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Article: What Type of Old Soul Are You?

What Type of Old Soul Are You?

What Type of Old Soul Are You?

First of all, what is an old soul?

You may have heard this term before. Someone may have described you as an old soul, or you may have heard someone else referred to as an old soul. It could be said as a fleeting, passing comment or used with much greater depth.

An old soul is typically someone who displays extraordinary wisdom and, in reincarnation circles, someone who has lived many lives. Very often, they come to earth to perform a specific task for humankind.

How to Spot an Old Soul

Old souls tend to have similar qualities, including:

  • High degrees of empathy
  • High sensitivity (also known as HSP)
  • Wisdom beyond their years
  • High intelligence
  • High intuition
  • Keen insight into human nature
  • An interest in spiritual matters
  • A deep understanding of death and mortality
  • High introspection levels
  • An aversion to superficial issues
  • Non-materialistic
  • “Strange” as children and not really fitting in
  • Tend to enjoy the company of those much older than them

These are some of the qualities of an old soul, but it varies between each one, and there are also characteristics they share that are not listed here.

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Old Soul Types

Not all old souls are the same.

As previously mentioned, an old soul has come to earth many times before, and their reincarnation on the planet often signifies an important mission they have to perform for humanity.

Many old souls will not be aware of this mission during the earlier stages of their lives. As a result, many can struggle with adjusting to life on this planet! This is because they tend to have an extremely high degree of sensitivity and empathy, and this proves challenging for them.

They will often go through a Dark Night of the Soul period, where they undergo some kind of crisis that leaves them feeling disconnected from their own soul. However, if they come through this, it is after this painful process where reconnection is established.

It is usually when they have learned to understand themselves at a deeper level that the details of their mission are revealed to them.

There are seven different types of “soul,” according to The Michael Teachings. What about when these seven types are in their old soul form?

Below are the seven different types of old souls.

1. Priest Soul

The Priest Soul is someone who feels an intense desire to make the world a better place. This is one of the rarer souls, making up only 7% of the population.

They are often attracted to the roles of spiritual or religious leaders, and their mission is to raise awareness around the world through teaching others ways to elevate humanity to its highest state.

2. Artisan Soul

The Artisan Soul is someone whose imagination and creativity propels the world towards greater advancement and a greater humanitarian state.

In its most advanced form, this soul can use its creativity to help people reconnect with their own souls, helping them stay true to themselves and tapping into their own creative potential. It makes up roughly 22% of the population.

3. Sage Soul

The Sage Soul is someone who uses their powerful intellect to communicate with others. In their oldest state, they can communicate the language of the soul, which is about love, compassion, and wisdom.

The Sage Soul is often entertaining and has the gift of the gab. They make up roughly 10% of the population.

4. Server Soul

The Server Soul is someone who dedicates their life to the service of humanity. These people are giving and hospitable, striving to make the world a better place through selflessness and acts of sacrifice.

They put others before themselves, and when they are in their most advanced state, they can make extraordinary sacrifices for humanity. They make up roughly 25% of the population.

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5. Scholar Soul

The Scholar Soul is someone who is known for having a great thirst for curiosity. They are keen to absorb knowledge, and in their most advanced state as an old soul, they aim to help humanity maintain common knowledge for the good of humankind.

They make up roughly 13% of the population.

6. King Soul

The rarest of all the souls, the King Soul is a born leader and has a strong, commanding presence. They are excellent problem-solvers, and others naturally defer to their authority because they are both confident and assertive.

As an old soul, their mission is to lead humanity to a better place. They make up roughly 4% of the population.

7. Warrior Soul

The Warrior Soul is brave, loyal, and has tremendous determination. This is the soul that will face all darkness and fear to emerge triumphant on the other side. These souls view life as a battle because life is a constant set of challenges to overcome.

As an old soul, their mission is to fight for what is right and protect and defend humanity. They make up roughly 18% of the population.

What Type of Old Soul Are You?

What distinguishes the old soul from the soul, regardless of which of the seven types they are, is that the old soul will always be working towards the highest good, using its special type to achieve whatever is beneficial for humankind.

We may be a mixture of old soul types, but there will always be one type that dominates above the rest.

Remember, no matter which old soul you are, you are here for a reason and with a mission. To help humankind. There can be no greater cause than that.

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