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Article: How to Use Lo-fi Music for Better Concentration

How to Use Lo-fi Music for Better Concentration

How to Use Lo-fi Music for Better Concentration

Looking for a soundtrack for your life? It’s time to listen up (literally) and read all about lo-fi music and its benefits.

As a writer, I’m all about music without lyrics.

Songs with lyrics don’t really work when I’m trying to write or read back what I’ve just written. I get easily distracted by the words in the song (or I started singing along before I realize I’m completely off track).

Music without lyrics is powerful when you’re working on a task that requires serious concentration and focus.

So, how on earth does lo-fi music fit into all of this? And what the heck is it?

If you’re looking for new ways to concentrate (especially if you’re working from home), low-fi music might add that element you’re looking for. Keep reading. I’m going to break this whole lo-fi music thing down for you.

What is Lo-fi Music?

Lo-fi music is “low-fidelity” music. This is a bit of musical jargon, which refers to hearing imperfections or errors in the recording process. In other words, it’s considered “flawed music.”

Yet, as we tumble through time, music tends to take on all different tunes. And now these so-called “errors” are music.

But wait - how can this make concentration easier?

The theory goes that these errors or flaws in the music stimulate the cerebrum. In turn, it can provide the focus you need - without any lyrics in the mix. Sometimes, lo-fi music is also attached to everyday background sounds, like kids playing in the playground or quiet noise.

On top of this, there also generally seems to be a consistent beat in most tracks. Some research shows humans concentrate best when listening to music with a steady beat at 50 to 80 beats per minute. This might even help with creativity and learning, making lo-fi music ideal to study along with or work to.

Some Lo-fi Music Benefits

As I sit here writing, I’m listening to lo-fi music (I mean, it almost wouldn’t be appropriate when I’m writing this article not to, right?).

I can tell you first-hand that it puts me right in the zone to get my work done. It keeps me on-task (something which classical music somewhat fails to do for me. With classical music, I tend to sometimes fall into a state of fatigue - not ideal).

Low-fi music can benefit you too. Here are a few advantages you can gain by throwing these tunes on in the background:

  • It can get those creative juices flowing!
  • It makes it easier to concentrate.
  • It can help you learn better too.
  • It keeps your brain stimulated and turned on.
  • The background sounds have a nostalgic element, creating a familiar feeling that appeals to many different generations and users.

Where can you find lo-fi music without looking too hard? Try this YouTube playlist. This is a super popular YouTube lo-fi music channel with a ton of different lo-fi sounds, and you won’t run out of beats. It plays live almost indefinitely.

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When is Lo-fi Music Appropriate?

1. When Working from Home

COVID sent many office workers home, and working from home has really become the new norm. A lot of people really love it.

But the one major downside? So many people struggle to stay on task. They claim they get distracted quickly and easily at home by chores and other entities. Maybe lo-fi music is the answer. It can enhance concentration, which may keep you on task and help you plow through your next big work project.

Try it out!

Working from home is hard. Make sure to read: 5 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout While Working from Home

2. When Working on a Project

Got a big freelance assignment due? Are you a little stressed and really tight on time? Buckle down and turn on that lo-fi music. It’ll help you get in the zone and also get ultra-creative.

3. When Reading

I like to listen to music as I read, but again, music with lyrics tends to provide too much stimulation - so much so that I forget the last page I just read.

Have you had this problem?

The solution? With its mellow beats and background noises, lo-fi music provides an easy sound to keep on in the background while you’re reading. Let it play and enjoy your novel.

4. When Studying

Lo-fi music also offers the perfect scene for studying. With no lyrics, this music genre wins yet again for helping you focus - and even remember information.

It’s also known to help with learning, meaning those hard-to-grasp concepts that you didn’t get in class might make sense with a little lo-fi beat in the background. That may be a far stretch, but we encourage you to try it out!

Maybe you’ll ace that next big exam.

5. When Playing Games With Friends

Got a virtual game night planned with a few friends? Lo-fi music provides an easy background go-to. If you check out the live YouTube playlist above, you won’t have to worry about switching it or trying to find the next “good’” song.

Plus, if you’re playing board games or something similar, it can help to have this music on to boost concentration, giving your competitive side that extra edge.

Turn up the Lo-fi Music

Throw some lo-fi music on in the background right now and try it out. Can you concentrate better? Do you feel more creative? Are you able to learn that much faster?

Although lo-fi music is fantastic for the situations, we listed above, don’t hesitate to use it when cooking, during meditation, and during your other day-to-day tasks. Discover all the lovely benefits of lo-fi music, and embrace your intensified concentration and calmness.

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