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Article: Better Ways to Spend Boxing Day

Better Ways to Spend Boxing Day

Better Ways to Spend Boxing Day

Ah - Boxing Day.

What pops up in most people’s minds? Crowded malls, insane sale prices, and complete and utter chaos.

It’s enough to stress most of us out - not to mention cause anxiety. So, don’t feel bad if you want to forego the regular Boxing Day shopping this year. Sitting it out can actually do wonders for your mental health.

Things to Do on Boxing Day

But - okay - what do you do while everyone else is out shopping and throwing their Christmas money at the cashiers? Well, how about this for some food for thought: focus on the original intent of Boxing day.

Boxing day wasn’t originally about punching people to get the last discounted big screen, it was about boxing up extra food and giving it to the poor or donating extra goods. Here are some ways you can be charitable, generous, spread more holiday cheer and skip the mall madness this year. There are many ways to show up for those in need because we all could use help in certain areas.

Offer Someone a Spa Day

And no, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars at that luxurious spa. You can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Or if you’re still visiting family, in the comfort of their home. Create a spa environment and invite a loved one to come for a day of pampering complete with face masks, cucumber water, detox salt baths, and maybe a pedicure station.

Open your spa and add your creative twist for the women in the family or anyone who could probably use a good bit of relaxation. Find some relaxing spa music, candles, and make an afternoon of it.

Invite Someone To Do an Outdoor Activity

If you know someone that is feeling down or lonely this holiday season, invite them to get outside and do a fun winter activity like ice skating or tubing. Even a winter hike can help boost the spirits. You will also get the benefits of the fresh winter air.

While everyone is running inside toward the sales, you will be relieving stress by playing outside. Winter hikes can also provide some seriously scenic views. If you’ve been cooped up inside, bundle up and go spend the day with a friend.

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Help Someone Take Down Their Christmas Decor

Taking down Christmas decor can be just as fun as putting it up, especially if you offer your help to someone who could really use it. Does your Grandpa still get up on the roof to string lights? Why not offer your helping hands and cut the time outside in the cold in half? Of course, you’ll have to reward yourselves with some hot chocolate and holiday goodies when you’re done.

This can help a busy friend or family member who won’t have to stress about finding time to do this time-consuming task and it can shorten the time it takes so you can still kick back and relax and catch another good holiday flick.

Spend Extra Time With a Family Member

Sometimes when the whole family is together, we are busy having festive fun and don’t really get to check in with people we grew up with to see how their life is. Setting some time aside to just hang can allow you to catch up and reminisce.

Instead of rushing around, just spend time doing a lot less so you can just have some fun. Play a game, bake something, eat some leftovers, or enjoy a funny movie.

And you don’t need to do anything crazy. Throw on a documentary or a movie together. Have leftovers from the Christmas feast or bake a new cookie recipe.

Try this yummy White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie Recipe.

Plan a Holiday Themed Group Workout

Everyone is at the mall but not you because you’re sculpting the cookie dough in your belly with core conditioning and holiday-themed yoga poses. Try making up a festive workout plan and get your family to join in on it. Of course, this gives you an excuse to continue playing Christmas jams and will help detox some of that figgy pudding.

Offering some inspiration to get moving might help someone who starting to really feel sluggish which is a gift in itself. Plus, it can help you shake that holiday hangover and give you a little energy back after a chaotic Christmas.


Just because Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean giving comes to a full-fledged stop. Volunteers are needed year-round. Offer your hand at a homeless shelter. Or sign up to help out at the local hospital one day a week for the new year (it could potentially be a good 2020 resolution). Google spots to volunteer in your area. Your mental health and wellness will benefit too!

Start Planning Your New Year

… if you want! Most people don’t even think about New Year’s resolutions until after Christmas. Thus, Boxing Day is the perfect time to start getting your personal goals to be a better person rolling. Spend time brainstorming how you can help people in the coming year whether it’s volunteering, using your skills to help others, offering your friendship, or learning something new.

This will help you start the year with a purposeful plan and when you have nailed your inspiring resolutions down in advance, you’ll inspire others to focus on more than themselves when they declare their own goals.

Take Time & Reflect

Just slow right down. The month leading up to Christmas is jam-packed we recommend meditating and finding ways to calm your mind. Write down your highs and lows from the last year. What have you learned? Have you been there for the people in your life? Where can you improve your attitude? Where can you make improvements? What do you want for yourself for the next year? Write it all down.

Also, if you’re feeling a bit of that post-Christmas hangover (even the non-alcoholic kind), consider writing out things you want to do to be kind to yourself in the new year. Being generous in terms of your own health will actually allow you to have more energy and more positive energy for others It’ll give you something to look forward to now that the holidays are coming to a quick end.

Make Something for Someone

It’s never too late to give a gift from the heart to say an extra special thank you to them for being in your life or brighten their day. Whether it’s baking their favorite pie, making them a secret family recipe or making something else, you can spend the day getting creative to send your love to someone.

Maybe break out the art supplies and make something to mark the year with a photo taken over the holidays as a gift. Do whatever you feel will be meaningful for someone. Knit. Paint. Do crafts! Dive into your creative side. This will help you step into the new year in a creative way.

Do Something Different This Boxing Day

Don’t give in to the pressures of having to go spend more. Christmas costs a lot on its own. Instead, indulge doing kind activities that don’t cost anything or very little - especially ones that will make memories for years to come.

Just remember, Boxing Day isn’t all about shopping. It’s about the true spirit of Christmas which is giving, sharing joy, and spreading some warmth around town! You’ll feel much better focusing on others this year and for years to come instead of getting caught up in the shopping frenzy.

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