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Article: How to Use a Vision Board & Journal To Manifest

How to Use a Vision Board & Journal To Manifest

How to Use a Vision Board & Journal To Manifest

There are three components to manifesting you’ll need for this technique. You need a journal, a poster board and you’ll need to know when the new moon and full moon is. If you’re consistent with this technique it will work quite well so what do you have to lose?

Manifesting is not an exact science however history shows that people who use these techniques often find miraculous results.

This technique was developed through trial and error and is written from experience. I went on to teach this technique and my students also had tremendous success with it. I pulled it from modern and classic manifesting techniques and created a system that generates a huge amount of momentum.

Try not to skip any part of it as they are all ingredients that create something special. Do be careful what you wish for, this is a very effective process!

How To Get Clear On What To Manifest

The first step will happen on the new moon. This is when you look in the sky and there is no illuminated part of the moon. It usually happens just once per month. It’s exciting because you get to go through this creation process monthly and there will be shifts on a weekly basis as you get to know the moon cycles.

Sit and meditate with your journal and ask your higher consciousness what is in the highest good for you to work towards. Listen and ask that your ego step aside in this process.

Write down what comes to you and notice how it makes your heart feel. Sometimes the ego can trick us into wanting things that are only temporarily satisfying and not something that truly will help improve our life and caliber as a person. Things that make you feel calm tend to come from the higher self.

These ideas are selfless and help you connect to a healthy more meaningful life and a compassionate outlook. Things that feel dangerous or give you a rush of adrenaline may be coming from the ego.

The Vision Board

At the new moon, after you do a meditation to ask your higher self what is in the highest good for your to put your energy into, create a vision board with either drawings or clippings from magazines that will inspire you and remind you of the future you are stepping into making it as specific as possible.

For example, don’t just put new job but put the type of job you want. Put the vision board right by your bed or on your refrigerator so you see it everyday. You can put inspiring words on it, a picture of yourself smiling and the date you made it.

The reason we make our vision board on the new moon is because, history has shown that this is the perfect time to start and plant our seeds of intention. As the moon builds it’s light daily to a full moon over the next 2 ½ weeks, your plan’s energy will also build if you follow this technique.

You will have to actually go out and take action and put effort into making your ideas happen or your chances are much more slim. The visualization and writing exercises are also a very important part of this manifestation technique.

The Daily Writing

Every morning and night spend a few minutes writing your gratitude as if what you are manifesting is already here. You can write down, ‘thank you for sending (blank).’ This affirms in your mind more and more that this is a reality.

This step will also help remind you of what you’re trying to create in your life instead of getting distracted. Stick to no more than a few things so those things can get adequate focus.

If you have a long-term goal, what would be the first thing you need to work on? Break down your large goals into smaller pieces and work on one or two each month. For example, if you are wanting to change careers, step one might be to figure out what your next career will be and step two maybe finding the right training.

The Daily Visualization

After you write your gratitude affirmations in your journal. Spend time every morning and every night visualizing yourself in the reality you’re trying to create with as much detail as possible. Of course we do not try to influence anyone else’s life in this process. What feeling do you get in your heart in this visualization?

What colors to you see? What textures and flavors? Can you smell anything? What’s the weather like and where are you? What are you wearing?

The visualization process helps you generate emotions that match the energy you are calling in. The energy sends ripples out into the ethers which starts to activate the law of attraction. Remember, energy flows where attention goes, so we are focusing on the future we want instead of visualizing what could go wrong.


You’ll do this process of writing and visualizing morning and night from the new moon to the full moon for 2 ½ weeks. During that time, you’ll see your vision board every time you wake up and go to sleep as well. The most important ingredient that many people skip is taking action.

There’s no perfect action to take it’s just important that you try because you’ll activate the higher laws of the universe. Think of it as 50% your own actions and efforts and 50% help from the universe.

You’ll notice that you can manifest very specific things with this technique both small and major. Once you get used to doing it you’ll realize that the real question becomes knowing what to manifest that will bring you sustained happiness.

You can ask to develop intuition or spiritual gifts, emotional qualities such as strength or even strong supportive relationships. Your meditation when you ask what you should manifest will become the most important part of the process.

When your guidance comes from your highest consciousness, you will avoid squandering your energy towards externally gratifying goals.

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