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Article: Why You Should Use Crystal Healing Grids for High Energy

Why You Should Use Crystal Healing Grids for High Energy

Why You Should Use Crystal Healing Grids for High Energy

The reason so many people love and use crystal grids is because they are state-amplifiers. When we have a clear vision, the grid amplifies it like a magnifying glass. It’s easy and once you feel and experience the effects, you’ll want to make crystal gridding a daily habit, like brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant which you know make your life better.

A crystal grid is a powerful energy tool you can use to combine the energies of lots of different kind of crystals. Depending on the crystals you pick and the way you arrange them, the energy of the grid will shift something different in your environment and your spirit. Crystals are usually arranged in geometric shapes, but making a crystal grid can be as creative as you want it to be.

As far as your mind can reach is as vast as you can use crystal gridding for. If you want to get a book published, help create peace at work, or manifest some money to pay your bills on time, try out a crystal grid. Today we will be talking about some of the major ways to use crystal grids to raise your energy, attract abundance, live in a state of excitement, and truly enjoy a high-energy life.

For simple steps on how to create a crystal grid, check out this Energy Muse article. This article explains the energetic blueprinting basics and will get you ready to work the magic we are introducing you to below. Just as you create a blueprint for a building, it’s important to create one for your goals as well no matter how large or small they may be. The plan is necessary.

There’s plenty of information available online about how to make the grid, it’s not rocket science. What most people struggle with is two-fold. First, they overthink the design and choice of the crystals thinking there’s one perfect answer when it’s just about getting it set up. Just like a car will get you from point a to point b, it’s better to have a car than no car which means you have to walk slowly right?

The other part people get hung up on, is not having a clear and high vibration intention to focus on when creating their grid. Keep reading for inspiration in this department so you can abracadabra with ease!

The Home Grid

In your home, you can create a grid that spans across a room or the home. Think of placing the stones in all corners and connect them energetically with a crystal on the center table. Alternately, place a grid in each corner or in the center of each room. If there’s a center room of your house, try placing a grid there.

When you create your home grid, state exactly what you want the energy in your home to induce whether it’s connection to the safe and empowered experience of the soul, a peaceful and open-minded oasis, put it in your own words. Maybe you want it to be a healing and regenerating consistently positive energy. The way you shape the words will shape the energy that comes from the grid you make.

There’s no wrong way to do it except not having an intention and just placing the crystals about willy-nilly. Crystals need to be programmed with the most powerful energy in the universe, your thoughts! Put the grid or grids where you can see them to remind you of what the energy in your home is programmed to induce in you and others. The written intention should sit in the center of the grid under the center crystal.

To bring high energy into your home, put a pure intention into the energy. High energy could just be anxiety-inducing so you want to make sure you channel that energy for the highest good. For example, you could write the intention like this, ‘when anyone comes into my home their energy is elevated so they can see what is in alignment with their soul’s purpose.’

Attracting Abundance

Your wizardry will be heightened with these grids no doubt but getting super clear about what you want to manifest is what will make this magic super potent. I don’t want you to get hung up on the perfect crystal to use or the perfect design, this is more about using your intuition and going with what feels right than following someone else’s idea. This is not following a recipe in a book, it’s letting your body download it from the universe.

Once you have the idea of what you’re going to manifest, we are going to use your intention to create high energy around this. Get yourself super hyped by visualizing yourself with this situation or thing you’re trying to manifest. It’s a visualization where everything has gone your way. Then write in the present tense that you have it and stick it in the center of the grid.

For example, you can write, “I’m plugged into the pipeline of abundance and money comes to me easily.” You can get more specific and write something such as, “today is the best day of my life and I have my dream job which is….” Fill in the blank there.

When it comes to abundance, your vibration is EVERYTHING. If you’re in a high energy state and you feel love oozing from your eyeballs, you’re going to attract incredible things, period. I’ve had this experience time and time again from keeping my energy up through the use of intention and a healthy lifestyle. The grid is going to help you in the space you’re in by shaping the direction of your psyche which creates a vacuum the universe starts to fill in right away.

Sending Healing

Healing is a necessary step in moving forward both for ourselves and for our loved ones. Lifting the negative vibrations can provide healing in a very tangible way. We often have tension and health issues because low-vibration energy has harbored too long in our cells, successfully funki-fying the flow of our electromagnetic circuitry.

Once we create a grid for our vibration or someone else’s to rise, the energy starts to become more harmonious and less tangled and muddled. This sounds good, but how do you do it, right? You can use an intention like, “my energy is calm, peaceful, and magnetic.” You can be even more specific and write something such as, “every cell of my body is vibrating at the highest possible vibration, and I’m completely healed.”

You can do the same thing for other people. Remember, we do not manipulate people to make decisions or feel something, we only ask that the highest good be allowed to flow into their lives for health, happiness, and healing. We only add positively to other’s lives, otherwise we are misusing the power of intention.

A Grid For Work

Bringing high energy to work is a game changer. Complaining and blaming is the enemy of success, but high energy is the secret to breaking through the barriers that elude the masses. High energy is achieved with the power of a consistently projected intention. To amplify this intention, you can use multiple crystal grids.

First, get clear with the type of character trait you want to imbue into your personality at work and make a grid for that. Maybe you want to be fully present, engaged and understanding. Maybe you want to speak up for yourself with confidence and positivity. Maybe you want to be grateful for your job and be considerate and attentive to details to help your coworkers succeed.

Next, get clear about the ideal career for you. Write it as if you are already there and set the grid to send this frequency out into the ethers. Each time you see your grid, you’ll be sending a signal to the Universe that your vision happening and that will help bring it into your reality. Make sure it’s something you’re really passionate about to make the grid most effective, something that helps the greater good and not just yourself. The purer your intention, the more powerful it will be.

Keep your grid on your desk at work or in a common space for everyone to benefit from.

Concluding Thoughts…

Choose crystals that match the intention of your grid. There’s a crystal for everything these days, but it’s best to use your intuition to decide which crystals are calling to be placed where. This is a creative exercise, not something to be calculated. The creativity generates emotions that send out a strong signal to the Universe to bring your vision into your life.

If you don’t yet know what to manifest, create a grid for positivity and place it in a spot that you will see daily. See how your mind starts to shift from this grid, it will help align your thoughts with good goals that are in your highest good to manifest. You’re now more equipped than the majority of the population of the world to have a life that is overflowing with joy and abundance.

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