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Article: What Your Environment is Telling You About Your Soul: The Mirror Effect

What Your Environment is Telling You About Your Soul: The Mirror Effect

What Your Environment is Telling You About Your Soul: The Mirror Effect

This article will help you see beyond the matrix. Don’t believe the matrix is real? People’s behaviors are very predictable, based on the web of significance their environment has weaved for them. This is the study of anthropology, which looks at why people value certain things in a culture and how it shapes their behaviors and society.

Anthropology helps to expand upon the predictable behavior patterns which move the masses. Before I get all conspiracy theory on you I’m going to tell you that my purpose in writing this article is much more upbeat than that! I’m going to help you see another layer of reality to truly empower you and help you reach your highest potential.

Ready to dive into something that will turn your mind inside out in a good way? The world as we know it isn’t as random as it seems to be. We attract things to us. There are dimensions of reality which some people become aware of and are able to positively charge their energy to attract better experiences.

This is essentially the full-time job of a clairvoyant. They see the patterns showing up to see what they are attracting and need to clear to raise the vibrations of their own energy.

I’m going to break this down for you because I bet right now you’re frustrated and that’s reasonable considering this is really a completely new perception. Let’s ease into it…

What the Patterns in Your Reality Reveal

This is about taking responsibility for our own perceptions. People may actually be treating us nicely, but we may perceive they are being aggressive. We may be driving for an hour and focus on one brief moment where someone cut us off. Our perception is the mirror. It’s what we notice the most.

When we start to notice the pattern, that’s where a huge blessing exists for us to look closer, to heal, and to open our hearts more.

Let’s say you keep attracting people who communicate poorly, which doesn’t make you feel valued. There’s a pattern here, and you know it! Perhaps you see that everyone seems to be saying offensive things to you wherever you go, making you angrier and angrier.

You want to plunk yourself on a desert island away from everyone so you don’t have to deal with it, but that’s really not the answer. How do we break these patterns that the world seems to throw at us?

We have to see that it is our perception, it’s not our reality, but for some reason, our subconscious is showing us, ‘Hey there’s a negative charge in your energy field that looks something like this that needs to be healed.’

A chain of failed relationships is the perfect example of a pattern the mirror is showing you that you can sit with and use to empower yourself….here’s how…

How to Use ‘The Mirror’

When something is really bothering you or getting under your skin, look at it as a gift to dive into and explore to find the hidden blessing. If you keep getting in a fight with your mom, if your sister is making you mad or if your landlord is making you feel small, all of these are examples of hidden clues.

These clues can help you let go of energy that is keeping you from fully expressing your soul. I’m not here to throw a bunch of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo at you. ‘Fully expressing your soul’ means you align with a tremendous amount of high vibration energy.

This will help you feel satisfied, holding up the energy on the planet because we are all connected. No big deal right?

What does that look like? It looks like healing our deepest fears, our greatest pain, our most ugly intentions so that we can love openly, see the infinite possibilities each day carries and step into a reality of fearless expansion of love and creativity that will make life enjoyable and fun.

When you’ve noticed a pattern that you don’t want to perceive anymore, you can try a few different things. Go into meditation. Ask your heart what was the first experience you had that felt like this. See it in your mind.

It’s created a perception because that energy is still stored in your aura, acting like a lens through which you see the world. To let the pattern go, we see a new situation play out at the very beginning experience. We watch a healing experience that occurred and can then change anything we need to, because it’s only energy.

This is getting at the root cause of your perceptions. Maybe you were given love instead of bullied, shown compassion instead of neglect, given a hug instead of hit.


When it comes to your environment, notice the types of situations you’re allowing into your life and the types of people you’re around. This is reflecting a part of you that either needs to be healed or if it’s something positive, that you have the ability to tap into in yourself.

If you keep meeting people who are very confident, thinking you’re in love with them, or who are very successful and falling head over heels for them, it’s not them you’re liking, it’s the quality in them your soul is trying to show you. You probably have it in you as well and you can pull it out.

You don’t need them, you just need to recognize the quality that you have as well!

If you frequently meet people with behaviors that really don’t sit well with you, it can also be your soul trying to show you that you have the positive expression of that same trait available to you as a power. This is called shadow work and is another level of perception that is empowering instead of scary.

Whatever scares you, repulses you, or really pisses you off is a mirror of some energy that you can harness in its positive expression. Turn the obsession you observe into devotion and direct it to help people. Turn the anger into passion and direct it to love people. Turn the whining into satire and the sadness into creative outlets.

Both inner child work and shadow work are a part of taking responsibility for our perceptions, what we attract and how we perceive the world around us. The energetic dimensions which we cannot directly perceive start to reveal themselves through synchronicities and patterns.

We do live in a holographic universe which the ancient hermetic aphorism sums up in, ‘As above so below. As within so without.’ This means that what’s happening inside of us is also happening on a large scale in the world and what’s happening on a large scale is affecting us inside.

The term ‘quantum entanglement’ in quantum physics helps to explain this phenomenon.

My best advice is to compartmentalize these deep concepts so when you need to get tasks done, you’re just focused on that. Carve out time in your day to sit and realize any perceptions that need healing or any anger you’re holding towards someone that may be a shadow power you need to swallow and transmute.

I recommend Lori Camacho’s teachings for more on this subject.

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