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Article: 8 At-Home Productivity Mind Tricks You Need

8 At-Home Productivity Mind Tricks You Need

8 At-Home Productivity Mind Tricks You Need

Are you still working from home? Ever find yourself getting ultra-distracted by chores, amongst other things? These productivity tricks will blow your mind and help you stay on task.

It’s so easy to get distracted at home.

Maybe you’ve got the laundry going, or you think the kitchen or bathroom needs a good scrub. But wait…you’ve got work to do. The last thing you want is for your boss to notice your productivity or performance tank.

So, how can you become the queen or king of productivity? We’ve got a few mental exercises for productivity that will help you out.

8 Unique WFH Productivity Tips

Get ready to get stuff done! And there is no shame here; we’re all guilty of distractions or not being overly productive one day to the next. But this knowledge will get you primed for checking things off your to-do list and handing projects in way before their deadlines.

So, let’s get right to it.

Tip #1: Start Early!

If you’re starting your workdays at 10 AM, you might notice you blink, and the morning is gone. After all, this only really chops off two hours of your workday. And then it’s lunchtime, and you’re probably feeling a bit behind. Maybe your afternoon is even full of meetings, so you barely get anything done by the time you call it a day.

Instead, get up and get working.

Have breakfast and coffee ready to go so that it’s quick and you can hop on your computer by eight. This gives your four whole hours in the morning to get through projects or tasks. By noon, you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere.

Tip #2: Prioritize

This one sounds easy, but many of us, well, we aren’t that great at it (guilty!).

End each day by prioritizing your to-do list. Don’t have a to-do list? Make one. This will set you up for success. Plus, it feels perfect to be checking off items as you do them.

Prioritization also comes in handy if you get particularly stressed about certain tasks. Here’s how to handle this: Do the most stressful tasks first. Yes, get them done! Then, as you go through your day, your stress levels will actually come down instead of going up.

Tip #3: Set Up a Just-For-Work Environment

This might mean creating a small space for a small desk in the corner of your room. The point is to have a designated workspace, just for work or study. This primes your brain to get in work mode when you hop into this space.

It also seriously limits distractions.

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Tip #4: Use the Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro Method divides your workday into 25-minute intervals. At every 25-minute interval, you take a 5-25 minute break. This allows you quick microbreaks throughout your day, which can help you sustain energy as you work.

It also forces you to get down to work during those 25 minutes. It helps you focus. Who knows what you can accomplish in 25 minutes? Try this method out and find out!

Tip #5: Throw on Some Lo-fi Tunes

As far as unique productivity tips go, this one is a good one that you might end up using all the time. Lo-fi music somewhat mimics the background noises you would hear at a coffee shop, kind of like white noise. It makes it ultra-easy to concentrate.

It’s also a great option for blocking out any background noise that is distracting, like that laundry machine or others in your home.

Learn more by reading: How to Use Lo-fi Music for Better Concentration

Tip #6: Plan Your Meetings in the Afternoon

Meetings first thing in the morning can be tough. Plus, most people tend to be more productive first-thing, so it’s probably best to save this time for solo tasks. Instead, schedule your meetings (if you can) in the afternoon.

You’ll be more awake and less stressed about getting all your items checked off before the end of your day.

Tip #7: Prepare Meals for Your Week

Food can become such a problem. And preparing it isn’t something you would think of as one of the greats when it comes to productivity tricks. Yet, here we are! If you’ve ever scrambled to put together a quick lunch or snack in-between meetings, this one is for you.

Set aside a few hours on Sunday.

Use this time to meal prep. Get the food ready so that all you have to do is eat it, heat it up, and then eat it. This saves so much time during your busy week and also quits those long interruptions throughout your day to make a meal.

Tip #8: Check Your Emails in Blocks

Check your email in “blocks” as opposed to every five minutes. Emails can quickly become a distraction all in themselves. And they can also add a ton of stress to your plate.

So, how about you set two different chunks of time throughout your day to check your emails?

Then, there are no interruptions, and also people become used to you answering at certain times. For instance, checking our emails once in the morning and once before you sign off is probably sufficient (for most jobs).

Yes, some may require more but set aside that time instead of disrupting your current task.

Use These Productive Tricks to Be Better & Faster!

You can get everything done in your day and within your work hours. Take these productivity tips for working from home and get more than you ever thought you could get done in a day.

You’ll be surprised by how productive you can truly be.

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