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Article: How to Feel Sexy All The Time

How to Feel Sexy All The Time

How to Feel Sexy All The Time

You’ve probably heard of someone referred to as having an animal magnetism, “a presumed intangible or mysterious force that is said to influence human beings.”

This is essentially how we describe those individuals with a charismatic and appealing energy that is hard to deny – someone so magnetic that you can’t seem to fix your gaze on anything else.

“Animal magnetism” is typically something we use to describe someone with sex appeal, or in other words, someone who is accessing their ability to feel sexy at all times.

Are we not all animals with certain needs, desires, and magnetic energies? But how can we access those internal sensual feelings – how can we feel sexy all the time?

We all have our bad hair days or days when we’re feeling bloated after a night of pizza and beer. But no matter what’s going on in your personal life, there are actually things you can do to access and present those sexy, confident feelings at all times, and this article will show you how!

If you want to learn how to feel sexy all the time, keep reading!

How to Feel Sexy All the Time

Accept Where You Are

Listen, the pandemic has really done a number on not only our social structure but likely each individual on this planet. Between lockdowns, quarantines, and spending so much time at home, you might even be in the minority if you haven’t gained weight or otherwise felt your physical fitness slacking.

But even if you woke up slim and trim and exactly the size you desire tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate it if you can’t learn to love where you are now. Your body is a beautiful vessel that’s kept you alive and safe for this long – and that, on its own, is sexy.

It’s time to appreciate not only who you are but also where you are, where your body is, and how it’s kept you safe for so long.

Remember that the Pandemic Has Changed Things

If you feel like your sexy feelings have been in the toilet recently, you mustn’t automatically assume it’s on you. Think about how sexy you were feeling before the pandemic as opposed to now – notice any difference?

It’s been a rough couple of years for all of us! It’s no wonder if you’ve been feeling less magnetic and charming over the past year because we all have.

Create a Playlist

You’ve probably heard songs in your life that just seem to get your blood pumping and help you feel more alive. And these are exactly the songs to include on your playlist.

We all know those songs – the ones that make you feel like dancing and strutting your stuff. These are the songs to include on your playlist, and then play that playlist during any free moment you have until you’ve reaffirmed yourself as a sexy, magnetic individual in your mind.

The music will help you believe, and once you believe, you’ll be unstoppable.

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Get Your Blood Pumping

Exercise may not be our collective favorite activity. I personally recoil at the thought of any exercise. However, if you want to feel sexier constantly, movement is necessary. 

When you work out, you release endorphins and adrenaline, two naturally occurring substances within the body that will help you feel both happier and sexier! 

Try Beauty Affirmations

Positive affirmations are perfect for building confidence and self-esteem, but beauty affirmations can work to help you feel more attractive and beautiful both on the inside and the outside.

One thing we tend to do is focus on our negative traits, using negative words and phrases. But positive affirmations can help you feel more loving and accepting of yourself than ever before. And when you finally accept who you are, you’ll be better able to confidently share that spirit with the world.

Spend Some Time Grooming

Sometimes something as simple as painting your nails or taking a luxurious shower can spring forth new, confident life within your spirit. 

Playing with a new hairstyle, trying on new styles, and even focusing on different makeup styles can make you feel fresh and unique, amplifying confidence and urging you to share your sexy self with the world.

Spend More Time Naked

That’s right, when you’re in the buff, you may actually feel sexier than ever. 

Spending time naked can help you feel more comfortable with your body – and when you’re comfortable with your body, you can move that sense of comfort towards things like acceptance, appreciation, and celebration.

Forget About Social Media

We’re not going to act like social media has done nothing good for society, but we are here to say that it’s not always healthy. In fact, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t allowing yourself to be fooled online with those beautifully edited images.

You probably already understand how easy it is to edit images on Instagram, whether through the application itself or using other apps. Yet, we still allow ourselves to feel inferior to these photoshopped images.

If you really want to appreciate and accept yourself for how magnetic and sexy you are, it’s probably best to take a break from social media altogether.

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Practice Gratitude for Your Strengths

Whether it’s sky-blue eyes, plump lips, or legs that go on for miles, we all have that thing. It doesn’t matter how far down in the dumps your self-esteem might be right now because you know what I’m talking about.

What’s that physical attribute that people are always complimenting? Your eyes? Your smile? Your shoulders? It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s time for you to embrace it and appreciate it.

The more gratitude you practice for your sexy traits, the sexier they will become.

It's Time to Embrace Your Sexiness! 

You deserve to not only feel sexy but also to let that sexiness infiltrate the world around you. Share it with those you meet! That confidence will come off both as charming and just plain friendly at times. It’s the same charm that helps others feel more comfortable, open, and honest around you.

What do you feel is your sexiest attribute?

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