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Article: A Guided Meditation for Better Sleep

A Guided Meditation for Better Sleep

A Guided Meditation for Better Sleep

Have you been having trouble falling asleep lately? Do you find yourself spending more and more time with distractions – like TV or the phone – late at night? If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, surveys have shown that 53% of people reported suffering from poorer sleeping habits in 2020, meaning that many of us have a hard time shutting down at night. And while you may be thinking about the number of hours you spend each night sleeping, it’s more about the quality of sleep that you’re getting than the quantity.

That’s why we bring you this sleep meditation today because we could all use some deep, relaxing rest right about now. Keep reading if you feel the call of a peaceful, restful night of sleep luring every fiber of your being into a comfy, cozy bed.

How Do Sleep Meditations Work?

Our culture may be more comfortable turning to herbal supplements or prescribed medicine for sleep issues, which may make the concept of sleep meditation seem less effective than these methods.

But many people have difficulty falling asleep due to an abundance of thoughts or stressors weighing on their mind, which is exactly where this kind of meditation comes in.

Meditation, in general, is an excellent practice for releasing those worrisome thoughts from the mind; and sleep meditation can provide an even deeper, more soothing type of healing.

Benefits of a Sleep Meditation

Someone who frequently gets fewer than seven hours of sleep a night is at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, poor eating habits, and other potential chronic illnesses. That means that just by improving the quality of your sleep, you’ll also be improving the quality of your health.

And we all know how difficult it can be to get through the workday on little-to-no sleep.

In fact, attempting to work when you haven’t slept properly can have a serious impact on your performance at work by reducing cognitive and physical abilities.

Think about the last time you woke up feeling truly rested, and then try to remember how that day went for you. There’s a good chance that that extra pep in your step helped the day flow more smoothly, resulting in more positive energy and confidence.

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A Guided Meditation for Better Sleep

First, start by getting comfortable and ready for bed. Try putting on your favorite playlist, perhaps one that features the peaceful energy of 432 Hz. Spritz your pillow with a lavender and mint blend to really elevate your meditation.

This might also be a good time to surround yourself with healing crystals or at least set a few on your nightstand. Crystals like amethyst, moonstone, lepidolite, and rose quartz are calming and excellent for promoting deep sleep.

Crawl in, and think about something good that happened to you today, no matter how big or small. Maybe you found a lucky penny or had a good conversation with an old friend. Gratitude is wonderful energy for bringing the waves of peace and rest to your mind and body.

When you feel ready, follow these guided meditation steps:

  • Begin by taking a few big, deep breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Breathe in love and light, and imagine any tension or negativity escaping from your body as you exhale. Repeat for a moment or two.
  • Allow your breathing to return to its natural state, close your eyes, and ensure that you are comfortable.
  • Feel the weight of your body sink into your bed, supporting each crevice of your body.
  • Sink deeper into the bed, noticing each sense you experience – the taste of your mouthwash, the scent of your fresh linens, the texture of your blanket, the colors of your eyelids, the sound of your soothing playlist.
  • Try to relax each muscle in your body, letting go of any tension starting from the crown of your head. Feel the tension melting away from your mind, eyes, neck, throat, chest, heart, stomach, groin, hips, thighs, knees, shins, and down to the soles of your feet.
  • Imagine the pain and tension melting away like the melting wax of a candle.
  • Keep breathing in love and light, sending this healing energy to each and every cell within your miraculous body.
  • Send a few extra healing breaths to any muscles in your body that feel particularly tender or sore, inviting the love and light to penetrate and alleviate any aches.
  • Now imagine a peaceful, pastoral image – a flowing lake within your mind.
  • Imagine each passing thought as a floating leaf within that lake – allow it to pass, but try not to focus on it.
  • Experience the sensations within your body, the intensifying relaxation, while allowing the peaceful water to flow.
  • As you start to feel more relaxed, imagine yourself floating along the peaceful stream, allowing the water to release tension from the body or mind.
  • Continue floating along the stream of love and light until you drift deeply and peacefully into a good night’s sleep.

You Deserve Better Sleep

Not only do you deserve a deep and tranquil sleep, but your body also needs it. This guided meditation is a natural method you can practice to help promote that tranquility that you crave, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated – ready to face any challenges that the day may bring.

What will you accomplish when you wake up?

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