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Article: 5 Secrets To Activate Your Inner Happiness At Any Time

5 Secrets To Activate Your Inner Happiness At Any Time

5 Secrets To Activate Your Inner Happiness At Any Time

When life throws us a curve-ball and we are dealing with stress, we may find it more difficult to feel happy. Especially with the current global pandemic on our shoulders, it can be very helpful to use a few time tested techniques for being happy.

Whether you’re wondering how to be happy during this time when we are being asked to stay home, you are stressed because you don’t want to get sick, you are experiencing financial difficulty, having trouble getting along with people you’re in quarantine with, or you’re feeling isolated and wondering how to be happy with yourself, these tips will help you know how to shift your energy and feel happier.

Quick Happiness Fueled by the Modern Age

Happiness is the business of the new age industry right? Well, it’s also everybody’s business!

In fact, most companies and corporations tell you that you need to buy something from them to be happy, and we believe them. So we buy into all these products and then we keep buying things when the juju of the last life-changing product wears off.

But what about lasting happiness?

We can find some real golden tickets within the new age sphere because experts in this field are hell-bent on figuring out what really reaches inside our cores to make us happy. Here are five secrets to activate your happiness right now.

Use a Positive Affirmation

Sometimes anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions can make us feel unhappy. Those emotions are generated from our mind and usually, they come from the subconscious mind which is used to worrying.

It may be that we feel stressed because of something we are going through in our lives which activates the fight or flight response and our body is dealing with the hormones that are released in the body when we are stressed. No matter where the feeling comes from, it’s best to look inward to feel better instead of outward.

Using a positive affirmation is one of the quickest ways to shift your energy and activate your happiness.

Try an affirmation such as, “I am extremely positive and feel excited about today.” You can come up with your own affirmation or check out some of ours in this article, Override Negative Thoughts With A Ridiculously Positive Affirmation.

Find A Purpose & Live For It!

Once we are connected to a purpose we feel good about, we have the motivation to work towards the highest good because it’s something that innately makes us feel good. When we are nurturing others in some way, we get a release of happy chemicals because we are (according to scientific studies) hardwired to nurture.

We often work to make money and wonder why we feel unhappy. The reason is that we aren’t connected to our work in a deeper way.

You can use meditation to connect to your higher consciousness and ask to be shown your purpose. Maybe it’s something that evolves over time. As long as you see that you’re helping others, you will unlock a vault of happiness that others miss. It is a real secret to happiness.

Exercise Outside

Our body needs daily movement to keep our hormones balanced. In order to manage our stress and the effects it has on our body, we need to move and get our heart rate up. If you’re sitting around and not feeling happy. Even if it’s just a light stroll, do something fun to get yourself moving. It’s better to find a form of exercise you like instead of something that you dread.

If you hate running, why force it? You might enjoy a gentle yoga class or an exciting rock climbing gym where you can stimulate your mind as much as your body. Find a form of exercise that suits your personality and don’t just do it to pass the time. The circus arts are a good example of something you can challenge yourself in and learn about your own body and mind in the process.

If you can exercise outside, even better! Yes, sunshine is absolutely a necessary part of the chemistry we need to feel happy, but we can’t just stand outside and expect everything to be hunky-dory, can we?

We certainly can expect to feel better, and we certainly can expect to feel worse without it. We get vitamin D get from the sun, which keeps seasonal affective disorder (known as SAD) at bay.

Do a Few Minutes of Deep Breathing

Laying down and breathing is a way to decompress and let your nervous system rejuvenate itself. If you cannot lay down because you’re at work or for other reasons, just take long and deep powerful breaths for three to five minutes in and out of your nose. As you bring in more oxygen to your system, you raise your frequency and push lower vibrations away.

You can incorporate an affirmation into your breathing to help direct your energy. You can breathe in thinking, “I am happy,” and breathe out thinking, “I release stress.”

If you’re in a stressful business meeting and feeling anxiety or in a place where people are negative such as a long line in the airport, you can simply start to breathe deeply to unlock your own inner happiness.

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Find a Way to Relax

Take quiet time to do nothing and relax or just go for a solitary walk. Even a relaxing bubble bath can help you balance out your hormones. Incorporating your version of relaxation into your lifestyle is a secret to happiness that many people can attest to.

Otherwise, we get high-strung and create unnecessary problems in our minds or push ourselves too hard.

We can be exercising, getting sunshine, feeling fulfilled in our work, and eating well and still be unhappy. Often the missing link is that we haven’t spent time training our brain to direct it to positive thoughts and thus we are bombarded by negative thinking.

When we take time to relax, it allows us to notice our thoughts and release the negative ones. Relaxing helps us find a meditative state so you can notice when your own thoughts are beating you up. Relaxing helps you shut off racing thoughts when you need to.


It’s important that in our quest for happiness we don’t look for one magic pill and then get upset when it isn’t working. The truth is, happiness is a lifestyle of balance between taking care of our mind, body, and spirit. And that’s no secret!

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