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Article: A Healing Meditation to Fall in Love With Your Soul

A Healing Meditation to Fall in Love With Your Soul

A Healing Meditation to Fall in Love With Your Soul

With so many guided meditations available today, it can be hard to choose which one to do!

With topics like abundance, rebirthing, and self-love in our learning path, we must focus on finding them one at a time, as they require our utmost attention and we need to find a balance to lead us to all-encompassing quality of happiness.

We are finding that the core of our happiness requires self-love - which is why self-love meditations are becoming so popular! However, self-love on the deepest level is really about falling in love with your soul.

This guided meditation for your soul is a healing meditation, designed to help you perceive your true spiritual essence. Many mind-body-soul meditations can help us get in touch with our spiritual side but this one targets the relationship we have with our soul.

When you are in love, how do you act? You would do anything for the one you love, you think about them often, and you take care of them. 

Do you treat yourself the same way? 

Let this meditation help you expand your self-love practices to include the most important relationship you will ever have, the one with your very own soul.

Why Fall in Love With Your Soul?

Here are five reasons to fall in love with your soul.

Loving your soul can…

  1. Help you choose a fulfilling career so you have a positive environment.
  2. Assist you in creating healthy boundaries so you are safe and make healthy choices.
  3. Help align you with others who are going to truly care for you and help you break away from toxic people.
  4. Help you overcome difficult situations by giving you spiritual strength as well as help you heal from the past.
  5. Be a gateway to helping you connect to your intuition which can give you information before your mind consciously knows things.

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What Does Falling in Love With Your Soul Mean?

Falling in love with your soul is about cultivating a healthy relationship with this part of yourself. Falling in love with someone basically means you want to spend time with them and get to know all aspects of them.

The relationship with your soul will have the indicators of a healthy relationship such as listening, spending time with them, and getting to know this part of yourself.

Just because you cannot see and touch your soul, doesn’t mean this part of you is not real. Energy can be measured in many different ways.

Just think of sound waves, electricity, and temperatures, they do not have a physical presence but are very much a part of our lives.

How will this meditation help?

  1. This meditation will allow you to start to communicate with your soul and experience the beauty and love it has for you.
  2. This will kick-off a lifelong relationship that will give you so much strength and healing.
  3. It will inspire you to shift your life to one centered around your soul and the love you have for your true spiritual essence.

A woman meditates in the woods to connect to her soul.

Listen to the below meditation, narrated by Shannon Yrizzary:

Meditation to Fall in Love With Your Soul

You can play the audio for this mediation with your eyes closed or read along with it if you are a visual learner.

Be patient if you can’t relax right away and even if you feel distracted, just try to finish the meditation and you’ll feel a shift.

Getting in a Meditative State

Begin by taking three deep breaths in and out of your nose relaxing deeper on each exhale.

Continue breathing and imagine you are traveling deep within yourself.

As you enter into this vastness within you, you feel further and further away from your daily life and things start to feel more magical. There is an energy you can sense around you that is intelligent, wise, and familiar.

It is now time to meet your soul, the eternal part of you that loves you so very much.

Connecting to the High Vibration of Your Soul

Envision a large mass of vibrant energy in the distance and as you approach, see it is very tall and very wide.

This energy is your soul. The energy is luminous and shimmers with excitement. The energy is pure love and seems to hold deep truths that it wants to show you.

Stand in the middle of this energy now and feel the sensation of being completely loved and accepted.

Your heart may feel like it is expanding as you stand here and feel the deep love your soul has for you.

You may feel emotions of joy, peace, and a true sense of being home. The shimmering energy around you will communicate with you in a way that is gentle and significant to only you.

It is time to open the channel of loving communication between you and your soul that will help you for the rest of your life.

Deep Listening

Your soul wants you to fall in love with yourself. It wants to show you how to do that. But first, you must listen to the thoughts that you need to let go of.

There are thoughts you have that are not loving about yourself. Your soul will tell you where these thoughts have been coming up and how to let them go.

Just listen and see how they show you to do this.

There’s no right or wrong here. Just observe and know that your soul is here to help you, always. Once your soul shows you what to let go of and how, go ahead, give yourself permission to let that energy go.

Your soul will continue to help you any time you sit down and connect with it.

You do not have to be perfect to feel the love from your soul. Your soul will always help you find your true north and align with deeper and deeper contentment and satisfaction.

Breathe & Conclude

For now, you can hold this energy of complete acceptance in your heart as you come out of the meditation.

Jot down what thoughts you released and how that might change your actions in your daily life to solidify the healing and loving message you received from your soul. Don’t you feel love for this part of you and see how it will help you heal?

Great job, come back to the meditation tomorrow and see what other hidden energetic gems you find!

Let’s Grow This Relationship

If you want to really continue to cultivate this relationship with your soul, keep doing this meditation on a daily basis.

Some practical ways to help foster the relationship between you and your soul are working with the Crown chakra, doing breathwork, and doing more healing meditations on a regular basis.

When you incorporate these into your daily life, you’ll find you start to get a dialogue going that will help guide you to make better decisions and shift your attitude to be more loving towards yourself and others.

Breathe and go with love. You deserve it.

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