve now given you the tools to meet new ones. Don’t continue to communicate with toxic people and unfollow them so you don’t have to think about them if you’re seeing them on social media.

This is your life - live it on your terms, your soul’s terms, and nothing else.

If you notice you feel bad around certain people, that’s probably because they don’t really care about you. Sometimes our own insecurities make us addicted to people who beat us up emotionally. Get your inner strength self-love game on and stop this cruel game with yourself. We love you, it’s time for you to love you too.

Concluding Thoughts…

We’re so glad you took the time for yourself to read this article. This little article could very well be the thing you need in your life to shift your perspective. Don’t you feel empowered to now be a good person and attract good people? It’s so simple and it eludes so many of us so often because of the ego, which makes us fearful and insecure. If you’re attracting insecure flaky people, come back to that intention, be the person you want to meet, and do the inner work of guiding your thoughts.

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