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Article: 5 Reasons You Need to Do Nothing Today

5 Reasons You Need to Do Nothing Today

5 Reasons You Need to Do Nothing Today

The alarm clock rings, and you hit the floor running. You pack lunches, feed the pets, get the kids off to school, and fight the daily commute. It’s phone calls, meetings, emails, co-workers, bosses, frustration, deadlines, and more all day.

You’re already dreaming about doing nothing all day, come the weekend.

Then you fight traffic getting home, only to clean the house, cook dinner, go to the civic meeting, check homework, pay bills, scan social media – all before you spend a few minutes with your significant other. Then you lie in bed, trying to mentally solve problems and plan for the next day while waiting to finally fall asleep.

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, burdened, or angry? Maybe you’re even feeling a bit like you’re at a breaking point.

Well, we’ve got good news.

It’s time to quit multi-tasking. Pick a day and clear your schedule. Stop doing and practice being. No distractions allowed. Doing nothing is something, and it’s sometimes completely okay - and even necessary. You need a mental and physical break.

It’s called balance.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons doing nothing all day is exactly the “something” you need to be doing.

5 Reasons You Need to Do Nothing Today

1. Stress is Not Always Your Friend

When you try to do too much and keep pushing beyond your fatigue limit, the body goes into overdrive trying to compensate. It stimulates and releases stress hormones, which aren’t always a good thing.

Stress suppresses the immune system, making it even harder to fight off bugs and illness.

With little or no time for recovery, stress surfaces in the forms of common colds, cold sores, headaches, back pain, digestive issues, sore joint and muscles, and more. Heart attacks are often stress-related too.

Stress can be deadly.

And though taking a break won’t always stop illnesses from occurring, it will do wonders to help prevent exhaustion and often missed signs of impending physical danger. Staying healthy and feeling good is a great reason to learn to rest and take a time-out when needed.

Think of your body as a machine. Machines need tuning up. They need care. And so does your body! So, give it that. Learning to do nothing might help you find the balance you desperately crave in your life.

2.Taking a Rest Day Will Actually Make You More Productive

If you continuously push yourself too hard, eventually you reach a point of feeling stuck, like everything is closing in around you and like everything is demanding your attention.

You have so much to think about that you end up just going through the motions - maybe even running in circles but not really getting anything accomplished.

If you practice learning to do nothing for a day, being quiet and relaxed, your mind will have time to clear, and you can focus on what’s truly important. You can relax and let your “being” side catch up with your “doing” side.

That’s when balance is truly restored, and things won’t seem quite as overwhelming when you get back to work.

In fact, many productivity experts claim that doing nothing might be the start of your productivity. It’s when inspiration hits. It’s when you finally get bored enough that you decide to make a change. Try it.

How productive were you afterward?

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3. Doing Nothing Can Be a Great Form of Therapy

Ever feel like you could use a therapy session? You just want someone to listen and help you quiet your mind (and sometimes, therapy is absolutely what you should do!).

But what if you could do this yourself? What if all you need is to take a rest day?

With outside distractions removed, you can get in touch with what YOU.

Great healing can be found through meditation, journaling, simple yoga/stretching, or music. Tears are cleansing, and it’s okay to do nothing. It’s okay to spend time alone, NOT being productive for once. Let your emotions, thoughts, and feelings reset.

It can flip your perspective and be very therapeutic.

4. You Deserve a Mental Vacation

Going on vacation is wonderful, but sometimes time constraints or money won’t allow it. Taking a mental vacation, however, is free!

So, turn off your phone, social media, and all outside distractions.

Let go of the guilt over what you haven’t done and congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished. Take a bubble bath, make some hot tea, do some stretching, nap, or stay in your pajamas all day. Let your minder wander and explore. And enjoy every moment.

You deserve it.

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5. Your Future Self Will Thank You

Not many people die wishing they had spent more time at the office, but they do express regrets over not having spent more time with family or not chasing their dreams. Self-care, including rest days, will help generate the energy you need to pay attention to what matters most in your life and to make lasting memories.

You will be working toward keeping yourself healthy - both mentally and physically. And that can all begin with simply learning how to rest.

Get Down With Doing Nothing (At Least Sometimes)

Consciously embracing self-care and relaxation may feel selfish at first, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

By permitting yourself to step away from the pressures and stress of a busy life, you are giving a gift to your family and friends. You will be recharged, which means being present and available for those you love.

Clear thinking and creativity may also lead to better job performance. Doing nothing all day may be a small start, but it will help you to better handle whatever situations you may encounter in your ordinarily hectic life.

The extra energy you gain will likely lead to more exercise and better nutrition, equaling a healthier, longer life. And perhaps most importantly, you will find yourself thriving, not just surviving.

So, excuse yourself from your daily obligations.

Let everyone know you will not be available and turn off your phone and computer. Take the time to listen to your own heart and enjoy the process. You will be grateful later. For doing nothing is something. And maybe you need to do nothing today (go for it!).

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